Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 881

Chapter 881 Other Than You I Have No Other Woman

Nan Zhis eyes flashed.

Her long eyelashes lowered, and then lifted up and landed on his handsome face with a look of mockery and ridicule.

Looking at her expression, his heart clenched slightly.

They both knew very well that it had been four years since they separated. Not four days, or four months.

There were the suspicions, hesitation, uncertainty and unfamiliarity

"Mu Sihan, Im not jealous. I just dont want to be entangled with you anymore, its really tiring for me."

Hearing her words, Mu Sihan gave a low laugh.

The tip of his tongue poked his cheek, and he looked at her with eyes that had turned dark slightly. "Its really tiring? Are you trying to get me to say something like I wont bother you anymore?"

Nan Zhis heart pounded painfully.

Seeing his expressionless and handsome face, the blood in her body turned slightly cold.

A sharp confusion spread from her limbs and travelled down her spine.

Reason told her that she should reply with a yes.

The word was already on her lips, but she could not say it out.

On the contrary, her eyes started to turn red.

Compared to her uncontrolled feelings, he appeared calm as ever, an aloof expression on his handsome face, his dark eyes cold, as if he would say he would not entangle with her anymore in the next second.

Just as she wished.

Women were such contradictory creatures.

When they had a man in their hearts, they would say they did not want to be entangled, but it did not mean they really did not want to.

No matter how calm and indifferent one usually was, there would be a fragile side too.

Perhaps she did not want to hear him say words that would hurt her, so Nan Zhi pushed him hard.

But she could not push him away.

The calmer he was, the more miserable she felt. And when she felt miserable, she wanted to stay away from him.

Unable to push him away, she could only reach out her hand to feel around the things on the sink. She did not know what she found but she hit him with it.

Mu Sihan shifted to the side slightly and avoided it.

Taking the opportunity, Nan Zhi jumped down from the sink and ran quickly towards the bathroom door.

But her arm was grabbed by the man when she had just reached the door.

The man pulled hard and threw her against the wall.

Nan Zhis chest was heaving, showing her anger.

Mu Sihan had one hand on top of Nan Zhis head and the other on her side, trapping her between the wall and his arms. He looked down at her. "Youre the one who keeps saying you dont want to be entangled with me. I havent even said anything yet, why do you look like youre going to cry?"

Where did he see that she wanted to cry?

She just did not want to see him!

She opened her mouth to defend herself, but the man suddenly pinched her chin, lowered his head and kissed her roughly.

Nan Zhis heartbeat sped up and lost its rhythmic frequency.

Her hands that hung by her sides clenched into fists.

He kissed deeply and fiercely.

Wild and rough.

It had been four years

He had been suppressing himself, not daring to look for her and even harmed himself during his darkest and most painful days, but he dared not disturb her life anymore.

Because he knew that endless entanglement could only satisfy the mind and body, but could not make them last forever.

But he really did not expect that she had gotten pregnant with his child and gave birth to twins.

Nan Zhi did not know what he was thinking about. He kissed her like there were no rules and her lips were hurting by his bite. His overbearing strength and hot breath seemed to want to burn her alive

The taste of blood filled her mouth and she did not know whose lips were bleeding. Was it hers or his? Putting her hands on his chest, she pushed him hard, but he was like a big mountain, no matter how hard she pushed, he did not budge an inch.

His kiss was filled with a sense of punishment at first, but slowly, it turned gentler.

Slowly rubbing and nibbling at her lips and drawing her in, deeper and deeper.

Nan Zhis legs felt weak.

"Mu Sihan, go away. I dont feel good."

If she was not used to his aggressiveness, then she could not handle him being so gentle. But she did not want to sink into his kisses so foolishly.

When he pried open her mouth and reached into her mouth with his hot tongue, she bit down on it hard.

As if he was aware that she was going to bite him, he withdrew from her lips and rested his forehead on hers. When their eyes met, their hot breaths seemed to intertwine so intimately together.

His gaze was dangerous, dark and sharp like it was going to pierce through her soul.

"I havent had any other woman." He bit the tip of her nose. "Except for you."

Nan Zhi was stunned.

What did he mean by that?

Wasnt Cen Xi his new girlfriend?

She was about to ask this when the bathroom door was suddenly pushed open.

A small face with a cold expression appeared at the door of the bathroom.

Seeing Little Yuyu, Nan Zhi was extremely embarrassed.

Little Yuyu looked up expressionlessly and met Mu Sihans eyes. "Youre bullying my Mommy again!"

Sh*t! Mu Sihan found that this little brat was even more difficult to handle than when Xiaojie was younger. This ice-like appearance would not be able to melt so quickly.

"This is not bullying your Mommy, its doting on her."

Nan Zhi raised her leg and stepped on the mans back.

Since Mu Sihan had his attention on Little Yuyu, he did not notice Nan Zhis action. This woman was not at all merciful with her feet. He groaned in pain.

Little Yuyu did not believe Mu Sihans words and said coldly, "Mommys eyes are red. You must be forcing her to do something she doesnt like."

Mu Sihan was speechless. Must this brat be so smart?

"Mommy, come here. Ill take you and Sister back."

Nan Zhi looked at the little fellow who was so manly at such a young age and her heart felt warm.

Pushing Mu Sihan aside, she gave him a look.

It was like she was saying, "I cant cure you, but somebody can cure you after all."

Little Yuyu reached out his little hand and held Nan Zhis hand tightly and left without looking back.

Mu Sihan did not know what to say. Did she give birth to a son to fight against him?

Nan Zhi was led downstairs by Little Yuyu.

Cen Xi found that Little Yuyu was missing and she was about to run upstairs to take the little boy away so as not to disturb his daddy and mommy. She was running a little fast and did not expect Nan Zhi would come down, so she bumped into her.

Cen Xis body swayed and Nan Zhi quickly pulled her back.

"Are you okay? Nan Zhi asked.

Cen Xi shook her head and smiled. "Im fine."

Nan Zhi released Cen Xis arm and suddenly saw a necklace on the stairs from the corner of her eye.

Nan Zhi bent down and picked up the necklace.

The pendant of the necklace was a white twill heart. When Nan Zhi picked it up, the pendant bounced open and there was a photo inside.

When Nan Zhi saw the two girls in the photo, her body froze.





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