Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 878

Chapter 878 Like A Dream

Nan Zhi looked back at Mu Sihan who was standing in the snow. It was obvious that Tiantians dislike of him had hurt his heart terribly.

Retracting her gaze from Mu Sihan, Nan Zhi looked at Little Tiantian and then at Little Yuyu. "Can you tell Mommy why you dont like him?

Princess Tiantian pouted. "Because he looks like Brother and Brother thinks that hes our Daddy, but Daddy has never seen us before and he made Mommy sad, so we dont want to talk to him."

Nan Zhi quickly explained, "It was not only his fault that he didnt come and see the two of you. Mommy is at fault too. Mommy was selfish and wanted to keep you by my side. If he knew you existed, he would definitely come to see you."

Little Tiantian blinked. "But Brother said that there are photos of him in Mommys phone and Mommy will look at them and cry."

Nan Zhis lips twitched.

Little Yuyu even found out about her crying over the password protected photos? She thought that nobody knew it except herself.

Why was this child even smarter than Xiaojie?

Nan Zhi pulled the two children into her arms and said earnestly, "Just because Mommy cried, it doesnt mean that he is a bad man who bullied Mommy. If you dont like him and ignore him, he will be very sad."

Princess Tiantian looked at Nan Zhi, her big bright eyes slightly confused. "Mommy, is he really not bad?"

Nan Zhi shook her head. "Hes not bad. When you go in later, let him take a good look at the both of you. Actually, when he knew about you two, he liked you both very much!"

Tiantians eyes lit up. "Really?"


"Well, Ill forgive him once."

Hearing the little girls child-like voice that still had a little grievance, Nan Zhi could not help laughing.

Why was her daughter so cute?

After persuading her daughter, Nan Zhi looked at the silent Little Yuyu. This child was so cold that he was no different from ice.

Just like his father.

"What about Brother? Is there anything you want to say?"

Little Yuyu shook his head. "I just want Mommy. I dont want Daddy."

"Yuyu, dont be like this. If theres no Daddy, there wont be you two, right?" Nan Zhi wanted to see what was going on her sons mind and she said gently, "He said that he wont take you away from Mommy and you still can live with Mommy after meeting him."

"Thats right. Brother, theres a delicious cake inside too. Lets go in!"

Little Yuyu looked at Tiantian whose eyes lit up when food was mentioned and had no principles and could not help saying, "Little foodie."

"Thats why Im chubbily cute. Brother is too skinny and not as good-looking as I am!"

Nan Zhi was speechless.

Little Yuyu was speechless as well.

He had never seen such narcissism!

Mu Sihan stood at the door of the villa and lit a cigarette.

After waiting for about ten minutes, the two children got out of the car.

If he had guessed correctly, after the little girl got into the car, Nan Zhi had told her about his identity.

Mu Sihan looked at the little girl that was approaching him step by step and his heartbeat sped up uncontrollably.

This was a bit more nerve-wracking than when he first learned that Xiaojie was his son.

Bo Yan used to show off in front of him that he had a daughter that was loved by everyone and who knew, after separating from Nan Zhi, he also had a daughter!

This was a kind of excitement that could not be compared to when he had ascended the throne.

When Little Tiantian was about to reach him, he stretched out his long arms and could not help gathering the little girl into his arms.

There was only the little girl in Mu Sihans eyes, and he did not pay much attention to the other child who he thought was another persons child. After carrying the little girl, he said to the little boy whose head was lowered, "Go in, theres delicious food inside!"

"Uncle Feng Yao can carry me and Brother at the same time. Cant Daddy do it?"

Mu Sihan was stunned. "Tiantian, what did you call me just now?"

"Daddy." Tiantian looked at the dazed Mu Sihan and blinked her big eyes. "Youre not Daddy?"

Little Yuyu was speechless.

His Sister forgot everything once she heard nice words. She even called him daddy so quickly!

Mu Sihan did not expect the little girl to call him Daddy so quickly. His chest seemed to be hit by something warm and fuzzy and he was filled with great joy.

"Call me again?"

Little Princess Tiantian hummed in a sweet voice and said, "You have to ask Brother to call you before I do it again."

Mu Sihans lips quirked. "How can the brother from another family call me daddy?"

Brother from another family?

Little Princess Tiantian leaned on Mu Sihan shoulders and thought for a few seconds before she understood.

"No, hes not a brother from another family. He is Tiantians brother."


The little girls brother?

"Your Mommy adopted an elder brother for you?" Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows, wondering if Nan Zhi missed Xiaojie too much after leaving him and adopted a son.

Mu Sihan was about to say something when Tiantian said, "Silly Daddy. Thats Tiantians biological brother. Although he was born a few minutes earlier than Tiantian and is taller than Tiantian, and, and hes not as cute as Tiantian."

If Mu Sihan could not understand what Tiantian meant. he would be worse than a three year old kid!

He looked at Tiantian in his arms and then at the little boy behind him.

His mind turned blank.

Nan Zhi did not give birth to one child that year, but two?

Tiantian struggled to get down from Mu Sihans arms and she ran to Little Yuyus side, pulling off Little Yuyus big hood. "Silly Daddy, look at Brother. Dont you think you look like him?"

Little Yuyu looked at Tiantian, who had pulled off his hood, with a frown and then pulled on the hood again. "You go in to eat the cake. Ill go back to the car to accompany Mommy."

Mu Sihan was stunned.

What did he see just now?

That small face, not only were his facial features like him, even his cold and stubborn expression were the same as his.

Mu Sihan was so shocked and full of disbelief his dark pupils constricted. It was as if his heart had stopped.

"Silly Daddy, you made Brother angry!"

Mu Sihan reacted and called Cen Xi out. "Take the little girl in first." Then he strode towards the car quickly.

The hands that hung by his sides clenched tightly into fists because of his agitation.

He had never imagined that Nan Zhi had given birth to twins!

In other words, he had two sons and a daughter?

His mind was slightly blank and felt like his head was in the clouds.

When he found out he had a daughter, he had been thrilled for the whole day and only had only just registered the news when he called her.

Now, he knew he also had another son. He could not tell whether it was a dream or reality!





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