Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 886

Chapter 886 Her Baby Jie

The small figure in the photo was Xiaojie, whom Nan Zhi had not seen in four years.

The photo was probably taken when the boy accompanied Mu Sihan to an important dinner, as he was dressed very formally.

There were three parts to the suit, a white shirt, a black vest and a black suit jacket.

His hair had a 30-70 parting, with his hands in his pockets. He had grown into his features, looking even more exquisite and handsome.

When he looked into the mirror, there was a small crease between his eyebrows.

He was so young, but there was already such a strong aura on him.

Nan Zhi stared at the photo, unable to hold back her tears as they fell uncontrollably.

Her Baby Jie was already so big!

Children really looked different with every year!

After returning to the Royal family, there was a dignified aura exuding from the boy unconsciously. It was really different compared to when she was taking care of him.

Nan Zhi cupped her mouth, afraid that her cries would wake the children and her mother.

Her decision was right, it was right to let Xiaojie stay with Mu Sihan.

His growth made her really proud as a mother.

Nan Zhi sniffled, wiping her tears away. She was about to call the number that sent the photo, but that person called her first.

Staring at the number that she once deleted, but was always branded itself in her mind, Nan Zhi sucked in a deep breath and answered the call.

The mans low and pleasant voice trailed into her ear. "You answered so quickly, did you see the photo?"

Nan Zhi hummed in agreement.

"You cried?"

At this moment, the man who was calling her was in a car. He had just showered and was wearing a black shirt as his black jacket was placed on the back of the seat. The top two buttons of his shirt remained unbuttoned, exposing his distinct collarbones and small part of his firm and muscular chest.

He held onto his phone with one hand while a cigar was in his other.

Under the dim lights, his dark and exquisite face appeared even more handsome and deep.

Noting that the person on the other end of the call wasnt answering, he narrowed his eyes as he exhaled smoke. "I still have quite a few of Xiaojies photos in my phone, do you want to see them?"

The woman replied without any hesitation. "Yes."

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly into a smirk. "Im at the hotel now, do you want to see me?"

The woman turned silent once more.

A few seconds later, the call cut off.

Mu Sihan leaned back on the seat, furrowing his eyebrows with a cold expression. When they had the brat, his position was already lower than the brat. Now that they had the girl and the little iceberg, wouldnt his position be even worse?"

This was a really sweet problem!

Mu Sihan didnt call her again.

He leaned back on the chair, smoking the cigarette silently.

It started to snow even harder, with barely anyone on the streets in the early morning.

Mu Sihan put out the fire, starting the engine and planning to leave.

Suddenly, someone knocked on his dark windows.

Mu Sihan glanced outside.

There was no one.

He immediately heightened his guard.

He hadnt brought any bodyguards with him when he left the mansion. Nor did he notice anyone following him on his way here, and had only dazed out a few minutes while he smoked in the car. Was someone following him?

Mu Sihan narrowed his depthless eyes, turning the window down as he glanced outside.

Suddenly, a dark figure wearing a black coat, feathered hat and black mask appeared in front of him.

"How was it? Were you scared?"

Before Mu Sihan could say anything, the woman rubbed her hands together. "Open the door quick, its really cold."

There was already a layer of thin snow on her black hat.

Mu Sihan immediately unlocked the door, and Nan Zhi jogged around to the front passenger seat.

When she opened the door, a gust of warm air welcomed her.

The car which had its heater on, was so warm it felt like heaven on earth.

Shrugging off her coat, Nan Zhi was wearing a tight-fitting high-neck sweater that showed off her figure. She tied her hair up, before she realized the man was staring at her. She reached her hand out to him. "Wheres the photos?"

Mu Sihan took out his phone and passed it to her.

Just as she was taking it, he suddenly retracted his hand and grabbed her wrist tightly. With a strong tug, he pulled her onto his lap.

It may have been because his body condition was really good, but he didnt have the habit to wear warm underlayers no matter how cold it was.

As such, she managed to feel the strong thighs and scorching hot muscles under his pants the moment she sat on his lap.

She didnt struggle and shy away from it, straddling him instead as she placed both her hands on his shoulders. Smelling the faint cigarette smell laced with his fragrance on him, she said with a smile, "I came to look for you personally, so dont you think I am sincere enough?"

He looked down at her. "Wasnt it because you wanted to see the brats photos?"

Nan Zhi grabbed his neck, raising her eyebrow slightly. "Are you still jealous of Xiaojie?"

Mu Sihan lifted his chin. "If you want to see the photos, you have to show your sincerity."

Nan Zhi cupped his well-defined handsome face, moving to kiss his lips.

Mu Sihan thought that she would only kiss him briefly and shyly like in the past, not expecting her to actually push his jaws apart to curl around his tongue and suck it daringly.

His scalp immediately turned numb, his soul seemingly about to be sucked out by her.

Her hand caressed his black shirt, fingers moving down from his firm and muscular chest.

When she touched his belt, her fingers brushed across his abdomen and he shivered all over.

He grabbed her hand, staring at her with a heated gaze. "Why are you suddenly so daring? Are you scheming something again?"

It seemed like he had been traumatized from her actions today already.

Nan Zhi glanced down at his abdomen. "I feel like youre suffering from holding it back too much. Arent you?"

Mu Sihan grabbed the back of her hand, biting her lips once. "Do you think anyone can make me suffer?"

Nan Zhi grabbed his neck, her fingers touching the hard and short hair at the back of his neck. "To be honest, I feel the same as you." She bit his lips. "Im no longer the shy teenager I was back then. My goals are very clear now. I want you, Mu Sihan. Do you dare to?"

When a woman was coy and wanted to tease, any man would definitely not be able to compete against it.

He was no exception.

Mu Sihans Adams apple bobbled, his hand grabbing her slender waist as he lifted her shirt to caress her pretty back. When he touched the smooth skin, he felt all of his blood rushing to his abdomen, as if wanting to burst his body.

He looked down at her, noticing that she was still wearing a skirt on such a cold day. His eyes darkened. "It seems like you came prepared."

She gave him a smile. "When you had a reaction in the courtyard, I guessed that you might come tonight."

"Thats why, you had a plan to"

She kissed him, stopping him from saying any more. "Yes, I want to. Not only do I want you, I want your body too."

The moment she finished speaking, her chin was gripped tightly by his slender fingers as danger appeared in his dark eyes. "Then I will show you the consequence of teasing a man!"

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