Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 892

Chapter 892 Ambiguous

An Feng turned around slightly before her eyes met Helian Xiaos dark ones.

Seeming to be caught out, An Feng coughed so much her face flushed a little. But she acted calm and turned her eyes away, slightly out of breath as she said, "Thank you, Im fine."

"Grandma, have a nice chat with Grandpa. Im going to go play with Uncle Feng Yao!"

Before An Feng could say anything, Little Tiantian ran away hurriedly.

It suddenly became somewhat awkward.

"That was just a childs words, please dont take it to heart." An Feng brought the cup towards the kitchen.

The man behind her moved as well.

He seemed to be walking in front casually, his steps small and not wide, but they gave An Feng an invisible pressure, so she unconsciously walked faster.

It was until her body was pressed against the counter that she regained her senses. She was indeed acting a little strange in front of him.

It was as if she was very afraid of him.

Actually, when spending time with the opposite gender, it was more often than not that women were on the losing end.

Although An Feng hadnt had a proper romantic relationship, having registered her marriage with Nan Weiye hurriedly back then, she knew how bad men could be. Some men liked to see women become a mess of themselves in front of them in order to prove their own charm.

A dim yellow light was turned on in the kitchen. An Feng was a little petite, while Helian Xiao was tall and broad. When they stood together, there was a hint of ambiguity between them.

An Feng still felt a small degree of discomfort in her throat from choking on her water earlier. She turned around to meet the mens tall and crease-free pants, before she looked up to meet the mans eyes that seemed to be eyeing her calmly.

Helian Xiao had met many people. Together with his intelligence and maturity, An Fengs strong guard against him was akin to meeting a strong enemy she wasnt able to hide from.

Usually, when women met him, they would think and do anything to stick to him. Women like An Feng, who did their best to hide from him, were very rare.

Helian Xiao remembered the time at the hotels washroom entrance. Back then, she had smiled at him gently in front of her ex-husband. She was pretty and elegant-looking, her smile looking extremely clean and gentle instead of being seductive.

It made people sink and crave for her smile unconsciously.

It was hard to imagine that a smile like that would appear on a divorced woman.

However, once he had gotten her ex-husband away, her attitude had changed a little. When they met again, she started to hide away from him. Even Little Tiantian could tell that she didnt like him. What had changed? Womens thoughts were always hard to read, even for a person who was well-versed with business tactics. Helian Xiao could not understand her actions at all, so he could only point them another way.

She was playing hard to get with him!

Noting that Helian Xiao was staring at her, after An Feng calmed the discomfort at her throat away, she said, "Mr Helian, is there anything else?"

Today, An Feng was wearing a light-colored cheongsam. For a woman who was in her forties, she had taken care of her figure very well. Her figure was curvy, the light colored fabric on her making her skin look even more fair. The dress had been embroidered with a blooming peony. The elegant and classic cheongsam, paired together with her quiet and gentle appearance, made her look as gentle as a Jiangnan woman, her actions exuding the reserved, yet seductive aura similar to the women of that period.

The cheongsam she was wearing was a short one. Although she wasnt tall, but her body proportion were undeniably good and it made her legs look slender and long.

An Feng could feel his gaze on her and she furrowed her eyebrows a little. "Mr Helian, I still have something to do, please excuse me."

Helian Xiao remained standing there with no intention of moving away.

If someone saw them from afar, she would be pressed between the tall man and the counter, their posture a scandalous one.

An Feng furrowed her eyebrows even harder now. "Mr Helian, please dont be like this."

Helian Xiao smirked, asking faintly, "Like what?"

An Feng could tell that he was standing there on purpose. She sucked in a deep breath, planning to move around him. However, she had only taken one step when the mans slender fingers suddenly reached for her face.

When his warm fingers touched her skin, An Feng fell into a daze, stunned andher mind seemed to blank out slightly.

Seeing her dazed expression, he looked down, leaning closer towards him as he chuckled softly by her ear. "Dont be angry. Ill leave."

When they were having dinner, Nan Zhi spoke to An Feng, but didnt get a reply, so she glanced at An Feng.

An Feng was eating with her head down. She didnt even take any food in her bowl, merely taking rice and eating them, seemingly in a daze

"Mom, why arent you eating any dishes?"

Suddenly regaining her senses, An Feng glanced towards Nan Zhi. However, her eyes accidentally looked past Helian Xiao, who was sitting opposite of her with a gentlemanly smile on his lips.

An Feng, who never swore, cursed at him in her heart.

"Im not too hungry, you can all eat the rest!" An Feng put down her bowl and left the dining room.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips slightly, her instincts practically screaming that her mother was being more than a little strange!

After resting for a few days, the private kitchen was opening again tomorrow.

Once their frequent customers found out that there were operating again, they called in to reserve several tables.

Nan Zhi and An Feng immediately got busy again.

Once they were busy, it was hard to think too much anymore.

They were busy until late in the evening. They helped the children shower and after all the happenings, they were slightly exhausted.

After the children went to sleep, Nan Zhi went to sleep as well.

However, An Feng could not seem to fall asleep.

At midnight, as she didnt eat much during dinner, she went down to make a simple supper for herself.

When she walked into the kitchen, she jumped in surprise when she saw a dark figure standing there.

She hurriedly turned on the lights. Seeing that the dark figure belonged to Helian Xiao, An Feng sighed in relief. "Mr Helian, what are you looking for?"

Helian Xiao coughed. "My throat hurts a little, so I wanted to have a cup of water."

Seeing an unusual flush on his face, An Feng furrowed her eyebrows a little. "Do you have a fever?"


"Have you taken any medication?"

"Its in the plane."

Falling sick was always very tiring. Seeing that he seemed a little tired, An Feng, who had always been kind, decided to ignore his actions during the day and said, "You should go back to your room and rest. Ill bring some medication and water up for you later."

"Thank you."

After Helian Xiao went up, An Feng poured a glass of water before she went to the medication box to take out the flu medicine they had at home. With the two items in her hands, she walked to the room where Helian Xiao was staying in.

She knocked on the door.

No one replied.

An Feng stood there for a while before she knocked on the door again.

Still no one responded.

Did his fever worsen until he fainted?

An Feng knocked three more times. After she didnt get any reply, she lifted her hand up to open the door. "Mr Helian?"

The door wasnt locked, so An Feng pushed the door open and walked in.

Helian Xiao wasnt on the bed. An Feng placed the medication and the cup of water by the bed stand. She was about to walk out when the bathroom door suddenly opened.

Helian Xiao, who had taken a brief shower, walked out of the bathroom. His well-defined facial features appeared even more distinct. His short hair was wet, but not dripping water, and exuded an innate sexiness that was hard to describe.

He was only wearing a simple pair of shorts, not having had the time to wear his shirt yet. It exposed his well-built body that was different from his gentlemanly aura and gave a hint of the fitness and strength he possessed that was usually covered by his shirt.





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