Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 879

Chapter 879 Dont Bully Mommy

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Nan Zhi, who was sitting in the car, saw Little Yuyu running over with Mu Sihan chasing behind. She pursed her lips and asked softly, "Yuyu, why are you unhappy?"

"He said I was a brother from someone elses family," Yuyu said with a cold expression.

Nan Zhi was stunned for a moment before she realized what had happened. Probably Mu Sihan did not expect her to have two children and thought it was only the little girl.

After a while, the man himself was standing by the car. He pulled open the door and his dark eyes looked at Nan Zhi gloomily.

Nan Zhi opened her mouth, wanting to say something when the man suddenly reached out his long arms and without giving her a chance to resist, carried her out of the car.

Nan Zhi exclaimed, "Mu Sihan, what are you doing?"

Mu Sihan could see that his son did not like him and if he carried him, he would only be more disgusted.

But if he carried Nan Zhi down, his son would have to follow as well.

Sure enough, seeing Mu Sihan carrying Nan Zhi away, Little Yuyu, who had always been protective of his Mommy, hurried out of the car.

"Let go of my Mommy!" He chased after Mu Sihan with legs that were longer than Princess Tiantian.

Nan Zhi also kept struggling in Mu Sihans arms and she patted his shoulders hard. "Put me down!"

Mu Sihan turned a deaf ear and walked towards the villa with Nan Zhi in his arms.

Little Princess Tiantian really liked the beautiful and youthful Cen Xi. Taking the cake Cen Xi had given her, she started to eat it happily.

Just as she was eating, she found that something was wrong.

Tilting her delicate face, she looked towards Cen Xi. "Pretty Sister, are you my Daddys girlfriend?"

Cen Xi coughed. "No, your Daddy only likes your Mommy."

"But werent you with my Daddy this morning? Didnt you say that you wanted to have a baby that was as cute as me!"

Cen Xi felt her scalp turning numb.

She did not say that this morning, alright? If she remembered correctly, it seemed like the little princess had said it herself!

Before Cen Xi could say anything, Tiantian said, "Oh, I know. It must be because Daddy likes Pretty Sister, just like how Uncle Feng Yao likes my mommy."

Cen Xi waved her hands. "No" Seeing Mu Sihan coming in with Nan Zhi in his arms from the corner of her eye, she crouched down and whispered into the little princesss ear, "Look, I didnt lie to you right? Your Daddy only likes your Mommy."

Little Princess Tiantian blinked her big, black eyes and looked towards the door.

She saw Daddy carrying Mommy, who was struggling and they were followed by Brother whose expression was icy cold.

Mu Sihan only put Nan Zhi down when they entered the living room.

He turned to look at the sullen faced little fellow and raised his hand, wanting to touch his head, but the little boy avoided it.

Little Yuyu ran and stood in front of Nan Zhi, his face serious and cold, looking every part the protective adult. "Dont bully my Mommy!"

"Silly Brother! Daddy only carries Mommy because he likes her! Hes not bullying her!" Princess Tiantian interrupted while eating her cake.

Little Yuyu glanced at his incompetent teammate sister and could not help rolling his eyes. "The cake still cant block your mouth!"

Little Tiantian pouted in grievance, her long and thick eyelashes trembling. "Mommy, Brother is being mean again."

Nan Zhi looked at Little Yuyu, who was so protective of her and afraid that she would be bullied, and said gently, "Yuyu, you must be gentle to your sister!"

Mu Sihan stood to the side, looking at Nan Zhi and then at the two children.

He was now a highly king of the country, what big scenes had he not seen before? But he was at a loss on what to say when faced with this woman and the set of twins.

Little Princess Tiantian saw that everyone was silent and she ran with a smile to Nan Zhi and said, "Mommy, Mommy. Pretty Sister is not Daddys girlfriend, and she wont have a baby with Daddy."

Nan Zhis eyebrows twitched.

The little girl had only just came into the villa for a while, why did she talk about that with other people?

If Cen Xi was not Mu Sihans new lover, why did he bring her along on his vacation? Moreover, the media also took photos of them looking close and intimate!

To be honest, it was really embarrassing now that she came with the two children and Cen Xi was also here.

"Mr Ye, dinners ready. You can eat it with your family, Ill go upstairs first," Cen Xi said, slightly embarrassed.

Mu Sihan looked at Nan Zhi and then at the two children before his gaze finally landed on the embarrassed Cen Xi. "Eat with us."

Nan Zhi frowned, feeling complicated inside.

Tiantian pulled Nan Zhis sleeve. "Mommy, the dishes made by Pretty Sister smell very nice. Im so hungry, can we eat together?"

Nan Zhi looked at the little girls eager eyes and she nodded. "Okay."

Since they were already here, they might as well stay and enjoy it!

Mu Sihan did not feel embarrassed, so why should she? The more uncomfortable she was, the more it would make him think she still cared about him right?

Nan Zhi led Tiantian and Yuyu to the dining table. Cen Xi had already served the rice for them.

During the meal, only the lively Tiantian and Cen Xi spoke from time to time.

Everyone else was silent.

Mu Sihan looked at Nan Zhi who seemed to be ignoring him and then at Little Yuyu who did not look at him at all.

This child not only looked like him, his personality was like his as well.

Nan Zhi ate the dishes cooked by Cen Xi with her head lowered. The girl was young but she really did make delicious food.

But Nan Zhi could not taste the food.

Wasnt it better to let her wait in the car? Why did he have to make her join them for dinner? Did he want to let her have a taste of his new girlfriends cooking skills?

Cen Xi peeped cautiously at Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan

Why were they so silent?

No, she had to help them

"Little Cutie, do you and your brother want to drink milk?"

"Yes, but my Brother does not like sweet things."

"Theres also the original flavor." Cen Xi stood up and went to the kitchen.

After a while, she brought out two cups of milk.

One cup was placed in front of the little cutie who was sitting beside her, and the other she was going to put in front of Little Cuties brother.

Not knowing whether she did it on purpose or was careless, when she was putting down the cup of milk, some spilled onto Nan Zhi.

"Ah, Im sorry I didnt mean to." Cen Xi looked like a child who had made a mistake, and was apologetic. "Theres a hair dryer in the bathroom upstairs. Little Cuties mommy, you can blow it dry after rinsing it off."

Nan Zhi nodded and stood up. "Tiantian, you and Yuyu behave and eat your dinner."

After Nan Zhi went upstairs, Cen Xi winked at Mu Sihan. "Mr Ye, it seems like the hair dryer is not in the bathroom. How about you go upstairs and help Little Cuties mommy find it?"

Nan Zhi went to the bathroom on the second floor and washed her shirt that was spilled with milk. After cleaning it, she raised her head to look for the hair dryer.

She did not see the hair dryer, but she heard a slight sound coming from the door of the bathroom. The door opened and she looked in the reflection of the mirror at the man who had suddenly come in.

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