Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Going Their Separate Ways

Chapter 882: Going Their Separate Ways

The photo showed two girls together.

One of them, looking slightly younger with a bright smile, was Cen Xi. The other with a beautiful and gentle smile, was Xiao Ying.

Even after four years, she was still Nan Zhi and Uncles most hated person.

Their heads were very close to each other and it could be seen that they were very close.

No wonder when she saw Cen Xi for the first time she felt that she looked familiar. So it was because she and Xiao Ying looked a little alike!

Cen Xi looked confusedly at Nan Zhi, whose expression had turned cold after she had picked up her necklace.

"Little Cuties Mommy, whats wrong?"

Nan Zhi returned the necklace to Cen Xi and said with cold eyes, "Is Xiao Ying related to you?"

Cen Xis heart skipped a beat when she heard Nan Zhis question. Her sister had done wrong to the Qiao family when she was still alive.

Was Little Cuties Mommy from the Qiao family?

Cen Xi lowered her eyes and said softly, "Shes my older sister."

"By blood?"

Cen Xi nodded.

At that moment, the mans heavy footsteps sounded behind. Nan Zhi turned and looked at the man who was about to go downstairs and then looked at Cen Xi again, the blood in her body turning cold.

She ran downstairs quickly, even leaving Little Yuyu behind.

Little Yuyu was a little stunned. Looking at Nan Zhi, who seemed to have suffered a shock, he shouted with his face cold, "Mommy!"

Cen Xi frowned and looked like a child who had made a mistake. She dared not look at Mu Sihan. "Mr Ye I didnt drop the necklace on purpose."

Mu Sihan hummed with a dark expression.

Cen Xi blamed herself. Her eyes were red and she was on the verge of crying. "Mr Ye, go after Little Cuties Mommy. I can see that she hates my sister. Get her back and she can slap me to vent out her anger"

Mu Sihan said in a cold voice, "Look after the two children." He then grabbed Little Yuyu who was about to run after Nan Zhi. "You stay here. Shes in a bad mood now, you chasing her wont be of much help."

Little Yuyu shook Mu Sihans hand off and looked at Mu Sihan with the exact same cold expression. "Ill give you five minutes. If you cant get Mommy back, Ill take her away."

Mu Sihans lip moved, wanting to say something, but in the end, said nothing.

Cen Xi stood behind Little Yuyu and seeing his cool appearance, she could not help touching his head. "Yuyu, youre so manly!"

Little Yuyu avoided Cen Xis hand and frowned, saying seriously, "Only Mommy can touch my head, other girls cant touch it."

Cen Xi stuck out her tongue. "Sorry, I didnt know."

"Its okay. You didnt touch it just now."

Cen Xi looked at the cool Little Yuyu and could not help fantasizing about what kind of girl he would find when he grew up in the future.

When Mu Sihan ran out of the villa, Nan Zhi was nowhere to be seen.

Her phone was still on the sink upstairs, her bag was in the living room and the two children were also still in the villa. She had taken nothing with her, where could she have gone?

Mu Sihan strode towards the car parked in front of the yard and glanced inside, but it was empty.

Mu Sihan stood in the yard and looked around with his dark eyes narrowed.

This villa had not been inhabited for a long time, there was a layer of snow outside the yard and there were faint footsteps heading in the southeast direction.

Mu Sihan walked over with large strides.

Nan Zhi was crouched in the corner behind the villa.

There was a heater in the villa and she had taken off her coat after entering the house. When she ran out, she was only wearing a thin shirt.

Mu Sihan rushed towards her, took off his overcoat and draped it over her shoulders.

But the next second, she threw his overcoat into the snow.

Mu Sihan frowned and his handsome face darkened slightly.

"Dont take it out on your body!" He grabbed her slender arm and pulled her up from the ground.

Her face could be seen from between her arms and her eyes were red. She struggled to shake off his hand and looked at him coldly. "Your new lover is Xiao Yings younger sister!"

Mu Sihan pursed his lips. "I didnt say she wasnt."

Nan Zhi was slightly agitated and she looked at him with a gaze like he was an enemy. "Shes Xiao Yings sister but you still kept her by your side. Have you forgotten how much suffering Xiao Ying caused the Qiao family? Or do you think that she is young and pretty, so you can ignore everything?"

Mu Sihan frowned deeper.

He thought that without him explaining much, she would understand why he had kept Cen Xi by his side.

"Nan Zhi, arent you thinking too much?" He had already told her in the bathroom that other than her, he had no other woman.

He was a person who did not like to explain himself. If it was not her, he would not bother saying anything more.

"Im thinking too much?" Nan Zhis beautiful face was cold and expressionless. "Since you like her so much, why did you kiss me? You dont find it disgusting, but I do!"

Mu Sihan bit his cheek to hold back his anger. Except for that year when she was determined to leave him, he had not had such fluctuations in his emotions. Of course, there was when he knew that she had given birth to twins, but it was a an excited and joyful feeling. But now He wanted to kill her.

"Nan Zhi, do you know what youre saying?" His expression was so dark it was a little scary.

Nan Zhis face was tensed. "Of course. You knew how much I hated Xiao Ying, but you still kept her sister by your side. Mu Sihan, I wont let you see the twins anymore. From now on, well go our separate ways!"

Nan Zhi then left in a fit of rage.

When she stormed past Mu Sihan, he did not pull her back.

He looked gloomily at her retreating figure and suddenly felt strange.

Nan Zhi was not like this before. She was rational, calm, indifferent and intelligent. She would never say such words to him, even when she was angry

Could time really change a person?

Mu Sihan clenched his jaw tightly, the outlines of his face sharp and cold.

He could understand that she had doubts about him after not seeing him for four years, but he had already told her that she was his only woman.

Did she really not know why he had kept Cen Xi by his side?

Why did she say such hurtful words?

A trace of darkness flashed past Mu Sihans eyes. He bent down and picked up the overcoat she had thrown to the ground.

After shaking the snow off his overcoat, he turned with a blank expression. When he turned the corner, he suddenly found a figure standing in front of him.

He looked up and met with Nan Zhis clear and beautiful eyes.

She was holding her slender body and glared fiercely at him. "You made me upset, so I definitely could not let you feel any better. What, were you hurt by my words just now?"

Mu Sihan paused for a few seconds, before he understood fully what he had just heard. He gritted his teeth. "Damn it, you were playing me?!"






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