Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 887

Chapter 887 Knowing How To Dote On People Even More

Mu Sihan grabbed the back of Nan Zhis head strongly, his handsome face leaning towards her as he kissed her ruthlessly.

It was as if he wanted to let her taste the consequence, as he pushed her jaws apart in punishment, his tongue darting into her mouth to suck hers ruthlessly.

Nan Zhi felt a little pain, but she felt even more pleasure. Her hold around his neck tightened unconsciously. She sat on his lap, feeling the energy and heat swarming within him.

Apart from the faint smell of cigarette on him, there was also the scent of soap on him.

She laughed in her heart. He was such an arrogant and stuffy man.

He looked down at her. Noting the humor in her eyes at something she was thinking of, he bit her lip heavily.

Her eyes were sparkling with light. "Are you a dog? It hurts!"

He lifted her chin, black eyes looking at her with slight danger. "What are you thinking about?"

"Thinking that we havent done it in a car before."

This woman!

His breathing turned heavier unconsciously.

"Youre becoming bolder, arent you?"

Nan Zhi laughed again. "You dont like it?"

His calloused fingers caressed her smooth cheek softly. "Youre determined to seduce me, arent you?"

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, he kissed her soft lips once more.

This time, his kiss was strong and fervent. She almost moaned out loud, her breathing getting messier.

Like her, his breathing became heavier, and it was getting harder to control himself. He lifted her skirt, fingers slowly moving up her smooth thighs.

Their lips were moving against each other affectionately, sensually.

With a click, Mu Sihan pressed a switch and a separating board moved up to block the windows.

On the outside, it was snowing heavily. While inside the car, it was intense and passionate like a raging inferno.

His hand moved under her shirt, caressing her slender waist to and fro.

Although the light was dim, she could still feel his heated eyes as they raked across her body.

Cooperating with him, she raised her hands for him to take off her sweater. His fingers found her buttons, the heat making her tremble all over.

Her hands were not idle either, as they unbuttoned his black shirt one by one. Staring at his firm and muscular chest, and the taut abdomen, she ran her tongue over her lips unconsciously. He was just so sexy and masculine, exuding the powerful energy all over.

This was not like that time at the Tergu Desert when they were drunk. Both of them were sober now.

However, it may be because they had separated for too long, but this kind of intimacy and frankness made her heart beat so much faster that it was going out of control.

Her heart, ears and neck were all flushed and heated.

Also, as it was in the car, in such a small and enclosed space, she had never felt so excited.

With her head was dizzy from his kiss, he moved her hand towards his belt.

With a small click, the belt was undone.

She grabbed the thin zipper with heated cheeks. She hadnt had the chance to pull the zip down when he suddenly grabbed her hand. "No."

Nan Zhi looked at him with fluttering lashes. "Whats wrong?"

"Never mind, Ill hold it in and go back to take a cold shower."

Nan Zhi was speechless. They were already in this position, but he was telling her that he would go back to take a cold shower?

Did she change or was it him?

In the past, he would never stop halfway, especially when things were getting hot and heavy.

He leaned back on the seat. "I dont want to make you pregnant again." Three children were enough already. Giving birth was like going to deaths gate for women, he didnt want her to suffer again.

Nan Zhi froze for a few seconds, not expecting him to stop halfway because there wasnt a condom.

Inside, she couldnt help but feel a little touched.

Four years had really allowed him to mature a lot. At least he knew how to take care of a woman now.

She rubbed her forehead against his sweaty one, her hand holding his

Mu Sihan looked down, his eyes darkening slightly.






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