Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 866

Chapter 866 Initiative

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Staring at the woman who was kissing him, Mu Sihan turned his handsome face a little.

Her kiss landed on his tense chin.

Nan Zhi froze.

With her personality, he thought that she would give up like this. He didnt expect her to suddenly lift her hands to cup his face, before her scarlet lips pressed against his cool ones once more.

A faint alcohol smell burnee through his senses.

The moment her soft lips pressed against his, his mind blanked out, as if a current of electricity ran through him.

She froze, her long lashes fluttering slightly.

Mu Sihan looked down, his dark eyes landing on her face. This was the first time he looked at her properly after so many years.

Her hair had changed, and she had lost weight in her face. Her skin was still as fair and clear as before, while she had an extra femininity on her face.

His Adams apple bobbed, his eyes so dark that ink could come out from them. However, he pushed her away in the next second.

"Miss Nan, theres nothing between us anymore."

Nan Zhi looked up dazedly at him, speaking with slightly pitifulness and sorrow, "I know, I only want to kiss you one last time."

Kiss him one last time?

His lips moved. Before he could say anything, she tiptoed once more to kiss him.

She bit him daringly, her tongue tracing his pretty lips as her heart thumped.

There was no desire in her kiss. In fact, her kiss was extremely sincere, as if it really was their last kiss.

Before she bid him farewell again.

Mu Sihans hands slightly clenched into tight fists, and he cursed softly in his heart.

His rationality was telling him to push her away.

However, in the next second, he grabbed her slender waist tightly.

He used a lot of strength, as if wanting to snap her waist into half.

"Ah, it hurts" She furrowed her eyebrows as she moaned in pain.

Damn it! He never thought that she would be so coy when she was drunk.

Just as his body tensed from a fire burning within him thanks to her, he suddenly heard her say, "Im done kissing you. You can leave now."

A raging storm swelled in his eyes.

Seeing that she was turning to walk towards the bed, he grabbed her wrist, pulling her back towards him strongly.

She fell into his arms.

She looked up. Before she could say anything, he kissed her scarlet soft lips in punishment.

His eyes were burning with a dark fire that scorched her in its intensity.

Nan Zhi froze for a second. When she regained her senses, she didnt push him away, wrapping her hand around his neck instead. With the same strength, she bit his lips ruthlessly.

Their eyes stared straight at each other.

Especially his eyes, they were sharp and cold, as if wanting to see through her soul. They were laced with a complicated emotion.

Nan Zhis face still had its blush from the alcohol, tinting her fair skin like she was a ripe peach. Her well-defined eyes were watery and slightly dazed. An alluring coyness appeared between her eyebrows naturally, making her look like a seductive elf that came from the forest.

He closed her eyes, as if giving in. He pushed her teeth apart, kissing her ruthlessly.

At the sudden force, Nan Zhi lost her balance, hugging his tall figure like an octopus.

His kiss got even fiercer, like a stormy sea where Nan Zhi was a small boat that could only move according to its waves.

The two of them intertwined with each other strongly and intimately, exchanging their saliva in a vicious swirl of passion.

She was thrown on the bed without any care by him.

He knelt by the bed, his eyes completely red.

Nan Zhi wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her.

They were like two beasts, intertwining and tearing into each other with reckless abandon. It was as if they wanted to vent out all of the emotions they had through this searing kiss.

Nan Zhis heart was trembling. Her blood was boiling all over.

She had never been so crazy and daring before.

After the man pulled off her bathrobe, she didnt stop and reached out to tug off white shirt. Staring at his exposed muscular chest, her slender fingers slid from his chest towards his well-defined abdomen.

He immediately tensed.

Her fingers reached towards his belt, undoing it with ease and familiarly.

His eyes darkened to a smouldering black.

Her fingers slipped down past his sexy abdomen.

The womans bathrobe and the mans clothes were thrown to the floor in a messy heap as their shared breaths became hot and frenzied.

His lips pressed against her ear, his voice low and hoarse. "Do you want it?"

She hugged his neck, her fingers moving from the back of his neck to his short hair. "Will you give it to me?"

"Didnt you only want a last kiss?" He laughed coldly.

Nan Zhi stared at him, biting at lips and not saying anything.

He narrowed his black eyes. "Call my name."

Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly.

"Do you not know me, or do you not want to call me?" A glint of danger flashed in his eyes.

"Mr Ye."

The moment she finished speaking, he bit her lips ruthlessly.

She furrowed her eyebrows. "It hurts."

It was clear that she was angry, but with the hoarseness from the alcohol, it sounded more like she was murmuring to her beloved.

He pinched her jaw, smirking. "Were you this seductive in front of Feng Yao as well?"

"Its none of your business."

"If its none of my business, then why are you still doing it with me?"

"Mu Sihan!"

"Very good, so you still remember my name."

Nan Zhi opened his mouth, wanting to say something, though she could only gasp sharply, before letting out a moan.

The next day.

Nan Zhi woke up with a splitting headache.

Perhaps it was because of her body clock, no matter how late she slept, she would still wake up when the sun rose out of habit.

She rubbed her aching temples, her hand pressed against her forehead as she slowly sat up on the bed.

The soft blanket slid down from her body slowly.

She looked down, staring at her uncovered body as her mind blanked out for a second.

The images that happened last night suddenly flashed in her mind like an old movie.

Although her skin was unmarked and unbruised, looking like no one had touched her, her legs were still extremely sore.

She was no longer an innocent and naive girl. She had three children already, so she naturally knew what this type of soreness meant.

She had done it with someone last night.

And that person was still

At this moment, the bathroom door was pulled open. Almost instinctively, Nan Zhi glanced at the bathroom.

After showering, the man who was wearing a pair of black pants with no belt and a shirt hanging loosely on him, walked in with heavy steps.

Water beads were still dripping from his short hair, his well-defined face so handsome that it made her heart flutter.

He looked up, his black eyes narrowing as they landed on her. A soft smirk appeared on his lips. "Why arent you wearing anything in the morning? Is it because you werent satisfied last night and want to do it again?"

It was only then that Nan Zhi realized that the blanket on her had fallen. She hurriedly pulled the sheets up to cover herself. Seeing her actions, his smirk widened. However, his smirk lacked any warmth at all.

Nan Zhi bit her lips. "Last night Although I took the initiative, if you didnt come over, I couldnt take the initiative either. Thats why you cant blame it all on me."

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