Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Counterattack (3)

Nan Yao loved Bo Shaoxiu and was pregnant with his child.

From the moment she had met Bo Shaoxiu, she had fallen in love. The biggest wish she had was to trample Nan Zhi to death, and to marry into the Bo family and become their daughter-in-law. She had been devastated when Bo Shaoxiu had chosen to pursue Nan Zhi instead. It had taken her a lot to persuade her mother and father to help her scheme against Nan Zhi and get a hold of Shaoxiu. He was hers!

She would become the biggest joke on Earth if a scandal were to erupt, especially now that she was pregnant.

He swore to her last time that he would never do anything to betray her again, after she found out that he had a mistress outside.

She truly believed that Bo Shaoxiu loved her. It was the scheming b*tches outside who seduced him and made him lose his way.

Nan Yao lowered her gaze as she caressed her abdomen with red eyes.

She was already about to marry in the Bo family. She would never let the media reveal something like this. Not now and not ever.

"Zhizhi, isn't it too much to ask Nan Yao for five million? How can she get the money within half an hour?"

Nan Zhi's head seemed to get even heavier after she took the flu medicine. She sat on the sofa with her legs crossed and snuggled back into the cushions. She sniffled as she said with a hoarse voice, "If she still wants to marry into the Bo family, she will naturally send the money. As for the money, she will find a way. She isn't lacking in it."

When she had last seen Nan Yao at the broadcasting station, she was carrying a bag that was worth at least one million. Anyone with eyes could see how luxurious her life was.

Xia Yanran was a little confused. "I really don't know why Nan Yao would like that cheating douche so much."

"Nan Yao naturally won't let him go so easily after all the trouble she went through to snatch him from me. Not to mention, the Bo family is one of the more reputable, aristocratic families in Ning City."

"So, she's reaping the fruits of her actions as well."

Within half an hour, the new phone that Xia Yanran had passed to Nan Zhi, received a new message.

Nan Zhi smirked. "As expected. The money is in the account. I counted both Yubing and your shares since the two of you helped me this time."

Xia Yanran shook her head. "It's okay, I don't need my portion. You should leave it for my godson!"

Nan Zhi reached out and tapped Xia Yanran's nose. "Alright, then I'll put it into this account first. Just tell me if you need the money."

After she got the money, Nan Zhi sent another message to Nan Yao reading, 'Kaiyue Hotel, 8088.'

"Oh right. Yanran, what about the person that helped us hack the CCTV system of the hotel? We need to take a bit of money to give your hacker friend, right?"

"He told me yesterday it's not necessary since it was no bother for him." Xia Yanran leaned against the sofa. "I'll go back to sleep since everything is settled. Oh right, Zhizhi, I didn't only take photos yesterday, there's a video as well. I'll send it to you together with the photos later?"

Nan Zhi made an 'OK' sign. "So there's a video too. The photos and the video cannot be sent out since we got the money, but at least I have blackmail material on Bo Shaoxiu now. If he dares to do anything again, we'll see if I won't make him suffer to death."

Xia Yanran held Nan Zhi's petite and exquisite face and smacked her lips lightly. "Zhizhi, I really want to know who can take down a little elf like you in the future."

Nan Zhi shivered when an arrogant and wild face appeared in her head subconsciously.

"Oh my god, that's too scary."

Xia Yanran was confused. "What's scary?"

Nan Zhi shook her head hurriedly. "Nothing much. I just thought about a person who needs to take medicine and be treated."

Xia Yanran yawned. "I'm really sleepy right now. Zhizhi, you should go to sleep too. I'll head back first."

Nan Zhi sent Xia Yanran to the door. Xia Yanran was in the middle of putting on her shoes when she seemed to have thought of something. She asked Nan Zhi, "Would Nan Yao see that woman if she's rushing there now?"

Nan Zhi smirked and laughed like a little fox. "I told that woman to leave a present for Nan Yao!"

Xia Yanran pinched Nan Zhi's cheek. "Sly."

Nan Yao brought two bodyguards with her as she rushed to Kaiyue Hotel with a strong aura.

She still could not do anything to Bo Shaoxiu, but she definitely would not let the b*tch go.

Nan Yao stood in front of room 8088's door and pressed the doorbell with a dark expression.

No one opened the door, even after a long time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Just as she was about to lose her patience and gestured to the bodyguard to kick the door open, the door was opened from the inside.

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