Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 874

Chapter 874 Meeting

Hearing the familiar yet strange voice, An Feng raised her head, looking at the man who was jogging over.

An Fengs pupils constricted when she saw that it was Nan Weiye, who she had not seen for some time.

She had never expected to meet Nan Weiye in H City.

He wore a suit and tie, his hair brushed sleek and he was still in good shape. Although age had left traces on his face, compared to the slightly bloated woman, he looked to be years younger.

An Feng looked at the woman. She was shining from head to toe.

She should be from a good family.

And Nan Weiye If she was not wrong, looking at his attitude towards the woman, he must be financially supported by this woman!

When Nan Weiye was young, he was an elegant and handsome man. He was considerate and gentle, and among the numerous men who pursued An Feng, he seemed to be more humble.

That year, when she got pregnant, he did not find her repulsive and even let her give birth to the child.

Back then, she had been really touched by him. She felt that there was no man in the world who could accept her so selflessly.

She wanted to live well with him.

She had never thought that he had put up an act. He was an ambitious wolf!

When An Feng looked towards Nan Weiye, he was also looking towards her.

Shock, disbelief and a trace of amazement appeared in Nan Weiyes eyes.

An Feng was not the type that made people gape at first sight, but was definitely the type who looked prettier the more one looked at her. She was delicate and gentle, and the dimples at the corners of Nan Zhis lips were inherited from An Feng. So many years later, she was already a woman in her forties, but her skin was as fair as before, she had no makeup, only a hint of lip gloss. There were no wrinkles on her skin, her facial features were still exquisite and her face small and her head of short hair just below her ears made her look young and full of vitality.

She was wearing an apricot-colored fitted coat, and was still in good shape with no hint of bloating. She wore flat heeled shoes, looking fashionable and stylish without trying.

It was not that Nan Weiye did not like An Feng that he divorced her and married Ding Shuman, but he disliked that An Feng was tainted and felt that she was not worthy of him.

She was a rich young lady since she was young and was well educated and had good upbringing. She was elegant, quiet and he had tried his best to woo her, but after a while, he no longer had the patience.

But Ding Shuman was different. She found ways to please him and in front of An Feng, he had no sense of achievement, but in front of Ding Shuman, he had.

Ding Shuman and An Feng were different in every way. Ding Shuman liked to wear sexy clothes and put on pretty makeup, while An Feng was always pure and elegant. Men liked women who acted coquettishly, and Nan Weiye was no exception.

Nan Weiye got married twice, and after divorcing with An Feng, An Feng had never made things difficult for him. But ever since Ding Shuman had the Qiao family as her backing, she caused him to go bankrupt, homeless and he ended up living like a dog.

In character, Ding Shuman would never be better than An Feng in her life.

An Feng was elegant and gentle.

Ding Shuman was fierce and savage.

Fortunately, Ding Shuman did not meet with a good end and last year, he met a rich woman.

Nan Weiye had never thought that he would meet An Feng again. An Feng still looked so young, elegant and gentle. When women reached a certain age, these temperaments would make them more attractive.

The woman beside Nan Weiye was staring fixedly at An Feng and was furious. "Nan Weiye, what are you looking at? Do you think that this woman is younger and better looking than me and youre falling for her?"

The woman was pinching Nan Weiyes ear while talking.

Nan Weiye was a little annoyed, especially when the woman was doing it in front of his ex-wife, but he dared not refute or argue back at all when he thought of his situation.

He could only say, "Dear, youre thinking too much. I know this woman. She was indecent when she was young and got pregnant, and even has mental problems. Shes not a decent woman, and theres nothing good about her from head to toe"

An Feng laughed coldly when she heard Nan Weiyes words. "Nan Weiye, you still like to rely on women to step up, just like before. I see that nothing has changed and you still have no taste or redeeming qualities."

The woman looked at An Feng then at Nan Weiye. "You know each other?"

An Feng admitted graciously, "Hes my ex-husband. But after I got divorced with him, he married another woman. He was the one who caused my family to go bankrupt so this madam, you have to be careful. He has no other skills but to break up peoples families."

"An Feng, stop talking nonsense"

An Feng ignored Nan Weiye. Seeing Little Yuyu coming out, she picked him up and turned to leave.

But another man came out of the washroom and she accidentally bumped onto the shoulder of the man.

Her body was unstable and as she stumbled, a large hand appeared on her waist. It was a strong hand, and held her lightly in a gentlemanly manner.

An Fengs nose brushed past the collar of the mans shirt, and the faint scent of tobacco filled her nose. She stabilized herself and stepped back quickly.

"Thank you," she said politely, her manner graceful and elegant.

"Youre welcome." The mans deep and magnetic voice sounded. It was a mellowness that belonged to a mature man, and even if she did not see his face, she could not deny that this person had a good voice.

An Feng raised her head and looked at the man.

The man was very tall, at least 1.88 meters. He was wearing a perfectly-ironed black suit with a pocket square elegantly in the breast pocket. His hair was parted to the side and his face was very handsome with the depth and stability deposited by the years. He was in his forties and had a strong aura filled with charisma.

"Despite her quiet and elegant appearance, she is in fact a wh*re. As soon as she sees a man, shell throw herself into his arms!" Nan Weiye slandered her in a loud voice.

Little Yuyu who was in An Fengs arms glared coldly at Nan Weiye. "Youre the one who was staring at my Grandma yet youre scolding her. Youre a shameless old baddy!"

Little Yuyu then looked towards the man holding An Feng and different from his cold attitude towards Nan Weiye, he said protectively, "Grandpa, look at that old baddy bullying Grandma. You must stand up for her."

An Feng was speechless.

Although she did not know this man, she could see that he was no ordinary person.

Judging from the way he held her, he was refined and gentlemanly. He wore a wristwatch that cost tens of millions and had an aura that belonged to someone who was far superior. It was not something that was trained, but was born with him.

She could not afford to offend such a person.

Helian Xiao looked at Little Yuyu who was in An Fengs arms, and then at An Feng






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