Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 894

Chapter 894 No Relation To Us

An Feng felt extremely hot, her breath catching as her mind wandered.

What had he done to her just now?

An Feng grabbed his wandering hands to stop him from touching her even more.

The man looked up at her with his dark-colored eyes, a hint of smouldering heat appearing on his well-defined face. His lips moved a little, his voice was thick and hoarse, but was extremely calm at the same time.

He might have desired her a little, but his rationality was still present, unlike other men who lost all rationality the moment desire filled their minds.

"Why? Are you not willing?"

What was with the expression on his face? It was almost like he wanted her to pray and thank him for sleeping with her. An Feng had never felt so embarrassed and humiliated in be life.

Lifting her hand, she slapped at his face with all of her strength.

However, before she could touch him, his scorching hand had grabbed her. He smirked playfully. "I never thought that a woman at your age would still be so shy when it came to matters like this."


An Feng struggled to get up from him, as she panicked to get off the bed. In her panic, she accidentally glanced down below.

It was already

At the airport that morning, that woman said that he had a hidden disease, that he couldnt do it

How did it look like he couldnt do it now?!

An Feng stood by the bed, not leaving immediately but took the unfinished cup of water and threw it at his face quickly and accurately.

"Mr Helian, I hope that when I wake up in the morning, you will have already left!"

An Feng put down the cup, her hands clenching into tight fists as her knuckles turned a little pale. The man who was lying on the bed had a very pale expression. It was normal for a man to be irritated for being splashed with water at this sort of time. However, An Feng did not care about any of this anymore, as she turned around and left hurriedly.

When she left the room, her eyes were slightly red and moist as she used her sleeve to wipe her lips with strength, wanting badly to wipe away all of the mans mark on her!


When An Feng woke up the next morning, the sun was already bright up in the sky.

She had only fallen asleep when it was nearing four in the morning.

Feng Yao had helped Nan Zhi send the two children to the kindergarten, while Nan Zhi woke up early to go to the market to get some fresh ingredients. When she returned and noticed that her mother had yet to wake up, so Nan Zhi did not go and wake her up either.

In the last few years, it had always been her mother going to get the fresh ingredients in the morning. She would be busy with the private kitchens matters and help Nan Zhi in taking care of her two children usually, so it was rare for An Feng to sleep in.

An Feng walked out of her room. When she passed by the room Helian Xiao had stayed in, she couldnt help but walk faster.

Nan Zhi had been busy in the kitchen. Seeing An Feng come down, she put down the broom to greet her mother. "Mom, are you feeling unwell?"

Naturally, An Feng wouldnt tell her daughter about what happened last night and she shook her head. "Im still jet-lagged. Oh yes, Mr Helian, he"

"Oh, Mr Helian left before sunrise, saying that there was something he needed to rush back to his company to settle."

Hearing that the man had left, An Fengs tense heart finally fell back in place. "Its good that he left."

"Mom, you really seem to not like Mr Helian a lot!" Nan Zhi was slightly confused. "He seems really gentlemanly and charismatic!"

"No matter how charismatic he is, he still has no relation to us."

Their days went back to normal.

After Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan parted in H City, they never contacted each other again.

Nan Zhi remembered clearly what he told her before he left, to not pay attention to the news over at his side and she didnt.

A month later, Nan Zhi was boiling soup in the kitchen when An Feng suddenly rushed inside. "Zhizhi, did you see the news at S Country?"





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