Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Whose Daughter Is She? 1

Only the womans appealing figure and the side of her beautiful face was shown in the photo.

Because it was secretly taken, the facial expression was relatively blurred and it was not clear what their expressions were like.

But in one of the photos, Mu Sihan was holding a piece of steak out towards the woman.

Mu Sihan was not a considerate man. When they were together before, most of the time he liked to stick to her like a big boy.

When they were eating, he wished she would feed the food into his mouth.

But four years later, to see him cut a piece of steak for another woman himself

Nan Zhi looked at the photos and felt it was ironic.

In Tergu Desert, under the influence of alcohol, she took the initiative to flirt with him and they even had a one night stand.

But in the blink of an eye, there was another new lover beside him. He had given his maturity and gentleness to another woman.

He was no longer her Mu Sihan.

"Zhizhi, are you still paying attention to the news over there?" An Feng looked at Nan Zhi worriedly.

Nan Zhi regained her senses. Her gaze moved away from the phone and towards An Feng. "After leaving, its the first time Ive looked at news from over there."

An Feng sat beside Nan Zhi, a pained look in her eyes. "Mom knows you cant forget about him, but its been four years already. There are many things that can be changed. He has a noble status and naturally there will be no shortage of women around him. It is normal even if there are new women."

Nan Zhi nodded.

She knew.

After all, she was the one who insisted on leaving and separating from him. She could not naturally ask for a breakup and expect him to keep chaste for her!

"Mom, Im just looking. Im not thinking about anything." Nan Zhi put her phone down and wrapped her arm over An Fengs shoulders. "Actually, Im very happy now. Im satisfied with you and the twins and Uncle. Im so pleased to see him back on his feet again."

"Mommy, you said you would take Brother and I on a trip when you were back from your business trip, right?" Little Princess Tiantian ran in from outside.

Looking at the doll-like beautiful and exquisite little girl, Nan Zhis low spirits dissipated and she beckoned to the little girl. "Tiantian, let Mommy hold you."

The little girl climbed onto Nan Zhis slender legs, her little arms wrapped around Nan Zhis neck and pouted her pink lips. "Mommy, I want to see the snow. Can you take me there?"

Speaking of snow, Nan Zhi thought of that year when she and Uncle took Xiaojie to the ski resort and met Mu Sihan there.

Her heart jumped.

Why was she thinking about him again?

"How about Mommy take you to the ski resort in H City in China?"

The little girl kissed Nan Zhi on the face excitedly when she heard that they could travel overseas. "Yes! Mommy is the best!"

"Where are you going?" Feng Yao, who had not left after sending Nan Zhi back to the town, heard Nan Zhis words and poked his head in from the door, his eyes shining bright like the stars. "I want to go to see the snow and ski too."

"Okay, okay. Uncle Feng Yao can come with us."

Nan Zhi looked at An Feng. "Mom, come along too!"

Nan Zhi was familiar with H City so she did not need to plan in advance. After discussing the time, they flew to H City in Feng Yaos private plane.

After a long flight, they reached H City in the evening.

They could feel the winter-like coldness as soon as they got off the plane.

Little Tiantian and Yuyu were wrapped tightly in thick down jackets by Nan Zhi and looking at the two adorable children, Nan Zhi said gently, "Darlings, are you cold?"

"No." Little Princess Tiantian wore pink little gloves, and she looked curiously at the city that was completely different from the town they had known all their lives, and jumped about excitedly. "Mommy, its so pretty here!"

Little Yuyu nodded and grunted out the two words. "Not bad."

Feng Yao came over and carried Tiantian and Yuyu on each arm.

Tiantian giggled. "Uncle Feng Yao is amazing!"

Nan Zhi wanted to take one of the babies from Feng Yao, but he shook his head. "Its alright, I can carry them both."

Before coming, Feng Yao had already booked a private car. After getting in the car, they sped towards the hotel.

The Helian family finally signed a cooperation agreement with S Country for the oil fields they found in Tergu Desert.

The Helian family sent Helian Zhu to discuss the details of the cooperation.

After signing the contract, when the group of people went to the restaurant to eat, Helian Zhu brought up Feng Yao rather unhappily. "My brother only knows how to play around and now hes gotten all cocky. He isnt even going to the office just because Daddy praised him for doing well in the banquet. Today he even went to H City to see the snow. When I called him I even heard a womans voice."

Any listener might have perceived an unintended meaning in what was said. Mu Sihans cold eyes narrowed and he looked down, burying all emotions deep into his eyes.

"Oh yes Sihan, I saw your news a few days ago, you cant really"

Mu Sihan gave a faint smirk, his expression unreadable. "The media likes to make groundless accusations."

But Helian Zhu had some doubts.

It was true that the media liked to make groundless accusations, but the photos of him cutting the steak for the woman should not be an angle problem, right?

Seeing his slightly cold and gloomy face, Helian Zhu dared not ask any more questions.

She had already checked on the girl who had a scandal with him. She was not from a noble family, and even if he had feelings for her, there could be no good ending between them!

Mu Sihan returned to the Crown Palace.

Cen Xi, who was making pastries in the kitchen, heard movements and ran out. Seeing that Mu Sihan was back, she greeted him politely, "Mr Ye."

Mu Sihan saw that Cen Xis beautiful face was smeared with flour and he said with a dark expression, "Youre making pastries?"

Cen Xi nodded. "Yes."

"Pack some stuff. Youll come with me to H City tomorrow."


Cen Xi was Xiao Yings younger sister. She had already known what her sister had done.

Before her sister died, the letter she had written had mentioned Young Master Qiao, and between the lines, she believed that her sister had truly fallen for Young Master Qiao.

But in the end, she still harmed the Qiao family.

Cen Xi knew that there was hatred in her sisters heart because of Uncle Qiao Yanrongs death, but believed her sister had dwelled too much on it.

From what she knew, Uncle Qiao Yanrongs death was not related to the Qiao family, but she couldnt let go.

By the time Mu Sihan and Cen Xi arrived at H City, it was already evening.

Yi Fan had contacted the private chauffeur before they left. As it was a private trip, Mu Sihan was quite low profile this time.

Based on Feng Yaos style, he would definitely book the best hotel when coming to H City. Knowing that, Mu Sihan asked Yi Fan to book the best hotel in H City.

Sometimes fate was an intriguing thing. When the car arrived at the hotel, Mu Sihan happened to see Feng Yao.

But there was a little girl sitting on Feng Yaos shoulders and only a pair of big eyes could be seen.

Mu Sihan frowned.

Was it Feng Yaos illegitimate daughter?

Did he come to H City with another woman and not Nan Zhi?

Just when he was feeling the faint stirrings of doubt, a familiar slender figure came out of the hotel lobby.






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