Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 875

Chapter 875 Old Baddy

Nan Weiyes expression changed when he saw the little boy in An Fengs arms calling the man Grandpa.

Since An Feng had mental problems, he would not care if she found a man who was not so good. But he could not stand it if she found someone better than him.

And that man who the little boy called Grandpa looked like a successful person at first glance.

Even before the Nan family went bankrupt, Nan Weiye could not possibly own the clothes the man wore.

A sense of inferiority and bitterness spread out of Nan Weiyes heart.

When the woman beside him saw Helian Xiao, her eyes seemed to be fixed at him with with glue, unable to look away.

A handsome, stable and gentleman-like man like him, was exuding out the quality and elegance of mature man.

Nan Weiye could not compare to him at all.

But, why did she find that this man was a little familiar?

Oh, she remembered now. The international summit was held in H City the past few days and this man seemed to be the richest man in the world?

Yes, yes.

She was not mistaken!

Even though she was the president of a listed company, the international summit gathered all the top business leaders from all over the world and big shots who one usually did not see and she did not expect her to meet one here.

Nan Weiye was pinched painfully by the woman on the arm and seeing her smitten expression after seeing the man, Nan Weiye felt even more upset.

How could An Feng, a shameless and mentally ill woman, find a man who was better than him?

"Weiye, that Mr Helian will never take a fancy to your ex-wife. With his wealth and power, he can easily curl his little finger and get a young teenage girl."

The woman stood on tiptoes and whispered into Nan Weiyes ear. When Nan Weiye learned Helian Xiaos identity, he also felt that Helian Xiao would not like An Feng.

It must be that little boy spouting nonsense.

Besides, after the little boy spoke, Mr Helian said nothing.

Nan Weiye laughed coldly. "An Feng, although you still have some charm, time has not stopped for you, so stop daydreaming about marrying into a rich family. No normal man would want a woman with a mental illness like you!"

"Nan Weiye, no matter how bad I am, at least Im surrounded with grandchildren now. Look at you, youre not young anymore but still depend on women. You should think about how to take care of your kidney instead."

Nan Weiyes expression darkened. He was about to retort when the woman said, "I know very well how good Weiye is. An ex-wife like you is just a sour grape. Take a look at yourself in the mirror, do you think youre still eighteen years old? Throwing yourself into any successful mans arms as soon as you see them, despicable!"

Helian Xiao was mysterious and wealthy. He seldom appeared in front of the media and she thought he was a bald old man with a beer belly, but she did not expect him to look tall, mature and handsome.

From the beginning, Helian Xiao had no intention of being nosy. He was not a young man and was not interested in saving the damsel in distress. He had a lot of things to do every day and had no time to be a romantic.

He was about to leave when a fair hand appeared on his wrist that was wearing the expensive watch.

He looked up at the gentle and elegant woman. The woman gave him no chance to speak as she smiled gently. "I flew over specially to see you, are you happy to see me and your grandson? Do you dislike me too, hearing them say that about me?"

An Feng was slightly nervous as she was saying that.

She was afraid that the man would walk away.

Although she knew in her heart that capitalists were cold-blooded in nature and businessmen would only do things for profit, she still mustered up her courage to try.

Suddenly, the man spoke, "Im just angry that you had such an ex-husband. How blind were you then?"

His voice was deep and mellow.

An Feng was speechless.

Nan Weiye too, did not know what to say.

The rude woman was also speechless.

Only Little Yuyu replied. "Yes, if Grandma had met Grandpa when she was young, she would definitely not have married that old baddy."

Nan Weiye wanted to slap that brat.

Helian Xiao glanced at Little Yuyu and his eyes narrowed slightly.

Why did he feel like this little child look a little familiar?

Reaching out his hand, he took Little Yuyu from An Fengs arms and took out his phone to call a number with his other hand.

After a while, the hotel manager came.

He greeted Helian Xiao respectfully, "Mr Helian."

"Lowly trash should not be able to enter a high-end hotel. Can you throw these two trash out?"


Before Nan Weiye and the woman could say anything, they were thrown out of the hotel by the security guards called by the manager.

An Feng breathed a sigh of relief when they left.

She nodded at the man. "Thank you."

The man handed Little Yuyu back to An Feng and when An Feng took Little Yuyu over, she found that there was a light mark on his wrist that was not wearing a watch.

It looked like a mark caused by a bite that had been gradually smoothed by the years.

An Fengs expression changed suddenly.

Before Helian Xiao could say anything, An Feng left with Little Yuyu in her arms.

Little Yuyu waved at Helian Xiao. "Goodbye."

Helian Xiao nodded. "Goodbye."

He did not miss the shock and panic that flashed past the womans face when she left.

When Nan Zhi and Feng Yao took Princess Tiantian back to the hotel, Little Yuyu was reading a book on the sofa, while An Feng sat by the window in a daze.

"Mom. Darling Yuyu, were back."

An Feng seemed to not have heard her.

Little Yuyu put down his book, went to Nan Zhi and said softly, "Grandma has been in a daze all afternoon."

Nan Zhi was slightly surprised. She thought An Feng was feeling unwell and hurried towards her. "Mom, whats wrong?"

An Feng looked outside, she did not hear anything, even when Nan Zhi was talking to her.

Nan Zhi squatted down in front of An Feng and held her hand. "Mom, are you feeling unwell? Dont scare me, Mom."

Finally regaining her senses, An Feng looked at Nan Zhi, who was full of worry, and she caressed her hair. "Dont worry, Im fine."

"Yuyu said that you were in a daze for a long time. Did something happen?"

An Feng did not want to talk about it. She shook her head. "Its nothing serious. I just met Nan Weiye today."

Nan Zhis expression changed. "He must have said some nasty things, didnt he?"

"Mommy, a very powerful grandpa stood up for Grandma and threw the old baddy out of the hotel."

"A very powerful grandpa?" Nan Zhi could hear that something was not right and she smiled. "Mom, could it be that you met a man?"

An Feng patted Nan Zhi. "You bad girl. Your moms not young anymore, where would there be men for me?"

"Mom, you look very young. Besides, who said women in her forties are old? You keep closing yourself and dont want to remarry. Look, after we came to the town, so many uncles want to woo you but you rejected them."

Shaking her head, An Feng held Nan Zhis hand. "I just want you and the children to be well and wish that you will get your happiness soon. It has been so many years, Im already used to being alone."

Nan Zhi wanted to say something when suddenly the phone in the hotel room rang.

Little Princess Tiantian picked up the phone and exclaimed, "Mommy, theres a Handsome Uncle with a cool voice asking for you."






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