Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 889

Chapter 889 Hard To Change Her Spots

Chapter 889: Hard to Change Her Spots

Hearing Mu Sihans words, the corners of Nan Zhis lips twitched.

Almost immediately, she hummed coldly. "Arent our two sons like you?"

Mu Sihan grabbed Nan Zhis chin, kissing her until she was panting before he let go of her. "Its good as long as our daughter isnt like me."

Nan Zhi was speechless.

This daughter slave!

If she let Tiantian stay with him in the future, how much would Tiantian be spoiled?!

It was nearly three in the morning.

Nan Zhi was slightly sleepy and Mu Sihan patted her face. "Go up and sleep."

He was going to leave H City in the morning, so she didnt know when they would meet again. Nan Zhi could not bear to say goodbye to him.

However, no matter how much she couldnt bear him to leave, they couldnt be together right now either.

She bit her lip. "Im really leaving!"

"I wont make you stay."

Nan Zhi was so angry she glared at him, wanting to bite his head off.

Moving away from his lap, she sat back on the front passenger seat.

She tidied her messy hair and clothes before she took her coat, not even sparing a glance at him the entire time.

She was afraid that she really couldnt bear to see him leave if she did look at him again.

Pushing open the door, the chilling winter breeze blew at her, making her shiver. Shifting the jacket so it was on properly, she got off the car and closed the car door.

She jogged towards the hotel.

When she arrived at the hotel, she could not stop herself from turning back.

The man who was originally sitting in the car had unknowingly got off. He didnt wear a coat, standing on the snowy grounds with only a black shirt.

Although there was a small distance between them such that she couldnt see his expression clearly, she could still feel his eyes following her every move.

They were so strong and heavy.

Staring at him standing there, Nan Zhi felt her heart soften unknowingly.

Without any hesitation, her body moving faster than her thoughts, she ran back towards him.

Seeing the woman running towards him, Mu Sihan opened his arms wide.

Nan Zhi jumped into his arms, her hands wrapping around his neck. She didnt say anything, merely tiptoeing to bite his lips.

Her kiss was very strong, as her fair hands reached under his collar, her fingertips touching his skin. Goosebumps rose on his back immediately.

A fire burst out in his heart instantly once more, thanks to her actions. He held her waist, lifting her up easily.

She was stepping on his leather shoes, their bodies pressed against each other tightly. She could feel his scorching temperature and firm muscles under his shirt.

He took the dominance and bit her lips instead, sucking and licking at them as his tongue moved into her mouth.

Within a while, she was already breathing hard.

His kiss moved from her lips to her cheek, then her earlobe, before it returned to her cheek and forehead. "Ill go look for you as soon as possible. Dont pay attention to my news for the time being, and if you do, dont take anything to heart, okay?"

Nan Zhi looked up at him, her long lashes fluttering slightly as her well-defined eyes became moist. He kissed her lashes, voice low and hoarse as he said, "If you dont leave, I really wont let you leave anymore."

The next day.

According to the plan, Nan Zhi and her family were returning to the town in the afternoon.

Before she returned, Nan Zhi asked Feng Yao to meet her at the caf to talk.

Although she had never given Feng Yao any ambiguous or hopeful signals, she thought that she still had to talk to him and clear things up with him.

Seeing her serious expression, Feng Yao started to speak before she could. "Are you going to tell me that you still cant forget Tiantian and Yuyus Daddy? I knew that would be the case. If you dont love him, why would you have the twins? Im not someone who will take away anothers woman by force, I wont fight with him."

Nan Zhi was slightly touched. "Feng Yao, youre really nice."

"Of course! If not, why would your Princess Tiantian like me so much?" As Feng Yao spoke, he seemed to think of something. "However, Helian Zhu seems to be rather interested in that man that you cant forget. Shes the type to get whatever she wants, so you have to hold onto your man tighter!"

Nan Zhi nodded, looking down with slight worry and uneasiness in her eyes.

After leaving the caf, the whole group went to the plane parking area where Feng Yao had parked his private plane.

Once they arrived at the area, the captain told Feng Yao that there was a problem with the plane. They were working to fix it now, but the earliest they would be able to leave was tomorrow.

"But Tiantian and Yuyu need to go to school tomorrow, cant we buy the air tickets?" Nan Zhi suggested.

Feng Yao hesitated for a few seconds. He was about to answer Nan Zhi when he suddenly saw a group of people walking over.

"Zhizhi, wait a minute, I just saw my Lord."

It was then that Nan Zhi noticed that Feng Yaos private plane wasnt the only one parked there. There was an even larger and more luxurious plane.

They were a little far from her, so Nan Zhi did not know what Feng Yao said to the person in front. Within a short while, she saw Feng Yao walk over with that person.

Once the distance between them was small enough, Nan Zhi realized that the person walking over was Helian Xiao.

He was wearing a black long coat that stopped at his knees. The fitting cut showed his perfect figure. When he walked next to Feng Yao, Nan Zhi didnt think that they looked like father and son, and more like siblings instead.

Nan Zhi had seen many handsome men of many types, however, Helian Xiao was able to give a different feeling.

No, to be exact, it wasnt a feeling, but a taste. There was a strong masculine taste exuding from him.

He was tall and well-built, his facial features well-defined and handsome, while there was a complexity that had been accumulated with time present between his brows.

"Zhizhi, my Lord says that were going the same way, so he doesnt mind taking us home."

Nan Zhi never thought that the worlds wealthiest man would be so easy-going.

Walking forward, Nan Zhi greeted Helian Xiao politely. "Thank you, Mr Helian Xiao. However, I still have to ask for my Moms agreement."

An Feng had brought the two children to the washroom. The moment she came out, she saw Nan Zhi speaking to Helian Xiao.

She furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

"Grandma, its the Grandpa who saved you before!" Little Yuyu recognized Helian Xiao immediately.

Hearing Little Yuyus words, Nan Zhi and Feng Yao turned over to look at An Feng and Little Yuyu. "What saving?"

Noting that everyones attention was on her, An Feng held Little Yuyu and Tiantians hands as they walked in front of the group. She said with warm eyes, "I met Nan Weiye being stupid yesterday, and this sir helped me."

"Auntie Feng, its fate! My Boss usually has his nose above the clouds and never helps anyone easily." Feng Yao laughed as he said, "Since Auntie Feng and my Lord met yesterday, all the more that we should take my Lords plane back."

Hearing this, An Feng was about to reject politely when Princess Tiantian spoke. "Yay! I want to take Grandpas plane!"

An Feng said with slight awkwardness, "Tiantian, hes not Grandpa."

Helian Xiao, who had been standing with them, stared at the playful and pretty Tiantian, his lips curling up into a small smile. "Its alright, Im already at the age to be a Grandpa anyway."

"Wow! Grandpa, youre not only handsome, your voice is really nice too!"

Nan Zhi glanced up at the skies helplessly. It was really hard for this little girl to change her spots!




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