Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 890

Chapter 890 Speak Of The Devil

Nan Zhi didnt know about An Fengs thoughts, so seeing that Helian Xiao had invited their family to take his plane sincerely and together with Feng Yaos encouragement, she agreed to the invitation.

Seeing that Nan Zhi had agreed, An Feng had nothing else to say.

She had always been gentle and easy-going. If she rejected now, it would only make her more suspicious.

Actually, some of the things were just her guesses and were not confirmed yet. There was no point in her being so jumpy about things.

The interior of the plane was indeed bigger and more luxurious than Feng Yaos plane, but it was extremely elegant as well, highlighting Helian Xiaos refined taste.

There were private resting rooms and a meeting room in the plane.

As the hierarchical head of a large family, Helian Xiao needed to handle a lot of matters. After they got on the plane, he got Feng Yao to accommodate Nan Zhi and her family properly before he went to the meeting room for a meeting.

After Helian Xiao left, Nan Zhi asked with slight curiosity, "Feng Yao, Ive known you for so long, but I havent heard you mention your mother. Im really curious about what kind of a woman she is to be able to conquer a man like your father!"

"Actually, my Lord is actually my uncle, Helian Xiao. My parents passed on early, but my Lord remained unmarried, so the elders in the family made him adopt my younger sister and I!"

Nan Zhi was very surprised. "For such a capable and handsome man like Mr Helian, hes actually unmarried? Is it because he is too picky?"

"I think my Lord got hurt in a relationship before. I dont really know what happened exactly though."

An Feng was sitting with them, falling into deep thought as she listened to Nan Zhi and Feng Yaos conversation. How could a man like Helian Xiao be hurt from a relationship before? He looked like a wild beast that was filled with danger and invasiveness, looking gentle and graceful outside but would never let you know when you may be bitten.

In this life, An Feng had experienced many things, having let go of a lot of things and was never really afraid of anyone. However, the moment she saw Helian Xiao, a rejection and fear had planted itself in her heart.

All she could do was hope that she was too sensitive and was thinking too much.

About two hours later, the two children wanted to sleep, so Feng Yao brought Nan Zhi and the children into a resting room.

An Feng sat by the window seat, staring out for a while before she got up and went to the washroom.

The plane was very spacious and An Feng didnt know where the washroom was, so she circled within the plane.

Finally, she turned into a corridor and saw the washroom sign. She was about to walk over when she stopped.

The door of the meeting room had unknowingly opened a little.

The meeting inside seemed to be over, with only a man and woman inside.

The man was leaning against the meeting table, while the woman stood in front of him. The woman had her hands wrapped around the mans neck, tiptoeing as she was kissing the mans chin.

The man didnt move, his hands resting on the table lazily. He didnt hug the woman, nor did he push her away.

From An Fengs point of view, she was able to see the mans side profile immediately.

Helian Xiao.

The woman was clearly a lot more emotional than the man, her eyes dazed while her voice was soft. "Where am I lacking for you to want to break up with me? Tell me and Ill change, alright?"

The man chuckled softly, his voice thick and magnetic while he spat out coldly, "Im tired."

It was coldblooded and heartless.

However, his uncaring attitude was like a drug, making women fall for him even more unconsciously.

An Feng didnt think that she would bump into such a scene when she was only looking for a washroom.

She was about to pretend that she saw nothing and leave carelessly when a pair of deep and hard-to-ignore eyes turned towards her.


An Fengs fingers closed the door shakily. Tearing away the gaze the man inside gave that made her extremely scared.

An Feng walked towards the washroom hurriedly.

The washroom in the private plane was as luxurious as a washroom in a seven-star hotel. It was enough to prove how wealthy that person was!

Although he was not young anymore, he was at an age where men were the most charming. Besides, he looked extremely handsome and masculine. It was not strange for some young women that liked older men to jump at him!

An Feng pulled the washroom door to go in when someone bumped into her shoulder suddenly. Startled, An Feng glanced at the tear-stricken woman.

The woman glared at An Feng, entering the washroom and slamming the door closed.

An Feng rubbed her shoulders in pain, her lips pursed slightly as she left.

That woman earlier was probably around the age of her Zhizhi. It was fortunate that her Zhizhi didnt fall for a man who was much older.

Just as she was about to pass by the meeting room, An Feng could not help but walk faster.

At this moment, the meeting room door was pulled open from inside.

An Feng looked up, looking into the mans depthless dark eyes immediately. Seeing that she had looked over, the man raised an eyebrow slightly.

This type of person was thick-skinned. Seeing An Feng, he did not appear to be awkward at all, and nodded at her instead. "Apologies for letting you see that."

An Feng smiled softly. "Mr Helian doesnt have to say this. People like you probably do this a lot because you have money and power. But you dont know that some of your actions can ruin another girls life!"

The moment An Feng finished speaking, she left with a dark expression.

Nan Zhi happened to walk out of the resting room then and heard what An Feng said to Helian Xiao, her heart alarmed immediately.

Her mother had always been more gentle, never fighting or snatching anything when others had done her wrong. Even when Nan Weiye had an extramarital affair back then, her Mom had only requested for a divorce and never fought or argued with Nan Weiye at all.

It was her first time seeing her Mom say something so fierce to a stranger!

Helian Xiao clearly didnt think that An Feng would be so daring either. He was from a wealthy and large family, born with a golden spoon in his mouth and had never had someone speaking to him like this before.

When she left yesterday at the hotel, he could already feel that she didnt have a good impression of her.

Right now, that strong rejection and negativity towards him seemed to be even stronger.

Thinking about that ex-husband of hers, he thought that she had probably been hurt very seriously in a relationship before!

After Nan Zhi apologized to Helian Xiao, before she chased after An Feng.

An Feng had sat back in her seat and was staring out listlessly at the sky.

"Mom, why did you speak like that to Mr Helian?" Nan Zhi asked softly.

An Feng had calmed down by then. She turned to Nan Zhi. "Mom saw him hurt the heart of a girl around your age. I just dont like that type of man."

"Mom, Little Yuyu said that Mr Helian helped you yesterday. You wouldnt treat someone who helped you before like this. Did his loose attitude remind you of Nan Weiye?" Nan Zhi bit her lips. "Mom, are you still unable to forget Nan Weiye, that a**hole?"

"You Am I that petty?" An Feng rubbed her temple tiredly. "I was a little rash when I spoke to Mr Helian earlier. However, its a good thing that we wont interact much in the future. How he treats that girl is his business. Ill take more care of what I say in the future. However, Zhizhi, you have to keep a distance from him in the future as well."

Nan Zhi was about to say something when she realized that Helian Xiao was holding onto two cups of drinks and had unknowingly stood behind An Feng.






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