Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 876

Chapter 876 He Has A Son? 1

A Handsome Uncle with a cool voice?

Nan Zhis heart skipped a beat.

It could not be Feng Yao as he stayed next door. If he was looking for he, he would just knock.

Nan Zhi could vaguely guess who it was.

It could only be the man who had turned and left after hearing her admit that Tiantian was his daughter!

Why was he calling her at this time?

Nan Zhi took the phone from Tiantian with some doubts.

She said hello and after a few seconds, the mans deep and cool voice sounded on the other end, "I called the chauffeur to come and pick you two up."

Nan Zhi naturally knew that he was referring to her and Tiantian.

She lowered her voice and said, "Its not like you didnt have the chance to see her at the skiing ground in the morning, why wait until the evening?"

"The chauffeur will will reach the hotel in five minutes. If you dont come out, Ill ask him to press the doorbell."

The man hung up without waiting for Nan Zhi to say anything.

This bastard!

He was still as tyrannical and judgemental as ever!

After answering the call, Tiantian ran over and held Nan Zhis leg. "Mommy, I remember now. The Handsome Uncle with the cool voice was the Handsome Uncle I met this morning in the elevator."

Nan Zhi looked at her sweet and lovely daughter and then at her cold son on the sofa. She sighed in her heart.

Since he had promised her not to take away her children, he should be able to keep that promise!

There was no need for her to hide them.

"Tiantian, Yuyu, put on your jackets and go out with Mommy for a while." Nan Zhi then went to An Feng and said, "Mom, Ill bring the kids out for a while and will be back later. Dont think about Nan Weiye anymore and have an early rest!"

"Be careful when you take the kids out at night."


There was a three-storey villa on the hillside of the southwest side of H City. At this time, the lights were lit in the villa.

In one of the rooms on the second floor, the man who was in a bathrobe after taking a bath had turned all over all of the clothes he had brought in his suitcase.

"This is too formal."

"This is too dull."

"This is too serious."

After picking for a long time, he failed to find a set of clothes that he felt was suitable to meet his child.

Cen Xi had finished cooking downstairs and she ran upstairs in her apron when she saw that Mu Sihan was not coming down.

Seeing that his door was slightly opened, Cen Xi walked over.

When Cen Xi saw that he had thrown all his clothes on the bed, she asked, "Mr Ye, are you going somewhere in the evening?"

Mu Sihan rubbed his hair that was half wet, his handsome face cold and sharp. "Which one do you think makes me look more approachable?"

Cen Xis mouth twitched.

If she was honest, he was daunting in any of them. After all, he had the air of a king and she had seldom seen a smile on his icy cold face.

"Mr Ye, are you going out on a date?"

Mu Sihan pursed his lips. "Im not going out. Therell be a little girl coming over."

A little girl?

Cen Xi held down the doubts in her heart. She remembered she was not supposed to ask too many questions.

"Mr Ye, as long as you smile more, you should be more approachable. Its not about the clothes!" After Cen Xi finished speaking, she went downstairs.

Mu Sihan chose a simple black V-necked sweater and a fitted pair of leisure pants from the pile of clothes on the bed. His hair was not combed neatly as usual but he let a few strands fall onto his forehead. There was a slight smile on his face and was quite different from his previous stern and solemn look.

After Cen Xi went downstairs, she stood in the kitchen for awhile, before realizing that she was supposed to call Mr Ye down for dinner when she went upstairs just now.

She ran upstairs again.

Mu Sihan had just changed and came out from the room. Seeing that he was in a good mood, Cen Xi could not hold down her curiosity and asked, "Mr Ye, if a little girl is coming over later, should I hide in case I cause her to misunderstand?"

"No need. You already met her this morning."

Cen Xi thought for a while and then her eyes suddenly lit up. "Ah? Isnt she still very young!" Did Mr Ye have some bad habits? But the little girl looked like she was only three years old!

Mu Sihan could see what Cen Xi was thinking and his handsome face darkened. "What are you thinking?"

Cen Xi admitted that she was thinking too much and she stuck out her tongue with her face red. "Then its fine. The little girl is really adorable and beautiful, even I want to steal her home. Her daddy is so handsome, her mommy must surely look good as well."

Her voice had just stopped when she found that Mu Sihans expression turned even darker.

Suddenly, Cen Xi remembered that the little girls daddy might be Mr Yes love rival. She lowered her eyes, dared not to say anything more and fled downstairs.

Only when she got back downstairs did she remember that she had forgotten to ask Mr Ye to eat again.

The chauffeur who came to pick Nan Zhi and the children drove the car halfway up the hill.

Tiantian was looking out of the window and when she saw that a layer of white snow had covered the courtyard, she said excitedly, "Brother, the snow outside is so beautiful. We can have a snow fight!"

The car stopped and Tiantian pulled Little Yuyu to play in the yard.

Seeing the two children play so happily, Nan Zhi did not call them in immediately.

She should tell Mu Sihan first that not only did he have a daughter, he also had another son, so that he would not be shocked when he saw his son!

Nan Zhi let the children know before following the chauffeur into the villa. Hearing sounds, Cen Xi ran out from the kitchen with a bright smile.

Nan Zhi had just entered and changed into slippers when she saw Cen Xi who was in an apron.

When she saw the news the other time, she could see that Cen Xi was still a young girl. This time seeing her at such a close range, Nan Zhis heart had a complicated feeling.

Although she was not very old herself, she was already a woman in her twenties, and Cen Xi face was full of youthful vigor and her eyes looked young and lively.

The blood in Nan Zhis body rushed up to her head and her limbs felt cold.

Just because he had called, she had rushed over with two children.

He clearly had a new lover, what was she thinking?

When Cen Xi saw Nan Zhi, she greeted her warmly, "Hello, Im Cen Xi. Mr Ye and I" She wanted to explain but she remembered what Mr Ye had instructed her a few days ago and she swallowed the words that were by her lips and bit her lip, saying softly, "Its not what you think it is. Mr Ye is very devoted, dont misunderstand him!"

Nan Zhi looked at the smiling Cen Xi and she did not know if was really that innocent or she was pretending in front of her.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something when the mans heavy footsteps sounded by the stairs.

Nan Zhi looked over and saw the man wearing a black V-necked sweater and dark colored leisure pants coming down.

The two pairs of eyes met.

Hers cold.

His deep.

Seeing that she was alone, the man narrowed his dark eyes. "Wheres my daughter?"

Hearing his words, Nan Zhis heart sank even lower.





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