Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 873

Chapter 873 A Daughter With Him 2

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His dark eyes were very deep, while his expression was cold.

Nan Zhi had already guessed that he would ask her this question

However, she did not expect him to say directly that Tiantian was his daughter!

How could he be so sure?

Nan Zhi was silent for a few seconds before she replied, "No. Tiantian is Feng Yao and my daughter. After I broke up with you, I got to know Feng Yao. At that time I was in a bad mood, I got drunk and with Feng Yao"

She did not finish her words, but as long as one was quick to understand something, he would be able to get her explanation.

But this man was abnormal

Hearing her explanation, he did not get angry, but started to laugh coldly.

His face was very close to her and his fresh breath spilled onto her face. Her breath tightened and her thoughts were muddled. "What are you laughing at?"

Mu Sihan said nothing, and took out a plastic bag from his pants pocket.

There was a strand of curly long black hair.

Nan Zhis pupils constricted.

"You should know whose hair this is without me telling you, right?" Mu Sihans dark eyes narrowed, coldness seeping out from his gaze. "You stole my sperm again? And let her call another man Daddy?"

Nan Zhi heard his words and she reacted immediately like an angry kitten.

Stole his sperm? Did he think it was easy to have children?

From getting pregnant to raising the children, he was not by her side. It was Feng Yao who stayed by their side and looked after them.

Although she chose to give birth to the children and he knew nothing about it, it did not count as her stealing his sperm, right?

Wasnt he the one who willingly planted the seed?

"How could you let my child call Feng Yao Daddy?" There was a storm brewing in his eyes.

Nan Zhi met with his eyes which looked like it was going to see through her, and she said angrily, "Dont flatter yourself. Feng Yaos good to her and took care of her from when she was small. Why cant she call him daddy?"

The little girl must have been feeling playful again. Usually in front of her, she would not call Feng Yao daddy.

Mu Sihan pinched the plastic bag in his hand and his handsome face tensed. "Okay, if you dont admit it, Ill ask Yi Fan to do a DNA test. If she turns out to be my daughter, Ill take her back to the Royal family."

Nan Zhi panicked when she heard his words. She looked at the man who was planning to leave after speaking.

She was so angry that she pelted the two snowballs in her hand at the back of his head.

How could he be so mean?

She had already left Xiaojie behind, now he even wanted to take her daughter away!

Her tense nerves seemed to have hit the peak and her emotions spiralled out of control.

Squatting down, she buried her face into her arms.

All kinds of grievances, misery, panic and confusion surged towards her like a tidal wave.

Mu Sihan stopped after walking a few steps.

There were no sounds behind him.

He turned back, looking at the woman who was crying silently while squatting down, her shoulders shaking slightly and he frowned.

He walked back and stood in front of her with a few big steps.

Squatting down, he patted her shaking shoulders.

He had just touched her when she shoved him away. "Dont touch me. Mu Sihan, if you dare to take my daughter away, Ill fight you with my life!"

She looked up, glaring at him with her eyes flashing.

Like a little animal that was totally pissed off.

Mu Sihan sat on the snow after being shoved to the side. Instead of standing up immediately, he put his hands on the snow as if he could not feel the numbing coldness.

"Youre admitting that shes my daughter?"

Nan Zhi glared at him with her eyes red. "Yes, shes your daughter!"

Mu Sihans dark pupils constricted slightly and his thoughts seemed to have short circuited. Although he had already guessed it, the impact was still great hearing her admitting it.

Looking at the womans red eyes, he suppressed the surging emotions in his heart. "You stole my daughter."

"I didnt steal her." Nan Zhi was furious at him. "Four years ago, youre the one who didnt use any precaution the night before you went to Africa!"

Mu Sihans chest clenched and he crouched down to Nan Zhi, his icy fingers pinching her chin. "I wasnt by your side when you gave birth to Xiaojie. Then you gave birth to our daughter and I still wasnt by your side. Nan Zhi, what were you thinking?"

Why was this woman carrying so much on her shoulders?

She was so pitiful and cruel.

He knew how difficult it was to give birth and raise a child, but she still gave birth to it without any hesitation.

But she was very cruel.

He was already standing in front of her but she refused to tell him that that was his daughter.

If he did not think that she would get into bed with another man the moment she left him, was she planning not to tell him for the rest of her life?

Nan Zhi pushed away the hand that was pinching her chin. Her expression had calmed down and she said with a cold voice, "When I found out I was pregnant, it was already more than two months and the baby was already formed. Looking at the B-scan, I couldnt bear not to have this little life in my body!

"Yes, I was selfish not to tell you I had another child. Because I knew we couldnt be together again, I was afraid you would take my child away. Youre now the king of the country and you just have to say the word to take the child away from me. Ive already lost Xiaojie, I cant lose Tiantian too"

Nan Zhis eyes became red as she continued with a trembling voice, "Now that you know, I wont stop you from reuniting with her, but Ill never let you take my child away. If you still want children, you can ask your new girlfriend to have it with you!"

Looking at his gaze that had turned murderous, Nan Zhis long eyelashes trembled.

The air became colder.

It seemed a century had passed before he finally said coldly, "I wont have children with other women, nor will I snatch your child away."

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, he had already stood up and left with big strides.

Nan Zhi was left staring at his back and felt like she did not understand what had happened.

What did he mean just now?

Not long after Nan Zhi and Feng Yao took Princess Tiantian to the skiing ground, An Feng and Little Yuyu took a bus to the city center.

They walked around and Little Yuyu suddenly wanted to go to the toilet.

An Feng saw that there was a large hotel not far away and she took Little Yuyu over.

Little Yuyu was in a hurry and An Feng carried him, walking very fast. Suddenly, a woman accidentally bumped into An Feng and before An Feng could say anything, the woman snapped angrily, "Whats the matter with you? Dont you look at where youre walking?"

"Madam, youre the one who bumped into me yourself." An Feng ignored the woman and carried Little Yuyu to door of the mens washroom, saying gently, "Grandma will wait for you here."

Little Yuyu had just gone in when the woman who had bumped into An Feng came over. "What do you mean I bumped into you myself? Youre the one who bumped into me first. My shoulders were almost broken by you. Apologize to me!"

An Feng looked at the woman. She was around fifty years old. Her figure was somewhat bloated with heavy makeup on her face and had on a very pungent perfume.

Just as An Feng was about to speak, a mans voice sounded close to her, "Dear, whats wrong?"

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