Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 893

Chapter 893 A Domineering Kiss

Seeing the man walk out from the bathroom, An Feng immediately felt a heavy awkwardness wash over her. Although she was not young anymore, she still flushed from seeing such a visually impactful image.

The man, however, was indifferent as he walked past An Feng.

There was a layer of moisture on him still, and when he passed by An Feng, she only felt a gust of wind blowing past her, her heart panicking slightly.

Helian Xiao walked towards the leather luggage that was placed on the floor, taking out a shirt from inside to put it on.

When he lifted his arms, his abdomen muscles were even more well-defined, his back and shoulder muscles looking even more sexy and taut.

After he was done wearing his shirt, he glanced at An Feng. "My shirt was wet from the sweat, so I went to take a shower."

An Feng regained her senses and nodded, before pointing at the bed stand. "Ive placed the medicine and water there. You should rest early!"

When An Feng had walked to the door, the mans rich and magnetic voice rang from behind her. "Did you go down to cook something?"

An Feng didnt have the chance to reply before she heard him saying again. "Can you help me make some food as well?"


Anyone who came were guests. Besides, he did let their family take his private plane. It was the least she could do.

An Feng cooked some of the wonton she had made before they went traveling. Once they were done, she sprinkled some diced onions and placed several pieces of vegetables inside.

She brought Helian Xiaos portion up to him first.

She stood in front of the door, knocking on the door, but like before, no one responded.

Had he fallen asleep?

She knocked the door a few more times before she heard a voice to tell her to go in.

An Feng brought the bowl of wontons into the room.

The man was half-lying on the bed, his head leaning against the back of the bed with his eyes closed. His chest was heaving slightly, his expression indifferent and An Feng could not tell if he had fallen asleep or if the fever had made him delirious.

Seeing that the medicine she had brought was still placed on the bed stand, with only one third of the water gone, An Feng furrowed her eyebrows unconsciously.

He was already so old, did he not know how to take medicine?

An Feng placed the bowl of wontons on the bed stand, before taking out the flu medicine from its box. She asked softly, "Mr Helian, why didnt you take your medicine?"

The man didnt speak.

An Fengs eyes landed on his well-defined face, recalling the moment he leaned towards her during the day Her heart seemed to skip a beat.

However, she seemed to have thought of something else, her eyes moving away onto his right wrist.

His sleeve had covered his right wrist, so An Feng could not see anything.

She sucked in a deep breath, before she glanced at the man again. Seeing that he didnt seem like he was going to wake up, she carefully reached for his sleeve.

Having not done anything bad, An Fengs heart started to beat faster.

The moment she touched his sleeve, An Feng started to roll his sleeve up quietly.

Just as she was about to finish rolling his sleeve up, someone suddenly caught her wrist.

An Feng jumped in surprise. She turned slightly to look at the man leaning against the back of the bed. His eyes were still closed and she tried to pull her hand out of his grip, but to no avail.

As Helian Xiao grabbed An Fengs wrist, he was surprised at how slim her wrist was, that he could actually snap her wrist if he used a little more strength.

Not expecting this to happen, An Feng struggled with all she could, a guilty expression of having been caught doing something bad appearing on her face.

It was very quiet in the room. No one said anything, but this silent struggle and tension grew with every second.

"Mr Helian, are you delirious from your fever?" Not able to struggle out of his hold, An Feng could only speak.

Helian Xiao didnt say anything, merely opening his eyes. His hold on An Fengs wrist suddenly tightened, and An Feng was caught off guard, falling on his chest.

One of her hands accidentally pressed against his chest. He still had a fever, and his skin felt extremely hot, even with the layer of material between her hand and his body.

An Feng furrowed her eyebrows slightly, her expression slightly angered one. "Mr Helian, dont you think that youre being very rude like this?"

Helian Xiaos eyes landed on An Fengs warm and pretty face, a small smirk appearing on his lips as he looked as elegant and mature as usual. "Ms An, isnt this what you wanted"

What she wanted? An Fengs mind exploded.

What did he mean by that wasnt this what she wanted?

"You played hard to get with me to get my attention." The smirk on Helian Xiaos lips grew wider. "I admit that I dont like extremely charming and seductive women at my age. Rather, I prefer women who are gentle and demure. Like you."

An Fengs mind was still buzzing and she couldnt understand what he meant at all.

When did she play hard to get?

Wasnt he humiliating and embarrassing her on purpose right now?

An Feng took a deep breath, wanting to say something when something warm suddenly touched her lips. The mans scorching finger was caressing her lips.

The temperature his calloused fingers left on her made An Fengs mind explode once more.

When she had gotten married to Nan Weiye, she was already pregnant with Zhizhi. After she gave birth to Zhizhi, her body condition had been bad for a long time. On the other hand, Nan Weiye had just taken over the Nan familys business, and he was so busy she rarely saw him. On top of the strong trauma she had about sex, she would always remember that stormy night every time Nan Weiye tried to touched her, and she had never been able to sleep with Nan Weiye at all. After some time, Nan Weiye had stopped trying.

She had been alone for so many years. Many men had pursued her before, but she knew that she wouldnt be able to give men what they wanted, so she never got into another relationship.

Helian Xiao was the first one to act so daringly with her.

Caught in this predicament, An Feng was both angry and embarrassed. She immediately disregarded his status and pushed his hand away before she said coldly, "Mr Helian, please be mindful of what youre doing!"

Her words were already so clear. With his status, he probably wouldnt go against her.

However, her hand that she used to pushed his hand away was held by him instead.

The man suddenly looked down, his warm lips pressing against hers.

His other hand held onto her slender waist, forcing her body to press against his firm chest. There was a minty taste from the toothpaste, as he used the chance of her dazing out to bit her lips skilfully. His hand that was holding her waist reached under her shirt, as he caressed her smooth skin.

Feng Yao had gotten up at night to get water. Seeing that his Lords room still had its lights turned on, while his door was also half-opened, he glanced inside.

Seeing the scandalous scene inside, even he who had been to many important events, froze for a few seconds.

Oh my god!

Was he seeing things wrongly?

Why was his Lord and Auntie Feng

Feng Yao cupped his mouth with both hands, afraid that he would shout out loud as his eyes constricted a little while he ran back to his room.

An Feng stared at the man who was kissing her in disbelief. Her waist was held tightly by him, the man extremely strong as their bodies were pressed tightly together. His masculine scent filled all of her senses, as the strong emotion made An Fengs mind become messy.

After so many years, she had already forgotten the feeling when that man had kissed her during that stormy night. However, that type of emotion and disregarding attitude seemed fairly similar to how she felt now.

It was only when the mans hand reached under her shirt, wanting to be more daring and indecent that An Feng trembled all over, her senses suddenly returning to her like a wave.






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