Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 872

Chapter 872 A Daughter With Him 1

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Nan Zhis heart tightened when she heard Mu Sihans words. She thought she was able to calm her emotions but they only spiralled out of control.

Why did he say that?

What was she afraid of? What did he think she was afraid of?

After meeting Tiantian in the elevator, why was it such a coincidence that he would be outside the washroom of the skiing ground?

Too many coincidences were obviously not coincidences anymore.

There was only one explanation. He was watching her.

Nan Zhi turned around and looked at him, trying to keep her beautiful face as calm as possible. "I dont know what youre talking about."

Mu Sihan closed the lid of the lighter with a snap.

Straightening his body, he strode over to Nan Zhi on his long legs.

In the cold snow, he was not wearing a hat, his hair short and neat, his handsome face was more well-defined under the interplay of light and shadow.

Nan Zhis heart tightened.

With only a few meters between them, she looked at his face that was approaching her and her mind was turning.

When she could not see him, she did not see him for a few years.

But when she finally saw him, she met him twice in a row from Tergu Desert to H City in the past few days.

He stared fixedly at her with his dark eyes, like a lion prowling in the grasslands, finally awakening with a terrifying aura.

Nan Zhis hair stood on end as she stared at him.

Many people were walking around the washroom, but she seemed to hear nothing. It was surprisingly quiet around her and she could only hear her own heavy breathing and her irregular heartbeat.

She did not know why she was in such a panic

But his gaze seemed to have penetrated her mind.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips, she fought to hold down her confused thoughts, forcing out a calmness that did not match the frenzy inside her mind. "I thought I made myself clear in Tergu Desert that it was just a one night stand. You dont have to take it to heart."

He just stared at her and said nothing.

Nan Zhi did not know where to hide from his penetrating gaze.

"I have something else to do, so Ill leave first." She turned, wanting to leave.

But the next second, her fair wrist was grabbed by his cool hand.

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, he dragged her to a remote snow snope with few people.

Nan Zhi struggled but could not break free.

"Mu Sihan, what are you doing? Youre hurting me. Let go!"

The man turned a deaf ear.

He only released her when he had dragged her to the snow slope.

Nan Zhis wrist was red from his tight grasp.

She glared furiously at him. "Theres nothing between us anymore. Do you know its not very gentlemanly to do that?"

Mu Sihans tall body came close to Nan Zhi. They were already very close to each other and with him leaning forward, his handsome face was almost pressing against hers. Nan Zhi stepped back subconsciously.

But she did not notice that it was a slope behind and she lost her footing and her whole body fell backwards into nothingness.


The moment she fell, the mans strong hand reached towards her. She subconsciously grabbed his large hand, and pulled him down the slope with her.

By the time they stopped rolling, Nan Zhi found that her lips were pressed against a cool and soft thing. She blinked and focused her eyes, realizing that her lips were pressed against Mu Sihans lips.

Oh god.

And not only that, their position was her on top and he was pinned under her.

Why was she always thrown into these situations?

Her thick and long eyelashes fluttered and her breath tightened. She raised her head, pretending to be calm, and left his lips. "I accidentally knocked on them."

She looked away, wanting to get up from him.

But the next moment, her waist was grabbed by him and she fell back into his arms.

She could no longer pretend to be calm and looked at him in panic.

His long and narrow dark eyes seemed to have absorbed the light from stars, they were so deep and dark. Her heart was flustered and she forgot to struggle for a moment.

Their gazes met for a few seconds.

Reaching out a hand, he held the back of her head and his slightly dry lips pressed against her soft lips in the domineering manner that was so familiar.

His fresh and charming masculine breath invaded her nose. Her long eyelashes trembled, as if she was drowning in his breath and she could not think for a moment.

In the few seconds she was distracted, his hot tongue pried open her mouth and went in, entangling around her tongue.

That familiar yet unfamiliar breath flew in, as if flying into the bottom of her heart.

She almost lost herself in such deep and breathless kiss.

Fortunately, her rationality was still there. She raised her hands, wanting to push him away when her tongue was bitten by him.


It hurt!

Her eyelashes fluttered violently.

Grabbing a handful of snow from the ground, she threw it on his mean face. "Bastard!"

Kissing her then biting her, did he think she could be easily bullied?

There was no desire in his eyes, but he looked at her stonily with his whirpool-like dark eyes. "Miss Nan, your heart is really big. You have a child with another man and also a one night stand with me. And now you still cant resist my kisses"

Nan Zhis heart ached when she heard his words.

But her face was cold and calm. A moment later, a smirk appeared on her lips. "Yes, Im a promiscuous woman. But what about you? A few days ago Miss Helian was with you, now she has been replaced with a young girl. I dont think the girl is over eighteen years old, right? Since you have a new lover, why did you kiss me?"

Mu Sihans dark eyes stared fixedly at her beautiful face and gave a faint smile. "Did Miss Nan forget that I never liked to suffer losses? Wasnt it you who kissed me first?"

His voice had just fallen when another snowball hit his face.

Some even dropped into his overcoat and touched his skin, seeping coldness from around his neck.

"Nan. Zhi!"

Nan Zhi got up from him, two snowballs still clenched in her hands. "Come over if you dare?"

Mu Sihan patted the snow off his body and stood a few steps away from her. "Fine, lets get down to business."

Nan Zhi looked at his gaze that had turned cold and her heart started to thump.

"What else do we have to talk about?"

The tip of Mu Sihans tongue poked the roof of his mouth, his eyes staring at her, not wanting to miss any expression on her face. "Whose daughter is the little girl with Feng Yao?"

Nan Zhi bit down on her lip hard.

Mu Sihan approached Nan Zhi and seeing her silence, he asked again coldly, "Youre the mother of the little girl?"

Nan Zhi lowered her eyes, her heart tightening. "Yes, Tiantian is my daughter."

Mu Sihan lowered his head, his handsome face coming closer to her, as he enunciated every word. "Then can I take it that the little girl is my daughter too?"

No Nan Zhi looked up and met with the mans handsome face that was too close to hers.

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