Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 877

Chapter 877 He Has A Son? 2

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Where was his daughter?

Nan Zhi did not miss the disappointment that flashed past his eyes when he saw that Nan Zhi did not bring Tiantian over.

Nan Zhi bit down on her lip hard.

If their daughter was not here, did that mean she did not want to see him?

Cen Xi felt that there was something not right between Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan. Her scalp tingled and she did want to be a third wheel. "Erm, Ill go back to the kitchen to make cakes. You two talk slowly!"

Nan Zhi looked away from Mu Sihan, saying nothing. She changed back into her own shoes and went outside with big strides.

Mu Sihan stood at the stairway, frowning, as he looked at the woman who had turned and left.

What did he say wrong?

He ran outside after her.

He had just stepped outside when his face was suddenly hit by a snowball.

"Eh, did I hit Handsome Uncle?" Princess Tiantian who was wearing a white down jacket, ran over to Mu Sihan. "Mommy said that she would take us to meet someone. It turned out to be Handsome Uncle!"

Mu Sihan looked at the beautiful and lovely little princess and his heart softened. At the same time he knew he had misunderstood Nan Zhi.

She did not come alone!

He bent down his tall body and looked at the little princesss big bright eyes. "Wheres your mommy?"

"Mommys in the car."

Mu Sihan looked over at the car that was parked at the gate of the yard. Nan Zhi was sitting in the back so Mu Sihan could not see her.

"Theres a sister making cakes inside, go in and find her and Ill call your mommy over, okay?" Mu Sihan tried to make his expression less serious and cold, and made his cold voice gentler.

When Tiantian heard that there were cakes, her eyes lit up and she swallowed, saying, "Handsome Uncle, can I bring Brother inside with me?"


Did Nan Zhi bring other children here?

Mu Sihan did not think too much about it and nodded. "Yes, wheres Brother? Go in together with him."

"Brother is making snowmen behind that big tree!" Tiantian ran towards the big tree. "Brother, Brother. Mommy brought us to the house of Handsome Uncle!"

Princess Tiantian looked at the little snowmen Brother had made for her and she clapped her hands excitedly. Then she looked at Brother for a while. "Brother, why does Handsome Uncle look so much like you?"

Without waiting for Little Yuyu to say anything, Princess Tiantian tilted her head and mumbled, "When we were in kindergarten, I saw Little Liangliangs daddy coming to pick him up and they looked like each other. Little Liangliang said that he was his daddys son so naturally he would look like him." The little princess pouted her pink lips. "Brother and Handsome Uncle look so alike, are you the son of Handsome Uncle? Eh, but thats not right. If Brother is Handsome Uncles son, then what am I?

Little Yuyu stood behind the big tree and looked at the man standing at the door. Hearing Tiantians words, he glared at her coldly. "Idiot, if Im his son, then of course youre his daughter."

Princess Tiantian suddenly understood and she nodded. "Yes, yes. Then Im Handsome Uncles daughter?"

Mommy had told them from a young age that Uncle Feng Yao was not their biological daddy and that their daddy was far away.

Princess Tiantian did not expect that she would meet her own daddy coming to H City.

Princess Tiantian was feeling both a little happy and a little upset.

"Brother, but Uncle Feng Yao was by Mommys side from when we are small. Does our Daddy not like us?"

It was not Yuyus first time seeing the man at the door of the villa. He had seen him in the password protected photo album in Mommys phone before.

Mommy sometimes would cry secretly at night because of the man in the photo album.

"He must be a big bad man to make Mommy sad. If he doesnt like us, we dont like him too."

Princess Tiantian was most afraid of Brother usually and often listened to him.

She changed her happy expression and nodded seriously. "We will ignore the big bad man who makes Mommy sad!"

Mu Sihan waited at the door for a while and when he saw that the little girl had not come with Brother, he strode towards where the little girl had gone.

He saw that there was a little boy behind the big tree.

The little boy was wearing a black down jacket with the hood over his head, his face hidden inside the hood. Under the dim lighting, Mu Sihan could not see his face clearly.

When he heard Nan Zhi mention the little girl, she seemed to have called her Tiantian. Mu Sihan lifted the corners of his lips slightly and said in his deep voice, "Tiantian, why didnt you go in with Brother?"

Tiantian pouted and huffed. "I want to build snowmen with Brother."

Mu Sihan felt that there was something wrong with the little girl. She seemed to not like him very much suddenly.

He dared not tell her that he was her daddy as he was afraid she could not accept it.

Mu Sihan looked at her for a while and seeing that she was ignoring him, he looked at the little boy beside her.

The little boy was squatting down with his back towards Mu Sihan, and it was obvious that he was ignoring him with his cold appearance.

"Tiantian, its too cold outside. You take Brother in first, hm?"

"No." Tiantian pulled Little Yuyus hand. "Brother, lets go find Mommy. I want to go back."

Before meeting Daddy, Tiantian did not miss him at all because she had Mommy, Brother, Grandma and Uncle Feng Yao.

But now that she met him, she felt extremely sad.

Brother and her had a daddy, but why had he never visited them?

Did he not like her and Brother?

The more Tiantian thought about it, the more she felt sad. And when she felt sad, she wanted to ignore Handsome Uncle. No, he might be bad Daddy.

Little Yuyu stood up from the ground. Although they were twins, he was half a head taller than Tiantian. He had his head lowered and he pulled Tiantian towards the car.

They both ignored Mu Sihan.

Mu Sihan frowned, he could feel that the two children did not like him very much.

With Nan Zhis character, even if she was not together with him anymore, she would not badmouth him in front of the child.

What had happened?

When Nan Zhi, who was sitting in the car, saw the two children walking towards her, she opened the car door and said, somewhat surprised, "Didnt Mommy ask you to play in the villa? Why are you here?"

She had promised to let Mu Sihan meet the children and would naturally not prevent them from reuniting.

Tiantian pouted. "Mommy, I dont like that uncle. I dont want to stay here. I want to go back to the hotel with Brother."

Princess Tiantian was always lively and cheerful. She was polite to everyone and never said she disliked anyone. Why did she suddenly

Nan Zhi looked at Little Yuyu, who was silent and had a cold expression.

Little Yuyu was no less intelligent than his Brother Xiaojie. Did he guess something when he saw how alike he was to Mu Sihan?

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