Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 864

Chapter 864 Long Time No See

Feng Yao stared at the tall figure who was walking over with a hand in his pocket. Under the light, the sharp edges and lines of the mans face appeared more apparent.

Nan Zhis head felt a little heavy. When she was not in a good mood, she got drunk easier. At the same time, the effect of the alcohol this time was strong. Currently, she was like a boneless slime, leaning against Feng Yaos broad shoulders. When she heard someone call Feng Yao, she narrowed her eyes as she looked forward.

Seeing that familiar but also unfamiliar face, her lips pouted slightly under the face veil. "Feng Yao, I dont want to see him, help me to my room quick!"

Hearing Nan Zhis mumbles, Feng Yao pressed Nan Zhis head into his arms before he glanced towards Mu Sihan who was walking over. He greeted Mu Sihan with a smile. "Your Majesty, we arranged a room in the castle for you. Why are you here?"

Mu Sihans expression was calm. "Im used to staying in hotels." With that said, he glanced at the slender figure in Feng Yaos arms silently. "Is she the main chef for tonights banquet?"

Feng Yao nodded. "Yes, not only is she the main cook, shes my girlfriend as well."

Mu Sihan pursed his lips slightly, a slight smirk appearing on his face. "Really?"

"Yes." Feng Yao stared into Mu Sihans depthless black eyes. "If theres nothing else, Your Majesty, Ill bring my girlfriend back to her room first."

Mu Sihans sharp eyes landed on the woman in Feng Yaos arms. However, the woman seemed to be really drunk, unmoving in Feng Yaos arms.

Feng Yao led Nan Zhi towards the elevator.

After entering the elevator, Feng Yao was about to close the doors when a long arm stretched over and opened the doors once more.

Mu Sihan walked in without any expression.

There werent many people in the elevator, and Mu Sihan walked right behind Feng Yao and Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi leaned her dizzy head on Feng Yaos shoulders, her eyes slightly closed. She didnt notice Mu Sihan walking in, not knowing he was standing right behind them.

She murmured huffily, "Its all your fault. You said that there wouldnt be any S Country people, but"

Feng Yao wanted to cup Nan Zhis mouth to prevent her from speaking, but he was too late.

He glanced at the reflection behind him through the gleaming elevator walls. Noting that Mu Sihan was looking down at his phone, not seeming to care about what was going on with them, he let go of his hand over Nan Zhis mouth. He whispered, "Its all my fault. Alright, stop talking."

Nan Zhi hummed, her long lashes covered with sparkling tears. "Anyway, you have to pay me extra. You should know that I was about to die in the kitchen from nervousness earlier. I dont want to see him"

Feng Yao felt his scalp turning numb.

Although her words were slightly slurred from her being drunk, her words could still be understood if one listened closely enough.

Feng Yao glanced at the man behind him again.

He remained in the same position, still looking at his phone, not even bothering to look up.

Fortunately, the elevator arrived at the floor Nan Zhi was staying at very quickly.

After Feng Yao greeted Mu Sihan, he helped Nan Zhi out of the elevator.

He didnt notice that a certain mans expression darkened completely when they left.

Feng Yao unlocked the door and helped Nan Zhi onto the bed. He helped her to take off the head piece and face veil.

"Im going to shower. Im sticky all over. Feng Yao, you can go back first!"

Noting the drunkness in her eyes, with her face flushed from all the alcohol, Feng Yao furrowed his eyebrows. "Im scared for you. You can wait here while I go and prepare the bath."

"Im not going to have a bath in a hotel."

"This is a seven-star hotel, the bathtubs are sanitized everyday"

Nan Zhi stood up, wagging her finger at Feng Yao. "I can shower myself." She took a bathrobe, walking towards the bathroom with shaky steps.

Feng Yao made a call to order a cup of sober-up tea. As he was worried about her, he didnt leave immediately and sat on the sofa, waiting for her to come out.

The hotel was a boutique villa with only a few levels. There were pretty coconut trees outside and an open-air swimming pool. The place was very calming and pretty.

Mu Sihan stood on the balcony, a cigar held between his slender fingers as he narrowed his eyes, exhaling a long stream of smoke.

Suddenly, a female voice trailed over from next door. "Ah, it hurts"

The womans voice was slightly hoarse and coy from the alcohol. It was soft and tender, like a worm that wormed into and gnawed at his heart.

A mans voice followed soon after. "The pain will go away quickly. Endure it for a while, Ill be softer."

Mu Sihans lips tugged into a sneer.

What was wrong with him to actually change his room to be beside hers? Was he asking for trouble?

He narrowed his black eyes, taking in more breaths of the cigarette!

In the adjacent room.

After Nan Zhi finished showering and wore her bathrobe, she accidentally fell when she was walking out and scraped her elbow. Feng Yao got her to sit down on the sofa before he helped clean her wound.

Feng Yao had never done such a thing, so he used a lot of strength.

"You still have to work tomorrow. If you cant get up, I will deduct your payment!"

Nan Zhi glared at Feng Yao unhappily. "Youre indeed a businessman, youre too mean."

Feng Yao patted Nan Zhis head. "Alright, Im done. Rest early, Ill come and fetch you tomorrow."

Nan Zhi nodded.

After Feng Yao left, Nan Zhi leaned against the sofa for a while, though she somehow fell asleep.

The air-conditioner was turned on in the room and she was merely wearing a bathrobe, which was why she startled awake from cold chill.

She sniffled, her limbs feeling slightly heavy.

She increased the temperature of the air-conditioner. Noting that the balcony door wasnt closed, she walked there barefooted.

Just as she was about to close the door, a fiery red light was flickering from the adjacent balcony. She furrowed her eyebrows, walking out with fuzzy eyes.

A tall figure was leaning against the railing of the adjacent balcony.

Was she hallucinating?

If not, why did that figure look like Mu Sihan?

But then, why would he be in the room next to hers? Feng Yao clearly said that he was staying on a different floor.

Nan Zhi closed her eyes, before she looked away, turning around to return to her room.

Suddenly, the man turned around and glanced at her. His dark eyes landed on her, staring at her quietly.

Nan Zhis legs felt like they had been pinned down by nails.

Swallowing, she looked up to meet the mans eyes.

His expression was slightly indifferent, his dark eyes as deep as an abyss with not an ounce of light. His lips were pursed slightly, his expression looking like a deity statue that did not have any emotions.

Nan Zhi lifted her hands unconsciously to touch her face.

She was not wearing the face veil.

He had already seen her, so there was no need for her to hide anymore.

Their eyes met. No one spoke first. His tall figure leaned against the railing, his expression sharp and cold as he exuded a dignified and cold aura, not letting people approach him.

Nan Zhi did not know how long had passed, but she was about to give in to the pressure and run back to her room when the mans low and magnetic voice disrupted the silence.

"Long time no see."





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