Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 880

Chapter 880 Is It So Difficult To Admit That Youre Jealous?

Chapter 880: Is It So Difficult to Admit That Youre Jealous?

Nan Zhi met with the mans deep and dark eyes and her heart jumped.

Looking away, she wiped the droplets of water off her hands. She then turned to leave, not caring that the area at her chest were slightly transparent after being soaked by water.

The door was suddenly closed by the man.

When Nan Zhi saw this, her eyebrows jumped and she pretended to be calm, saying, "Theres no hair dryer in the bathroom, Ill go downstairs and ask your girlfriend."

The man said nothing, but did not let her leave.

Looking at his tall body blocking in front of her, Nan Zhi frowned. "Please move aside."

But instead of moving, he was coming closer to her.

What did he want? Nan Zhi could only move back until her body reached the sink and she had nowhere to move.

She put her hands on the sink and met with his deep dark eyes, and was slightly annoyed. "Ive already brought the children here for you to see. Whether they will acknowledge you is up to your own abilities. What are you still displeased about?"

He was standing very close to her, his eyes staring fixedly at her and a faint smile on his lips. He said in a deep voice, "Do you really not want to be alone with me that much?"

He had his head lowered when speaking, and his fresh breath spilled onto her skin with a warm touch.

Nan Zhis thick and long eyelashes fluttered and she held her breath, saying calmly, "Im not afraid, I just dont want people to misunderstand. Mu Sihan, you treat me like that even though you already have a new lover, are you not afraid the girl will be sad?"

Mu Sihan grabbed Nan Zhis face, his handsome and well-defined face coming closer, the tip of their noses almost touching. "You know that I never care much about other womens feelings."

His gaze was deep and dark like a black hole sucking her in, dangerous and charming.

If she was not determined enough, she would definitely drown in his eyes.

Nan Zhi raised her hand, wanting to push his hands that were holding her face away, but the next second, he pulled them away and she felt a tightening around her waist. He had lifted her onto the sink.

She raised her leg and kicked at him angrily.

Seeming to have guessed that she would resist, he avoided her kick, grabbed her slender leg and pulled slightly, her legs separated by him and he squeezed his lean waist in between.

His body was in front of her and the mirror and wall behind her. She was well and truly trapped.

Nan Zhi bit her lip and her pupils dilated. "I brought the children over for you to see them, not to let you take advantage of me!"

He narrowed his dark eyes, leaned towards her and brushed his lips past hers as if nothing had happened.

Like a poppy that was full of temptation, it brushed past her lips like a feather, easily making her breath hitch.

She felt that she was going to be sucked into a whirlpool by him and that feeling of sinking made her confused and frightened.

She turned her face away from his lips and breath.

"Do you like me that much?" He held her chin, forcing her face to turn towards him. Nan Zhi had no choice but to look up at him.

Hearing his words, her head seemed to burst open.

She was slightly embarrassed, angry, chagrined, bitter and overwhelmed by being exposed by him. All kinds of emotions surged up like a tidal wave.

"From where did you see I still like you?"

He narrowed his eyes, staring at her fair face that he didnt know was flushing because of embarrassment or anger. "You were determined to end things with me four years ago, but you gave birth to two children and kept it from me. Its not easy giving birth and raising one child, but you have two. Why would you have them if you dont like me?"

"Who said a woman must like the man to have children for him? I just like children. When I gave birth to Xiaojie, did I know you? Besides, I was eighteen that year, the most beautiful time of a girls youth!"

Mu Sihan clenched his jaw and was about to say something when Nan Zhis phone rang.

Nan Zhi did not answer it.

But the sharp ringing reverberated in the small space over and over again.

It rang once and then a second time.

Taking out her phone from her pocket, she saw that it was Feng Yao and was about to answer when a large hand reached over and suddenly and took her phone from her hand.

He rejected the call and threw the phone on the sink beside her.

Nan Zhi did not want to get entangled with him anymore. She reached out and pushed him away.

But he grabbed her hands quickly and his palms were hot, burning her skin like lava.

She was shocked.

The mans body came close to her. As he stared at her with those dark eyes of his, it was like burning fire was going to shoot out.

"Draw a clear line with Feng Yao in the future. Dont let my daughter call him Daddy again."

Nan Zhi could not calm down as she listened to his domineering tone.

"What right do you have to order me? Mu Sihan, dont forget, were over. Theres nothing between us anymore."

He was surrounded by either Helian Zhu or Cen Xi, each younger and more beautiful. When did she order him to do anything?

Her willingness to bring the children over and let them meet and reunite with one another was already her biggest concession.

As for her life, he was no longer qualified to interfere!

He pinched her chin, rubbing her lips with his calloused fingers, a faint smile on his lips. "Zhizhi, do you really think we can end so easily?"

Nan Zhi frowned and did not understand what he meant.

"Ill have you return to my side within three months."

Nan Zhi looked at his confident expression and she had to admit, he was even more mature and courageous than before, all kinds of charisma combined to reach its peak. It was the stage that made him irresistible to women.

But where did he get his confidence to make her return his side within three months?

"Do you think Ill still want a man who god knows slept with how many other women after breaking up?"

Mu Sihan smiled, his eyes playful. "You seemed to find me just fine in Tergu Desert."

Nan Zhi replied, "I didnt know that you were such a player at that time."

"Player?" He looked down, his sexy lips landed on her earlobe as he said huskily, "You mean Cen Xi?"

Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly and said nothing.

"Shes really not bad, lively and energetic. She can cook and make pastries at a young age and can take care of children. Little Tiantian seems to have hit it off with her as well."

The more Nan Zhi listened, the more upset and irritated she was, and she felt that the man was extremely mean.

If Cen Xi was so good, why was he blocking her from leaving?

Not wanting to hear him say another word, she shouted angrily, "Mu Sihan, get away from me!"

The man laughed lowly and the hand on her chin tightened its grip and lifted her face up, his lips came closer to her. "Zhizhi, is it so difficult for you to admit that youre jealous?"

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