Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 895

Chapter 895 Something Bad Has Happened

Seeing An Fengs expression, Nan Zhis heart skipped a beat. With her mothers expression like this, there must have been something bad that had happened.

Nan Zhi asked with furrowed eyebrows, "Mom, what news?"

"The news reported that the S Country Kings car met with a terrorist attack on the highway."

Nan Zhis heart jumped to the top of her throat. She took out her phone, hurriedly opening the internet browser to search for S Countrys news.

The news article had uploaded several photos. The scene of the terrorist attack had several vehicles ruined from the explosion, while there were several black-suited bodyguards laying on the floor. It was easy to tell that they were Mu Sihans men.

One of the photos was of medics carrying a badly injured figure out from a vehicle. Because the figure was badly injured, it was hard to see his face clearly.

However, from the silhouette and body shape, it looked extremely like Mu Sihan.

The media was also guessing that it was him.

However, the doors of the Royal Hospital had been closed and manned by tight security, so the reporters could not get any updates on the Kings current condition.

Nan Zhi looked up the Crown Palaces official site.

They had yet to announce the impact of this attack.

Nan Zhi held onto her phone tightly, circling within the kitchen a few times like an aimless fly as her panicked emotions slowly calmed down.

Seeing that Nan Zhi started to cook again like nothing had happened, An Feng asked with furrowed eyebrows, "Zhizhi, arent you worried?"

Of course Nan Zhi was worried. However, she remembered what he had told her when he left.

He told her to not pay attention to the news over there. That also meant that he had expected for something to happen, that everything was playing to his cards.

She believed that with his capability, he wouldnt let himself be blown to bits and be heavily injured.

"Mom, I believe that he will be fine."

Noting Nan Zhis firm expression, An Feng could not help but exclaim and be glad at the same time.

Zhizhi and Sihans feelings had already reached such a strong point.

In such a materialistic world, it was difficult to have such a relationship!

Cen Xi, who had been staying in the Crown Palace, was extremely panicked after hearing that Mu Sihans vehicle had been attacked.

She contacted Butler Yi urgently, getting a driver to send her to the Royal Hospital after finding out that Mu Sihan was getting medical attention there.

Halfway there, two vans suddenly sandwiched her vehicle in between them.

Cen Xi was extremely surprised. Several well-built men got off the vans, and she could easily tell that they didnt come for fun.

One of the men pointed a black gun at the driver inside Cen Xis vehicle, threatening him to unlock the doors.

Noting that all of them were armed, Cen Xi knew that she couldnt escape from them. Her lips trembled. "Unlock the doors!"

The moment the doors were unlocked, one of the men immediately dragged Cen Xi off the vehicle. In the next second, he took out a piece of handkerchief, pressing it against Cen Xis nose and mouth. Within seconds, Cen Xi lost consciousness.

As Cen Xi slowly woke up, she noticed that she was in a damp and dark house. The house was made of stones, the windows high as a cold moonlight shined in. When she looked around her, she noted several skeletons around her.

Cen Xi was so scared her eyes immediately constricted, her face turning pale.

The dark environment made Cen Xi sink into extremely fear and panic. Within a few minutes, she lost consciousness once more.

The moon went away as the sun rose, and it was already the morning of the next day. Cen Xi was woken up from water being thrown at her face.

She slowly opened her eyes, her blurred vision slowly sharpening as a masked man appeared in front of her.

Although she could not see his face clearly, she could still feel that he was staring at her coldly and eerily.

The goosebumps on Cen Xis arms had all popped up, her slender figure trembling uncontrollably. Her arms and legs were tied together and she could not move apart from moving back slowly towards the corner of the room. "Y-you, who are you? I have no grudges with you, why did you kidnap me?"

"No grudges?" The man suddenly spoke, his voice low and hoarse like a grim reaper and laced with a bloodthirsty hint to it. "Give me the pass code to the banks safe."

"What pass code? I dont understand you!"

"You dont understand?" The mans gloved fingers grabbed her chin ruthlessly. "Arent you Xiao Yings younger sister? Arent you dating the King? We found out that your older sister left evidence before she passed and placed it in XX Banks safe and now, you have already guessed the pass code!"

Cen Xis eyes kept constricting as she glared at the masked man with red eyes. "You guys have been listening onto my conversations with the King! I had only just guessed the pass code, and the Kings vehicle was attacked. Hes still unconscious in the hospital right now! Youre the mastermind behind the terrorist attack, arent you?"

The man looked up as he chuckled lowly, before he looked down to stare at Cen Xi coldly. His hold on her face tightened continuously.

Cen Xi felt as if her jawbone was about to be crushed into pieces by him. Her tears continued to circle in her eyes. "I dont know the pass code. My older sister was the one to set it and I cant guess what it is!"


Cen Xi had just finished speaking when she was slapped ruthlessly.

Her molars seemed to have been loosened slightly, as she tasted blood in her mouth.

"Theres no point in hitting me to death! I would never tell you the pass code, even if I died!" Cen Xi glared at the masked man with red eyes. "Although I still dont know who you are, but Older Sister placed the evidence in the safe. Once the Kings men open the safe, he would be able to expose your true identities!"


Cen Xi received another ruthless slap on the other side of her face.

She felt herself seeing stars, as her mind buzzed from the impact of the slaps.

"The King? Ha, hes still in the ICU right now. Even if he can survive, we can also make him a comatose patient that cannot say anything! Let me give you another chance. If you still dont tell me, I can only kill you and send you to meet Hades!"

The man took out a black gun from his waist.

He pointed the gun in between Cen Xis eyebrows, before he slowly aimed it at her chest and abdomen.

That slow but extremely blood thirsty action made Cen Xi pale even more.

The fear in Cen Xi had reached a peak level.

However, she continued to keep her jaw shut, unwilling to even say a word.

Seeing this, the masked man chuckled coldly. He didnt shoot Cen Xi to death, taking out a white pill instead.

He grabbed Cen Xis mouth, forcing her to open it. "Are you not telling me? Alright, I have many ways to make you speak!"

Cen Xi kept shaking her head. "What are you giving me to take? Im not taking it! Go away!"

The masked man whistled. "Come in everyone."

Cen Xi watched as the well-built men that brought her here entered the room, all of them smiling at her unkindly.

"If you tell me the pass code, I can spare your life." The masked man laughed coldly. "But if you dont, you would end worse than dead. These men will play with you until you die!"

The image of her being torn apart by those well-built men appeared in Cen Xis mind, and all of her goosebumps stood on end.

Her lashes fluttered terribly as she glanced outside the stone house, her voice fearful and helpless. "No, dont let these people touch me! Ill tell you, Ill tell you everything"






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