Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 868

Chapter 868 New Relationship

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According to his schedule, Mu Sihan was to take a morning flight to return to the S Country.

Yi Fan came in the morning to get Mu Sihan.

However, he had barely knocked on the door when the door was pulled open from inside.

A tall figure was standing by the door.

Mu Sihan had showered in the morning and changed into a fitting black shirt that wrapped his fit and toned body. He did not wear a tie, and the top two buttons were unbuttoned to reveal his exquisite and sexy collarbones. The expensive black suit pants finished the ensemble, making him look even more handsome and tall.

He was still that dignified and elegant man. However, he also seemed to have become colder and more indifferent when compared to before.

Yi Fan had been by Mu Sihans side for many years, so he could naturally tell that he wasnt in a good mood.

"Young Master, did you not rest well?"

Mu Sihan pursed his lips. "She was the main chef of the Helian banquet."

He didnt specify who the she was, but Yi Fan understood immediately.

He didnt say anything anymore.

Helian Zhu came over to send Mu Sihan to the private plane parking area.

"I tried to ask my Daddy about his thoughts last night. Amongst so many countries, he prefers your country, so I will do my best to help you get this collaboration."

Mu Sihan shook Helian Zhus hand. "Thank you."

Staring at Mu Sihans broad back as he walked up into the plane, Helian Zhu was slightly dazed.

It had been four years since she had first met him.

Over these years, her feelings towards him had become something unspeakable.

It was a feeling she hadnt gotten before from that man. She really liked him, but she didnt dare tell him either.

He was cold and complicated. Even for her, who was known to be a strong woman in the business industry, she wasnt able to read him at all.

It was only when the plane departed and slowly disappeared from her sight that Helian Zhu turned around to get back into her car.

After returning to the country, Mu Sihan continued to be busy.

It had already been three days since he returned from the Tergu Desert.

Nan Zhi had never called his private number.

Today, it was still early when Mu Sihan left his office and returned to the Crown Palace. He immediately went up to a room on the third floor.

When Yi Fan brought him coffee, Mu Sihan was wearing glasses as he sat in front of an easel, drawing with an indifferent expression.

This was a drawing room. Ever since Nan Zhi left, whenever Mu Sihan had time, he would come up to draw a portrait of her.

Four years had passed, and the walls of the room were filled with portraits of Nan Zhi.

Yi Fan placed the cup of coffee next to Mu Sihan, asking softly, "Young Master, since you saw Miss Nan, why didnt you tell her about your feelings?"

As the closest person to Mu Sihan, Yi Fan clearly knew that he had been unable to forget Miss Nan.

With his status, what kind of woman could he not get if he wanted them? The officials would also try to introduce beautiful women to him from time to time, but he had rejected them all.

After Miss Nan left, his psychological condition that had gotten better with much difficulty, acted up again. It had even become so serious that he had self-harmed several times.

Elder Dong helped him go through secret treatments to help him focus his feelings and attention to work.

Slowly, the treatment turned out to be effective.

In the past four years, he had experienced two assassinations, four revolts and many near-death experiences, but he had pulled through all of them.

Although he was the King now, it was not easy to be in such a high position. The higher the position, the higher the stakes and responsibilities that fell upon his shoulders. In everything he did, he had to be more careful, because his image represented the Royal family and the country.

He didnt chase after Nan Zhi because he was very clear that if he did, she would only be a mistress with no official status.

However, what he wanted was not a mistress, but a Queen.

Mu Sihan put down his drawing pencil, taking a sip of the coffee. "What is the status regarding what I told you to investigate?"

Yi Fan took out a diamond sleeve cuff. "Young Master, take a look at this."

Mu Sihan took the diamond cuff.

"I got this from Xiao Yings younger sister. She went to the cemetery again secretly yesterday and spoke to Xiao Yings tombstone for a very long time. I heard some important things, that this cuff was found under Xiao Yings bed after she passed away. She asked Xiao Ying if the owner of the cuff murdered her."

After Xiao Ying passed away, Mu Sihan hadnt given up on his investigation.

There was nothing suspicious about her family background. However, in the second year after Xiao Ying had passed on, a young girl secretly went to pay respects to her in the middle of the night.

It was only afterwards that Yi Fan found out that the girl had been adopted by an overseas couple. Her right ear was born deaf. Ten years ago, after the overseas couple both passed away in an accident, the girl became an orphan. When Xiao Ying found her long-lost younger sister, she sought help from Qiao Yanrongs charity.

Qiao Yanrongs charity had always been helping young girls, so Xiao Ying was extremely grateful towards Qiao Yanrong.

After Qiao Yanrong passed away, it was understandable for Xiao Ying to want to avenge the savior who had helped her younger sister. However, she was merely a normal girl. It would be impossible for her to get a large amount of the DIE drug.

Yi Fan kept investigating according to this lead.

Mu Sihan stared at the cufflink for a while, narrowing his black eyes slightly. "This cuff was made with South Africa grade diamonds. Just one of them is very expensive. Yi Fan, dont you think that this design is very familiar?"

"This looks like one of the cuffs Designer Aaron designed for the Royal family. There should be a serial code on it, as every Royal family was assigned with a serial code. That also means that once we manage to find which Royal family member the serial code matches, then" Yi Fan was a little shocked. Does this mean that the person who instructed Xiao Ying to do all of that was someone related to a Royal family member?

However, at the same time, this was not surprising. There were countless ambitious people who wanted to take Young Masters position. Even now, after Young Master had acceded to the throne, there were still people who were vying for his position and wanting to pull him down!

Mu Sihan passed Yi Fan the cuff. "Go and investigate it immediately."


After Nan Zhi returned to the town, she noticed that day that the ring she had taken around with her was lost.

She immediately called the hotel.

The hotel staff told her that the ring had been taken by a Mr Ye, who had left her a message.

His phone number hadnt changed. If she wanted the ring back, she could call him.

Since then, Nan Zhi wanted to muster up her courage to call him several times. However, she had barely dialed the number for a second before she hung up the call again.

The ring wasnt lost and had returned to him once more. Maybe, this was the God telling her that their fate was over.

An Feng walked in. Noting that Nan Zhi was staring at her phone and dazing out, she walked over to take a look at her daughters phone.

Nan Zhi had searched up the news of the S Country Royalty.

The headlines happened to be one about the newly-appointed King, Mu Sihan.

[The Kings rumored new romance.]

Under the topic, there were several photos that looked like they had been taken secretly. There was one of a tall man wearing a black suit fetching a woman from a hotel personally, while the other photo was of them appearing at a western restaurant together.

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