Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 863

Chapter 863 Reuniting 5

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Halfway through the meal, Mu Sihan used the excuse of a call and left the banquet hall.

Helian Zhu chased after him.

"Sihan, whats wrong? Was the food not to your liking?"

Mu Sihan did not have any expression, only his black eyes constricting slightly as his left hand in his pocket had long clenched into a tight fist.

"Where did you hire the chef from?"

Staring at Mu Sihans expression, Helian Zhu immediately panicked.

Did he have something against that chef that Feng Yao had gotten?

As if seeing through Helian Zhus confusion, Mu Sihan clarified coldly, "The food is very good, but theres nothing I like. If its possible, I would like the chef to make another dish."

Ah, so that explained it.

Helian Zhu sighed in relief.

"Where is the kitchen? I would like to go place my order personally," Mu Sihan said again.

Seeing Mu Sihans insistence, Helian Zhu nodded. "Alright, Ill bring you over."

Nan Zhi and the chefs were preparing the fruits for after dinner, when commotion were heard from the door suddenly. "Sihan, do you want me to get the chef to come out? The oil smell is very strong inside"

Before Helian Zhu could finish, Mu Sihan interrupted her coldly. "Since Im here, theres no harm in going in to see what other ingredients there are."

At that moment, Nan Zhi was in the middle of carving a flower, when the cold and familiar voice that appeared suddenly made her heart skip a beat.

She almost cut her fingers with the sharp knife.

Sucking in a cold breath, she could still remember the last time they were together. She was cutting vegetables in the kitchen and accidentally cut herself, and he immediately sucked onto her finger.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly, reminding herself to calm down.

Relax. She was wearing a long gown and a face veil now. Even if he came in, surely he wouldnt be able to recognize her, right?

There was nothing to be afraid of!

However, her heart continued to thump crazily, ignoring her logical reasoning.

Seeing Helian Zhu lead the dignified S Country King in, everyone in the kitchen stopped what they were doing.

Nan Zhi had to stop as well.

Her fluttering long lashes turned up as she looked towards that man beside Helian Zhu.

He had taken off his suit jacket, wearing only a clean white shirt while his black pants wrapped around his long legs were ironed perfectly. His outfit was simple, yet low-key and luxurious as well.

He was handsome, mature and cold. If possible, his domineering aura was even stronger than four years ago.

He looked up, glancing at every chef before his eyes landed on Nan Zhi, whose outfit was the most unique.

Nan Zhi was the only female in the kitchen, and also the one who was wrapped up the most.

His eyes were dark, others unable to read his emotions. It was like he was looking at a stranger, before he looked away, his lips moving slightly, "Whos the main chef?"

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, Feng Yaos voice suddenly came over. "Whats wrong, whats wrong?" Seeing Mu Sihan and Helian Zhu in the kitchen, Feng Yao acted surprised. "Zhuzhu, why did you bring His Majesty here?"

Helian Zhu ignored Feng Yao, staring at Mu Sihan. "Sihan, what do you want to eat? You can just let us know."

Mu Sihan glanced at the woman who was blocked by Feng Yao, asking softly, "Is she the main chef?"

Helian Zhu nodded. "Yes, Feng Yao had brought her over. Her skills are beyond that of Henrys."

Mu Sihan listed a few dishes. "Sweet and sour ribs, curry chicken wings and marinated beef. Once youre done, pack it for me. Im bringing it back to my hotel."

Others would not think of anything when they heard these dishes. Although Mu Sihans status was high, everyone had different habits and likes. He might not have liked the food at the banquet, and preferred normal family dishes.

However, when Nan Zhi heard the names of these dishes, her organs were twisting within her already.

These few dishes were the ones that she had made before she left.

Now that he was asking her to make them, did he recognize her?

How had he recognized her? She had already done her best to change the flavors of the banquet food so that he would not recognize it to be her cooking. However

Feng Yao glanced behind at Nan Zhi. Remembering the words she had said in the car, he smiled and said, "Honey, its been hard on you tonight. After the banquet, Ill reward you properly!"

Nan Zhi met Feng Yaos eyes, knowing that he was helping her so she hummed with a hidden smile.

Their conversation sounded a little ambiguous to others.

Mu Sihan narrowed his dark eyes slightly, a faint smile appearing on his face before he spoke to Helian Zhu, "Since the main chef is tired, theres no need to trouble her!" With that said, he turned to walk out of the kitchen.

Helian Zhu hurriedly followed after him.

Staring at the mans extremely cold back, Nan Zhi heaved a sigh of relief, and yet, she felt extremely sad as well. Her heart seemed to have lost its support as it sunk more and more.

Feng Yao hugged Nan Zhis shoulders, asking softly, "Are you okay?"

Nan Zhi recollected her emotions. "Yes, thank you for earlier."

"Its nothing. I know what youre thinking. You can go back after tomorrow."

Nan Zhi nodded. "Alright. Ill do my work first, you should go out and do your work too!"

After they were done with everything in the kitchen, it was about ten at night.

Mr Henry called Nan Zhi over. "You must be tired, come over and take a short rest?"

Nan Zhi sat next to Henry.

Henry took out a bottle of wine, pouring one cup for Nan Zhi. "I used to learn from your Master in the past. Do you remember that he liked to drink this type of wine as well? Every time after work, he would invite me to drink a few cups."

After Feng Yao was done with his work and went to the kitchen to find Nan Zhi, she was leaning against a wall in a corner, holding onto an empty wine glass and she seemed a little tipsy.

Feng Yao took the wine glass from her, holding onto her shoulders. "Why did you drink?"

Nan Zhi smiled, her body shaking. "Henry brought it over. We talked about Master and got a little sad, so we drank a few cups. Who knew that the alcohol would have such a strong effect? From the looks of it, I have to trouble you to bring me back to my hotel."

Feng Yao did not know to be happy or sad. Did she trust him so much even when she was drunk?

"You know that I have a crush on you, yet youre asking me to bring you back. Arent you afraid of me"

Nan Zhi interrupted Feng Yaos unfinished words with a smile. "I know that you appear to be playful, but youre a complete gentlemen. If not, with your wealth, you would have long forced yourself on me, wouldnt you?"

Feng Yao hummed. "Women are not cute when theyre too smart."

Nan Zhis eyes curled up, a mischievousness that she did not have usually appearing. "Im not going for the cute image either."

Feng Yao was speechless.

The drunk woman was clearly a lot cuter than her usual cold and indifferent manner.

Feng Yao had the urge to let her stay in the castle. However, in the end, his rationality still won over that urge.

He drove her to Tergus only seven-star hotel.

Feng Yao parked the car in front of the entrance and helped Nan Zhi out.

Just as he was about to help Nan Zhi into the lobby, a cold voice suddenly trailed over. "Young Master Feng."

Feng Yao turned back, freezing slightly when he saw the man that was getting off the black limousine.

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