Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 865

Chapter 865 She Tiptoed To Kiss Him

Hearing his low and magnetic voice say long time no see, Nan Zhis eyes constricted slightly. She felt as if a storm had appeared in her chest, her mood dropping completely.

Scorching hot liquid swelled in her eyes, wanting to fall out at any time.

It really had been a long time for them.

In the blink of an eye, it had already been four years

How familiar they were with each other in the past was how unfamiliar they were with each other now.

Nan Zhi stared into his calm eyes, her heart twisting in pain. Her appearance and disappearance probably wouldnt be able to affect his emotions anymore!

Not wanting to show her emotions too much, Nan Zhi smirked and replied with a smile, "Long time no see. Congratulations, youve become the King."

He did not reply.

He merely stared at her coldly.

Nan Zhi felt really uncomfortable by his stare, but she tried her best to remain calm. "How is Xiaojie?"

He lifted his cigar, inhaling once before he slowly exhaled smoke, his features blurred by the thin veil of smoke.

Staring at him like this, Nan Zhis long lashes fluttered slightly. If they had to compare who was calmer, she was never his opponent.

Besides, as time passed, he appeared even more mature and hard to read.

She could tell that he didnt want to speak to her. She pursed her lips saying, "Its late, I wont disturb you any further."

After she nodded at him, she returned to her room.

If they didnt meet and didnt talk, maybe she wouldnt feel so bad.

But they had met and even spoke to each other. Her emotions spilled like a dam that had been opened, she couldnt stop it even if she wanted to.

She didnt dare to admit that she really really missed him.

She missed him so much.

However, she also understood that four years could change many things. They could never go back anymore

His eyes on her were like when he was looking at a stranger, cold and distant.

He was already a King that was above everyone, while she was merely a small boss of a private kitchen.

They were completely different, like a cloud and the mud in the ground!

As expected of a seven-star hotel, there were various expensive alcohol placed in their rooms. Nan Zhi could not go to sleep, and was feeling horrible and suffocated, so she opened an alcohol bottle. Sitting by the bed, she downed glass after glass of alcohol, her mind getting fuzzier by the moment.

If she was drunk, she would probably have a good sleep, right?

She didnt know how many glasses of alcohol she had drunk. Her stomach was feeling queasy and uncomfortable. As she leaned back against the bed frame, she stared blankly out into space.

Suddenly, a tall figure appeared in front of her.

The man was wearing a white shirt and a black pants, the most classic combination. However, on him, it looked extremely luxurious and dignified.

Even on a subconscious level, he was exuding the aura of a King.

Nan Zhi blinked, a scoff appearing on her lips in self-ridicule.

She was hallucinating again.

When she first left him, apart from being constantly worried about Qiao Yanze, she worried and missed him as well.

Almost every night, it was hard for her to fall asleep and she had insomnia. Or if she somehow managed to fall asleep, she would dream of him too.

However, whenever she wanted to jump into his arms, he would push her away coldly. Then, his cold words would ring in her ears, telling her that he wouldnt wait for her.

Nan Zhi opened her eyes, watching as the man slowly approached her from the balcony.

She closed her eyes, murmuring softly, "I knew you wouldnt wait for me. I also know that its impossible for us now. Go and never appear in front of me again. I dont want to feel sad again"

The mans long legs stopped in front of her. His black pants were ironed perfectly with no visible creases. Nan Zhi lifted her leg to kick at his calf. "I told you to go, didnt you hear me? I dont want to see you again!" Seeing him would only made her feel more depressed

Mu Sihan ignored her kick, crouching down to take the glass of red wine away from her. He narrowed his dark eyes, his voice low and hoarse. "Do you not want to see me that badly?"

Nan Zhi shook her head, before she nodded, completely dazed. "Do you know how annoying you are right now?" She sniffled. "Im going to sleep now. Stop coming into my dreams."

She supported herself to stand up. Her head was completely dizzy as her body shook. Just as she was about to fall down, the man reached his long hand out to grab her slender waist in time.

The mans refreshing scent with a hint of cigarette smell surrounded her, the familiar and unfamiliar smell touching her sensitive senses.

Just as he had stabilized her and was about to let go of her, she suddenly tiptoed to hug his neck.

He clearly didnt expect her to hug him and the man stiffened slightly, before looking down at her.

She tiptoed and buried her face in the crook of his neck, then took a strong sniff of his scent.

"Do you know what youre doing?" He stared at the back of her head, asking coldly.

Nan Zhi bit her lips. "I dont know. I only want to hug you. Im leaving tomorrow, and will never appear in front of you again."

The moment she finished speaking, the man pushed her slender figure away without any care.

She fell onto the bed.

She didnt have the energy to get up again.

He stood by the bed, looking down at her. "It seems that youve been doing well these few years without me."

Nan Zhi smiled, looking down. "Not too bad I guess. At least Im not lonely." With the two children and her mom with her, it was better than being alone.

"Feng Yao is the eldest son of the Helian family. Although hes not as capable as Helian Zhu, hes going to inherit the family business in the future. Do you think you suit him?"

Yes, she didnt suit Feng Yao, and didnt suit him even more!

"I dont suit Feng Yao, but Miss Helian and you suit each other quite well. Congratulations, youve finally found a woman who is compatible with you in status."

As she spoke, she lay back on the bed. She didnt care if it was a dream, she didnt want to see him anymore.

She was afraid that she would get a definite answer from his eyes.

Mu Sihan stared at her for a few seconds with a tense expression. Helplessness suddenly overwhelmed him, so he turned around and walked out to the balcony.

However, he had only taken a few steps when his strong waist was held tightly suddenly.

He was hugged tightly from behind.

The womans soft chest pressed against his back tightly.

Mu Sihans resting hands clenched slightly.

She pressed her forehead on his back, her voice hoarse and slightly pitiful. "I really wont appear in front of you again. However, tonight, can you not leave?"

It was very late at night already, the busy city losing its bustling noisiness.

It was quiet all around them, so much that they could only hear each others breathing.

Nan Zhi used the alcohol to buff up her courage as she walked in front of the man. Her hands tightened their hold on his shirt, as she stared into his well-defined handsome face.

It had been four years and this was her first time looking at him so closely, to feel his breath and feel his temperature.

It was so real.

It didnt seem like a dream.

He still didnt speak. She bit her lip, suddenly standing up on her toes as her scarlet lips pressed against his slightly pursed ones.




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