Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 885

Chapter 885 The Person She Hated The Most

Hearing Little Tiantian say that he was not as handsome as Daddy, Little Yuyu touched his handsome little face. "Sister, are you telling the truth?"

Everyone who saw him would say that he was very handsome.

How was he not as handsome as that person?

Little Princess Tiantian stared at Little Yuyu, checking him out seriously as her chubby hand supported her chin. She acted as if she was taking a few seconds to think before she replied, "Brother do you want to hear the truth?"

"Stop it, of course I want to hear the truth."

"The truth is that Brother is still a child, so of course you arent as handsome as Daddy!"

Little Yuyu looked up at the sky speechlessly. "Youre the child who doesnt know anything at all."

Little Princess Tiantian huffed. "Brother, you should wait until you grow up to compare your handsomeness with Daddy!"

Little Yuyu stared at Little Princess Tiantian with a degree of resentment. "You like him because you can eat delicious cakes from him, dont you?"

Little Princess Tiantian pouted. "Brother, are you a worm in my stomach? Why do you know everything that Im thinking?"

Little Yuyu pinched his sisters chubby cheeks. "Eat less sweets. If not, youll be too fat when you grow up and no guys will like you."

"I dont need guys to like me. I have two older brothers, Big Brother and Little Brother. If no one likes me, my two older brothers wont let go of them!"

Nan Zhi, who had been listening to the children chat, could not help but smile. Even the driver had burst out in laughter from Tiantians words. "The two kids are really cute."

"Driver Uncle, youre wrong. Im the cuter one, Brother is like an iceberg and is not cute at all!"

Little Yuyu poked Tiantians forehead. "Be quiet!"

Tiantian pouted unhappily. "We have mouths to talk!" With that said, the Princess jumped into Nan Zhis arms, whining to her softly.

Once they were back in the hotel, An Feng helped Nan Zhi to shower the two children separately.

The little girl took a shower first, with An Feng wrapping a towel around her afterwards before An Feng carried her to the bed.

"Grandma, Grandma, Mommy brought us to meet Daddy tonight. Daddy looked really like Brother, and is super duper handsome."

Nan Zhi came out to take a towel for Little Yuyu, so when she heard her daughters words, she caressed her forehead helplessly.

She knew that the little girl would definitely tell An Feng the moment she returned.

Nan Zhi did not dare look at An Fengs expression, taking a towel before she rushed into the bathroom.

"Grandma, I have Mommy and Daddy. Then since I have Grandma, do I have a Grandpa too?" Little Tiantian blinked her wide eyes, staring at An Feng curiously.

Hearing this conversation, An Fengs eyes darkened a little, but she still smiled at Tiantian. "Your Grandpa has already gone to Heaven."

Tiantian blinked her large eyes. "Did he become an angel?"

"Maybe!" An Feng thought about what had happened back then, a flash of hatred appearing in her usually calm eyes.

That person would never become an angel even if he passed away. It was more likely he would become a devil!

After the two children fell asleep, Nan Zhi saw that An Feng had turned around slightly, staring out of the window. Nan Zhi ran over and buried herself under An Fengs blanket.

She hugged An Feng. "Mom, arent you going to ask me anything?"

An Feng turned around to look at Nan Zhi, caressing her smooth and silky hair. "Its been so many years, but you still have feelings for each other. How can I still stop you? However, the Qiao family matter doesnt allow you two to be together openly, so thats all Im worried about!"

"Mom, both him and Uncle are thinking of ways to remove the taint of the Qiao family, so lets wait a while longer! If we really cannot regain the Qiao familys reputation, I can only say that were really not fated to be with each other and I wont let myself have anymore thoughts about him."

An Feng stared at Nan Zhi, asking softly, "Zhizhi, have you ever thought about your biological father?"

Nan Zhi didnt know why her mother would suddenly mention this.

In the past, she never dared to mention about her biological father.

That was her greatest taboo.

Nan Zhi did not dare mention or ask her about it.

"Mom, stop thinking about things that make you sad. Whether or not I have a biological father, Im so old already. Besides, I only need you by my side."

An Feng patted Nan Zhis head affectionately. "You child."

It was right that An Feng did not wish to mention what happened back then, because it was the largest humiliation she had received in her life!

That year, when she was studying abroad, she had attended a masked ball with her best friend. Originally, she was going to confess to a senior at the ball, but her best friend took the chance first.

She was feeling a little down at that point and left alone before the ball ended.

She had rented an apartment outside of the school. When she was on her way back, it suddenly started to rain terribly. It was not convenient to get a car at that road and she could only take a shortcut back.

It happened at that shortcut.

At that time, she was rushing back home sadly, and didnt notice the black sedan driving behind her.

It was then that the incident happened. The incident that ruined her entire life.

The car stopped, before someone came down and took her into the car. Under the dimmed lights, since she was still wearing a mask, she couldnt see the mans appearance clearly.

The man didnt take off her mask, tearing off her clothes straight away and hurting her.

She called for help loudly, screaming and begging for him to let her go. However, that person continued and wouldnt stop!

When she felt the most excruciating pain, she grabbed that persons right hand and bit down ruthlessly!

"Mom, whats wrong?"

An Feng pulled out from the painful memory. Her pretty face was a little pale, as cold sweat appeared on her forehead.

Her daughter was already so old, and some memories should have faded a little, but she couldnt forget about that pain no matter what!

After she had been raped, she received a very large shock.

Her best friend had contacted her parents. After her father found out, he had almost killed her.

"Mom, are you okay?"

An Feng closed her eyes, not wanting to recall those painful memories. She said, slightly exhausted, "Zhizhi, Mom is very sorry. I havent hated anything in my life, not even Nan Weiye. But I cant forgive your biological father for the rest of my life!"

Nan Zhi grabbed An Fengs hand, feeling her mothers sorrow and hatred. She nodded. "Mom, I never thought of finding my biological father. I dont need him. Since I was young, Ive always thought of him as dead, so you dont have to think about it anymore. Its been so many years, just let it go!"

An Fengs lips moved a little. "Alright."

It was only around midnight that An Feng finally fell asleep.

But Nan Zhi was not sleepy at all.

Why would her mother suddenly mention her biological father out of nowhere?

She had never said anything in so many years!

Nan Zhi dimmed the lights, planning to force herself to sleep when her phone screen suddenly lit up.

She took her phone, seeing many unread messages on the notification list.

It was a media message.

She opened it, and the hint of sleepiness that had just appeared, dissipated in an instant.






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