Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 888

Chapter 888 Warmth

Nan Zhi had placed a condom in Mu Sihans palms.

Seeing the square packet in his hands, Mu Sihans eyes were heated, his voice extremely hoarse under the heated desire. "Are you for real?"

In response, Nan Zhi only panted softly, nuzzling her head into the crook of his neck. The two of them were seated in the drivers seat, the heat consuming them as their bodies heated up as well. When the man spoke, his hot breath sprayed on her, making her feel even more dizzy.

The light was too dim, so she could not see him clearly. However, she was able to draw every single detail of his features even when she closed her eyes. Her slender fingers caressed his well-defined nose bridge, before moving to brush against his sexy lips. "If you continue to act otherwise with me, Im getting off."

Hearing her words, the man chuckled softly.

The chuckle sounded like it rumbled from his chest, magnetic and attractive.

Nan Zhi glared at him shyly. "Its your last chance. Youre not allowed to smile."

He stared at the woman in front of him. Her long silky hair was resting messily on her shoulders, her sweater was off as she wore only a bra, vaguely showing off her pretty and charming figure.

Reaching out, he wanted to turn on the lights in the car, but she pressed his hand down. "Youre not allowed to turn it on."

He bit her lip, his voice husky and hoarse. "Dont you want to see me?"

Hearing his words, Nan Zhi immediately flushed. "No."

"But I want to."

Nan Zhi grabbed his hand, pulling it to her mouth to bite his hand. "Why are you always going against me?"

Her soft voice was laced with a different type of seduction in the dark and enclosed space.

If he continued to hold the urge back, he was not a man!

His hand stretched to grab the back of her neck, pressing her against the steering wheel to kiss her ruthlessly.

"Ah!" Nan Zhi moaned and panted softly, the man spraying hot breath by her ear as he placed kisses from her ear to her neck. His other hand caressed her face, his thumb pressed against her cheek as his well-defined fingers brushed through her hair.

The only thing that hadnt changed in the last four years were his kisses.

They were just as domineering and strong as ever, and when they turned wild, they were still as hard to handle as before.

She was almost smashed into pieces from the intensity of his kiss.

Her body was exuding a faint fragrance that smelt natural but enticing at the same time.

His kiss landed on her lips once more, as his lip moved into her mouth, sucking her ruthlessly while his black eyes stared at her flushed cheeks.

Every kiss, every touch made her weaken even more, her well-defined almond-shaped eyes sparkling with moisture and need. She looked so enticing, so irresistible.

He pressed her head down, kissing her once more, brushing his tongue over her softness.

She could not help but tremble.

She was completely sensitive to his touch.

Nan Zhis hands caressed his broad back, her fingers pinching his skin. Because of his rising emotions, his firm muscles were all tensed up.

In the dark and confined space the two of them were hugging tightly together, the temperature continued to rise. It was an excitement that never appeared before.

Nan Zhis small hand moved from his sweat-drenched back and pressed against his chest where his heart was. She said while panting slightly, "Your heartbeat is really fast."

He pulled her waist higher up, his lips nibbling on hers. "It only beats for you."

Nan Zhis lashes fluttered, wanting to say something but could only gasp loudly, before moaning onto his heated lips.

After their rendezvous, there was a fluttering, rosy aura spreading around in the car.

Nan Zhi wanted to unwind the window a little, but she was stopped by the man. "If youre cold and hot suddenly, youd get a cold very easily."

Nan Zhi hummed, both hands placed on his well-defined muscular chest as she lay on his chest to calm her breathing.

The man leaned against the chair, his large hand caressing her slender waist as his other hand played with a few strands of her hair.

"Your waist is still as slim, and not like a mother of three kids at all."

Hearing him say this, Nan Zhi could not help but feel slightly proud as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She lifted her chin a little and said, "Ive always been very strict with my training and diet! If I lost my figure because of the kids, then would you still be so excited after seeing me?"

Mu Sihan chuckled softly. "Youre saying it like I only like your body."

"Is that not the case?" Nan Zhis hands moved to caress his well-defined abdomen. "Didnt you say that you havent touched any women in the past four years? Or were you lying to me? Your ability just now didnt seem like you hadnt touched a woman for four years!"

Mu Sihan caught the womans playful hands. "If you continue, are you planning not to return to the hotel tonight?"

She leaned her still flushed face against his shoulders, fingers poking his firm and muscular arm. "Lets stop playing and chat for a while."

He leaned his chin on the top of her head, voice hoarse and low. "Then you can start. What have you been doing in the last four years?"

Snuggling into his arms, Nan Zhi told him briefly about her last four years.

Hearing that Feng Yao had been her savior and even helped her to take care and accompany the children all these years, Mu Sihan felt extremely complicated.

"That guy likes you."

Hearing his peculiar tone, Nan Zhi opened her mouth to bite his shoulder. "Do I not deserve to be wooed after having children? Although Feng Yao is interested in me, he knows that I only treat him as a younger brother and would never see him as an actual man."

The man didnt speak.

Nan Zhi looked up, staring at his sharp jawline. "What about you? Whats going on with Miss Helian? I can tell that shes interested in you."

"After you left that year, the Queen suggested for me to marry her.

Hearing this, Nan Zhis heart tightened, and a flicker of helplessness spread from the bottom of his heart.

His position was so high, so it was natural for him to need someone who was of the same position.

Even if the other party wasnt a young lady from an established family, their background would have to be clean as well.

And she, was neither.

As if reading her thoughts, he lifted her chin up, lips biting the tip of her nose lightly. "Arent your Uncle and I both thinking about how to fix it?"

Nan Zhis forehead touched his. "I know, but dont force it too much. Whether or not two people can end up together depends on fate too."

The moment she finished speaking, the man bit her soft lips ruthlessly. "Everything is man-made. As long I, Mu Sihan, wants it, I will definitely get it. Unless" He pinched her chin, looking like a wild beast that had just caught its prey on the grass plains, filled with danger. "Unless, youre determined to leave like you did four years ago."

"You still hate me for what happened four years ago!" Nan Zhi kissed him again. "Darling, stop being angry."

Mu Sihan pushed her small hand away. "Are you humoring a child?"

Nan Zhis eyes twinkled as her lips curled up in a smile.

The two of them chatted sweetly with each other for a while, before Nan Zhi finally managed to get Mu Sihan to open his phones gallery.

In the end, he only had four photos of Xiaojie in his gallery.

Nan Zhi was furious.

"Do I have to commend you for being such a good father to take time to take a photo of your son every year?"

"Hes getting less and less cute as he grows older. Every time when I asked him for a photo, his expression would be so dark." Mu Sihan pursed his lips. "Amongst the three kids, our little girl is the cutest."






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