Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Whose Daughter Is She? 2

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Mu Sihan saw the slender woman going to Feng Yaos side and arrange the little girls hat, and the hands on his knees clenched into fists.

Suddenly there was a feeling of falling into an endless abyss in his chest, making him feel panicked.

Whose child was that?

Feng Yao was carrying her and Nan Zhi was arranging her hat. Nan Zhis gaze towards her was doting and gentle!

The blood in Mu Sihans body turned to ice in an instant. Although the car was warm, he felt extremely cold.

Cen Xi, who was sitting beside Mu Sihan, saw his changing expressions and she followed his gaze.

She saw three figures leaving.

The man was carrying a child on his shoulders and a tall woman was walking beside him. When crossing the road, the man naturally pulled on the womans arm.

They looked like a happy family of three.

Cen Xi retracted her gaze and when she looked at Mu Sihan, his expression had turned calm and his gaze had turned cold and indifferent, making her unable to see what was going on in his mind.

"Mr Ye, are you okay?"

Mu Sihan pursed his lips. "Im fine. Get out of the car."

After playing for the whole day, An Feng felt slightly uncomfortable as she was not used to the cold weather here.

Little Yuyu would rather read quietly in the room than go to the night market so he volunteered to stay and take care of his grandmother.

On the contrary, Little Princess Tiantian could not stay in the room and was pestering everyone to go out. Nan Zhi had no choice but take her out with Feng Yao.

Yuyu had been sensible from young and his personality was not as sunny as Baby Jie, nor as lively as the little princess. He was cold on the outside but warm inside. He was very good at taking care of people, even at such a young age.

Nan Zhi was assured with Yuyu staying behind to look after An Feng. But she was quite worried if Feng Yao took the little princess out alone.

The little princess was too lively and playful. She was afraid that her little princess would sneak away if Feng Yao did not pay attention. So they had no choice but to take the little princess out to the night market.

The night market was full of bright lights and a lively, bustling atmosphere.

There were all kinds of snacks, interesting toys and clowns who sang and performed magic.

The little princess ran here and there happily.

"Uncle Feng Yao, the clown is giving out rabbit balloons. Its so pretty!"

Feng Yao once again lifted the little princess up onto his shoulders and said to Nan Zhi, "Zhizhi, wait here for us. Ill take little princess to get a balloon."

Nan Zhi was a little tired having played for a day and she nodded. "Okay, thank you."

"Youre regarding me as an outsider if you say that."

After Feng Yao squeezed into the crowd with the little princess, Nan Zhi saw that there was a long bench not far away. She walked over and sat down.

Her slender fingers rubbing her slightly aching calves.

"Miss Nan."

Hearing someone calling her name, Nan Zhi raised her head subconsciously.

Nan Zhi was stunned seeing Yi Fan who was standing a few steps away from her.

Why was Butler Yi here?

Nan Zhi looked around.

Sure enough, at the entrance of a small shop not far away, she saw a familiar man.

But beside him there was a petite figure.

Nan Zhi narrowed her eyes. If she remembered correctly, that figure should belong to the woman in the news who had the photos taken by the media!

Mu Sihan had actually brought her to H City?

How could there be such a coincidence?

Nan Zhi stood up from the long bench and looked at Yi Fan with a small smile. "Butler Yi, Its been a while. Youre the same as before, it seems not much has changed."

Yi Fan smiled. "Miss Nan is still as beautiful and elegant as before. You came alone?"

Nan Zhi bit her lip. "No, with a friend."

Yi Fan nodded. "Young Master is over there. Would you like to go over and say hello?"

Nan Zhi waved her hands hurriedly. "Hes with his girlfriend and I think he wont want to see me. I wont disturb them."

Yi Fan looked at Nan Zhi with a meaningful look and said nothing more. "Okay, then Ill get going first."


After Yi Fan left, Nan Zhi hurried over to where Feng Yao was.

It seemed like she could not stay in the night market anymore.

She did not know if it was her imagination, but the moment she turned and left, a sharp and cold gaze landed on her.

Nan Zhi did not dare to turn back.

Mu Sihan returned to the presidential suite of the hotel.

Yi Fan showed the photos he had taken in the night market as a passerby to Mu Sihan. "Young Master, can I send these two photos to the media?"

The photos showed Mu Sihan and Cen Xi strolling together in the night market, walking quite closely.


After Yi Fan sent the photos to the media in the Capital, he looked at Mu Sihan who was smoking in front of the French windows and said softly, Young Master, I met Miss Nan at the night market."

Mu Sihan exhaled a mouthful of smoke slowly, the rising smoke blurring his face. He flicked the ash from the cigarette. "Keep a look out for their whereabouts tomorrow."

"Young Master, I think youd better not contact Miss Nan for the time being."

Mu Sihans expression darkened. "I know. But I need to know whats the relationship between her, Feng Yao and that little girl Feng Yao was carrying."

Nan Zhi, who had returned to the hotel, was feeling slightly anxious.

Why did Mu Sihan bring his new lover to H City for no reason? And she happened to meet him in the night market? How could things be so coincidental?

Now that they could not be together again, if he knew that she had twins, with his personality, he would definitely not let the children stay by her side!

Nan Zhi was hesitating if she should go back to the town immediately.

Tiantian was lying in bed, planning on what to bring to the ski resort tomorrow. Looking at her innocent and expectant face, Nan Zhi could not bear to spoil her fun.

H City was not considered a large city, yet it was also not that small either.

Tomorrow when they went to the ski resort, Mu Sihan might not be there. Perhaps they would not meet at all?

Nan Zhi tried to comfort herself.

The next day.

Princess Tiantian, who had a temper when she woke up usually, jumped out of bed even before Nan Zhi had even woken up.

"Mommy, wake up. Wake up! Its time to go!"

An Feng had also woken up. She sat up in bed, looking at Nan Zhi and Tiantian. "I wont be going to the ski resort. You and Feng Yao can take Tiantian and Yuyu along!"

"Mom, do you still have a headache?"

"Im feeling much better." An Feng looked out of the window. The sun was up and the weather looked good. "I want to look around in the city center later."

"Ill accompany Grandma. Mommy can take sister out to play." Little Yuyu poked his head out of the blanket.

"Brother, you arent coming skiing with us?" Tiantian pouted. "Skiing is really fun!"

"Mommy and Uncle Feng Yao will be with you. I will stay with Grandma."

After Nan Zhi helped Tiantian wash up and get dressed, Feng Yao came over and took Tiantian downstairs first.

When he entered the elevator, he unexpectedly met with Mu Sihan and Cen Xi.

This time, Tiantian was not wearing a hat and mask. The little girl was wearing a white down jacket, her long black curly hair falling upon her shoulders and her facial features exquisite and beautiful. It was hard to look away from her, especially with those big eyes were bright like black pearls soaked in water.

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