Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 884

Chapter 884 Sweetness

Their breaths sprayed on each others skin, intertwining with a refreshing warmth and sweetness.

Mu Sihans eyes on Nan Zhi were very dark and very deep, like a pair of black holes in the universe while laced with danger as well. Nan Zhi could not stand such a gaze and turned her head slightly away. However, in the next moment, her waist was grabbed tightly by him.

She hit his large hand away instinctively. "It hurts"

He loosened his grip a little, before he pulled her into his arms.

"Mu Sihan"

Before she could finish, he interrupted her coldly. "Dont say anything, just let me hug you for a while. Just for a while." He rested his handsome chin on her shoulders, the hoarseness present in his voice made her heart ache for him.

The entire world seemed to quieten down. They could only hear each others hearts beating.

The pretty snow continued to fall on them, creating a dreamy white veil that surrounded them in a sea of white.

Nan Zhis nose suddenly felt stuffy, feeling slightly touched, but like it was a dream at the same time.

The cold winter breeze blew all around them, but his hug was the warmest and broadest place in this world.

She did not know how long had passed, but his low and hoarse voice suddenly rumbled by her ear. "Alright, lets go in!"

His warm breath brushed past her ears, making her feel like an electric current had sent sparks through her body.

She looked up at his handsome face. "My Mom is at the hotel alone, so I cant help but worry about her. Im bringing the kids back."

Mu Sihan pursed his lips slightly. "Alright, Ill get my driver to send you back."

After finding out about Cen Xis identity, Nan Zhi understood that he fake-dated Cen Xi to investigate more about the person behind what had happened four years ago.

Before they managed to find that person, meeting and spending less time with him was good for both the children and her.

But why wasnt this person asking her to stay after hearing that she was leaving?

Pushing him away, Nan Zhi made a beeline for the mansion.

However, she had only taken two steps before she was pulled back by him.

His slender hands were beside her as he looked at her with a small smirk. "You look a little disappointed?"

Nan Zhi glared at him. "How do I look disappointed?"

He didnt say anything, his smile merely getting wider.

Nan Zhi felt a little heated from his smile. She reached her hand out to pinch his waist under his sweater.

His waist was hard, with not a bit of fat.

"Why are you as annoying as before?" Since she was unable to pinch him, she pushed him instead.

His large hand had grabbed her wrist, as he pressed her under him on the car. His hard chest was pressed tightly against her soft one.

Nan Zhi opened her mouth, wanting to say something when the mans flawless handsome face suddenly leaned in towards her. "Kiss me before you leave."

Nan Zhi looked up, the mans chin brushing across her cheek as their lips were barely apart.

Their breaths tightened and intertwined with each other once again.

She held her breath, leaning towards him with a stiff body. His head moved down a little more, his lips softly touching hers.

It was rare for him to kiss her like this, a kiss so soft it felt like a feather had brushed across her lips.

However, it made her numb a little.

He moved away, his dark eyes staring at her.

She was also staring at him, her well-defined eyes sparkling with a smile.

Her heart fluttered.

He knew she was still waiting for something.

However, he said instead, "Lets go."

Nan Zhi could read his thoughts. Just as he turned around, her slender arms wrapped around his neck.

He could not help but stop.

She tiptoed, lifting her pretty but feminine face as she suddenly bit his ears and then blew at them ambiguously.

Mu Sihan thought that she would kiss him, and did not expect her to do such a thing at all. All of his blood suddenly flowed towards down below his abdomen, his hand grabbing her waist unconsciously as his grip felt like he wanted to sink his fingers into her soft flesh.

Apart from that night at the Tergu Desert, he had abstained from any sexual desires for four years.

He could not withstand her teasing him like this, his body reacting almost immediately.

Nan Zhi could see the fire burning in his eyes. She smiled and pushed him away. "Im not that Nan Zhi from four years ago. You cant bully me just because you want to anymore."

Not bad, she managed to get back at him.

She ran towards the mansion with a cheeky smile.

The man behind her remained tense.

Sigh. He looked down at his zipper. With the way he was now, it would be impossible for him to go in immediately.

He placed a hand in his pocket, the veins on the back of his veins twitching as endurance and suppression appeared in his dark eyes.

Staring at the pretty figure that disappeared from his sight quickly, he smirked helplessly.

This woman was indeed becoming more and more naughty!

However, she had ignored the one thing, which was how serious the consequence would be after teasing a man who had abstained from anything intimate for so long!

After Nan Zhi returned to the mansion, she went up to take her phone.

She helped the two children wear their jackets, ready to bring them away.

Cen Xi stared at Nan Zhi, wanting to say something but she stopped herself from saying anything.

Nan Zhi didnt know Cen Xi. But if she was willing to act with Mu Sihan, she was probably different from her older sister.

Nan Zhi glanced at Cen Xi. "If you want to say something, then just say it!"

Cen Xi bowed her head towards Nan Zhi, her eyes filled with guilt and remorse. "Little Cuties Mommy, my older sister did some very bad things before she passed away. On her behalf, I have to say sorry to you and the Qiao family, especially to Mr Qiao Yanze. My older sister hurt him terribly, and Im really really sorry for it."

Nan Zhi nodded. "I will relay your apology to them. But like they said, my Uncle was hurt too badly by your older sister. Even if she has passed away, he might not forgive her!"

Cen Xi looked down, her hands in front of her intertwining with each other. "I know. If its possible, Im willing to atone for my older sisters sins."

When Nan Zhi was speaking to Cen Xi in the living room, Little Yuyu was speaking with Mu Sihan in the kitchen.

To be accurate, Little Yuyu was the one who went to speak to Mu Sihan.

Staring at Little Yuyus face that looked extremely like his when he was younger, Mu Sihan crouched down to meet Little Yuyus bright eyes. "Little Man, your Mommy is already my woman. Are you still not going to call me Daddy?"

"There are many uncles who want to be my daddy. You havent passed my test yet, so I wont call you Daddy." Little Yuyus expression was cold and extremely stern as he stared at Mu Sihan. He was not afraid of the mans strong aura on at all. "Im not those two girls, easily humored with just a few words."

The corners of Mu Sihans lips twitched, reaching a large hand out to the Little Yuyu. "Alright, then Ill work hard to gain your acceptance to call me Daddy, alright?"

Noting that Mu Sihans attitude seemed rather sincere, Little Yuyu shook Mu Sihans hand solemnly. "Do it well."

On the way back, Nan Zhi asked the childrens views after seeing Mu Sihan.

Tiantian replied excitedly, "I can tell that Mommy likes Daddy! Mommy is very happy with Daddy. If Mommy likes him, I like him too!"

Nan Zhi turned towards the silent Little Yuyu.

Little Yuyu suddenly said, "Girls cannot be too forward, they have to be more reserved."

Nan Zhi caressed her chin somewhat sheepishly.

Tiantian pouted. "Mommy, Brother must be jealous that Daddy is more handsome than him!"






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