Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 891

Chapter 891 A Hidden Disease?

Seeing that Nan Zhi was looking behind her with a strange expression, An Feng turned around.

When she saw Helian Xiaos tall figure, An Feng froze for a second before she realized what was going on and felt a little awkward.

She had been taught well since she was young and rarely spoke badly about others behind their backs.

But, just now

The moment An Feng turned around, Helian Xiaos dark eyes had moved onto her. Their eyes met for a few seconds before An Feng looked away quietly.

Helian Xiao placed the fruit juice he was holding on the coffee table.

He sat opposite of the mother and daughter duo, crossing his legs elegantly as he leaned back on the sofa seat lazily. After he got on the plane, he had taken off his coat. Right now, he was only wearing a dark-colored shirt, with several buttons unbuttoned and his collar slightly opened appropriately. His sleeves were folded up casually, revealing the expensive watch on his left wrist with a matching dark-colored leather strap. The light on his face made his features even more well-defined, highlighting his mature masculinity.

With eyes dark but also calm as water, Helian Xiao stared at the mother and daughter. It was as if he could see right into a persons heart. He smiled softly, in a manner that was gentlemanly and elegant. "It seems like what Ms An saw just now resulted in a very bad impression of me."

An Feng looked up at Helian Xiao. His face was handsome and masculine, with the smile on his lips easing his coldness somewhat, placing a more approachable aura on him. An Feng said with slight awkwardness, "Mr Helian Xiao doesnt have to care about my views. Bystanders like me cannot interfere in your private life. I only noted that the girl was about the same age as my Zhizhi, so I felt a little pity for her."

The smile on Helian Xiaos lips widened a little, his well-defined fingers tapping rhythmically on his knee. "Ill be more careful next time."

Be more careful? An Feng didnt really understand what Helian Xiao meant.

Helian Xiao stood up, pointing towards the restaurant. "Theres a kitchen in the plane with food. If youre hungry, you can go in to take some food." He nodded at them. "Excuse me then."

After Helian Xiao left, Nan Zhi exclaimed softly. "The wealthiest man on Earth actually has no airs to him, and I think his personality is not bad. With his looks and charming personality, hes definitely very popular with young ladies who like older men!"

As An Feng stared at Helian Xiaos departing figure, her lips pursed slightly without a word.

The plane arrived at a private plane parking area that was fifty kilometers away from the town the next morning.

The weather wasnt very good, with lighting and thunder that signaled an approaching storm.

"My lord, do you want to go take a look at the town Zhizhi is residing at? The weather is not good, and you might be in danger if you leave straight away," Feng Yao suggested.

Nan Zhi had a pretty good impression of Helian Xiao, so she hurriedly added, "Thats right, you would be in danger if you leave straight away, Mr Helian. If you dont mind, you can visit my house. Im thinking of cooking a few dishes to thank Mr Helian!" Nan Zhi said as she glanced at An Feng who was holding onto both the children. "Mom, what do you think?"

An Feng was not a rude person. On the way back from H City, Helian Xiao had been very friendly to their family. He was very gentlemanly and polite as well, and was not like a wolf wearing a lambs skin. She couldnt deem him as that despicable man back then just because of the scar on his wrist!

Besides, he was probably an heir back then. He could have any woman he wanted, so there was no point in doing something thing. Perhaps it wasnt even him.

After understanding this, An Feng felt a lot happier and relieved and she nodded. "As long as Mr Helian is willing."

Helian Xiao glanced at the dark skies, agreeing to Feng Yaos suggestion. After instructing his secretary and senior management staff to go to a hotel, he got his driver to take them to the town.

The woman that Helian Xiao had broken up with in the plane, ran over with red eyes. Before Helian Xiao got into the car, she pulled his arm hurriedly. "Xiao, are you really not giving me a chance? Im sorry, I shouldnt have done plastic surgery. I thought that you liked young ladies, so I made myself look younger. If you dont like it, Ill go and get back my original appearance as best as I can, alright?"

Helian Xiao pulled the womans hand away. "You know that I never go back on my words. If you continue to pester me, nothing good will come out from it."

The woman bit her lip, letting go of Helian Xiao slowly.

Knowing that there was no turning back, she stopped crying, hissing with slight anger instead, "If it wasnt because you were rich, powerful and good looking, do you think Id be willing to be with you for the last few years? You have a hidden disease and have never touched me, and you only kept me with you to prevent those ugly rumors. You actually cant do it at all."

As he stared at the furious woman, not a hint of emotion appeared on Helian Xiaos face. But emanating from him was a menacing aura that spread through the air, making people fear him instead.

Helian Xiao glanced at the bodyguards following him, who grabbed the woman immediately.

Seeing Helian Xiaos indifferent but penetrating eyes, the woman was so afraid that her legs went weak.

Before she got off the plane, she had drank a little, so her brain was quite muddled. However, right now, she had completely sobered up and was terribly afraid.

What had she said?

"Xiao, Im sorry, I was talking nonsense, I"

Helian Xiao raised his hand, spitting coldly, "Take her away."

In the car.

Princess Tiantian blinked her large eyes, asking curiously, "Uncle Feng Yao, what is hidden disease?"

Nan Zhi was just about to cup the Princess mouth, but it was too late. Helian Xiaos tall figure had already entered the car.

The Little Princess words also trailed into his ears.

The car was immediately consumed by a dead silence.

Even Feng Yao who always knew what to say didnt know what to say now. He coughed awkwardly, glancing at the indifferent Helian Xiao. "Lord, I believe that you dont have it."

Helian Xiao patted Feng Yaos head, before he spoke to his driver coldly. "Lets go."

Staring at the indifferent and calm Helian Xiao, whose expression didnt change at all, Nan Zhi could not help but admire him.

Helian Xiao nodded at An Feng and Nan Zhi, before he took out his cell phone to look at his emails.

His sitting posture was elegant, with a domineering aura on him. Although he did not seem overly domineering, it was hard to ignore him as well. Especially his pair of dark eyes that seemed to hide too many stories.

This type of man was mature and reserved, elegant and gentlemanly. Even if one ignored his appearance, the aura and charm exuding from within him was enough to attract countless womens attention.

Once they arrived at the town, Nan Zhi welcomed Helian Xiao into their house warmly.

Helian Xiao had only come over to see how the place Feng Yao mentioned to him occasionally looked like.

Indeed, the courtyard had been decorated in a very welcoming way by the mother and daughter. The house was also neat and tidy.

An Feng brewed a few cups of tea and cut up a few fruits before she placed them on the coffee table. Little Princess Tiantian followed behind An Feng, asking innocently, "Grandma, Grandma, do you not like Grandpa because he has a hidden disease?"

An Feng was drinking water when she heard the little girls words. She immediately choked and started to cough uncontrollably.

At this moment, a well-defined and pretty large hand appeared and hit her back softly.






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