Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 896

Chapter 896 Mu Sihan Is Here

The masked man made a hand gesture, and the well-built men that walked in all stood to the side.

Cen Xis chin was held tightly by the masked man as he spoke ruthlessly, "My men are outside the bank right now. If you dare lie to me, you will suffer terribly!"

Cen Xi endured the pain on her face, her tears swimming in her eyes as she suddenly laughed. "Do you really think its that easy to listen in on the King?"

"Im telling you to say the pass code" The masked man paused in his words, his hold on Cen Xis chin tightening even more and Cen Xi could feel the bloodthirstiness exuding from him. "What do you mean?"

Cen Xi was also in so much pain it was starting to feel numb to her. She smiled, not afraid at all. "I mean that you will all die under this ploy you set up!"

There was a nano-sized tracker placed in Cen Xi. It was a high-technology device that Mu Sihan got his men to research and was able to avoid the special checks of various red lasers and other technology.

No matter where Cen Xi was brought to, even if it was the depths of the Earth, Mu Sihan would still be able to find her accurately.

After Cen Xi had been brought away, Mu Sihan had already discovered that Cen Xi was brought to an island out in the seas through the tracker.

In order to not alert their enemy, Mu Sihan brought a small team of camouflaged soldiers with him, heading towards their targeted location after getting off the plane.

The island was very big, with dense trees grown all over. If it wasnt for the new tracker, Cen Xi would only end up dead after being brought here!

They walked for nearly two hours before Mu Sihan saw a stone house.

He secretly made a hand gesture and his men immediately surrounded the stone house.

In the house, the masked man was about to punish and torture Cen Xi. He suddenly heard a soft sound from outside. Feeling that something was wrong, he immediately shouted, "Someone found this place!"

"The few of you, go lure them away! Im bringing this woman away through the secret path!" The masked man said to the well-built men.

He was bringing her away through the secret path?

Cen Xis heart tightened. Before she could say anything, the masked man had pulled her long hair and dragged her to an underground pass.

The moment they entered the underground pass, the man kicked Cen Xi several times ruthlessly. "B*tch, there isnt a tracker on you, how did they find us?"

The corners of Cen Xis lips were bleeding as she smiled weakly. "Hes the King of a country and possess wits and intelligence. You will never win him!"

The moment Cen Xi finished speaking, the man kicked her abdomen ruthlessly once more.

She almost fainted from the pain.

"Youre different from your Older Sister. Your older sister was killed by them, but youre still helping him?"

A thin layer of cold sweat appeared on Cen Xis forehead, her face completely pale. However, her determination and lack of fear was still present. She spat saliva laced with blood towards the masked man. "Tsk! My older sister was actually killed by you! You hypnotized my Older Sister and made her stubborn and extreme to only listen to you. The moment you achieved your goals, you made her swallow too many sleeping pills that killed her!"

The masked man laughed coldly. "It seems like you know everything." The man squatted down, caressing Cen Xis bloodied lips. "In this tunnel, even if you have some sort of special tracker on you, the signal will still be blocked, and youre equivalent to being dead!"

Mu Sihan got his men to deal with those well-built men while he entered the stone house.

Seeing the skeletons scattered all over the house, and the drops of blood remaining on the wall, his expression darkened.

He walked around the house, but didnt see Cen Xi.

He checked the tracker, but it indicated that it was this place.

Cen Xi had been taken away.

There was an underground pass here.

With Cen Xis intelligence, she had probably left some useful clues when she was taken away.

Mu Sihan looked around the stone house carefully, when he suddenly found a small piece of pink nail clasped between a wall.

Cen Xi had painted her nails pink before this.

Mu Sihan hit the wall a few times. Noting that there was an echo from inside, he pushed the door hard, and the stone wall slowly opened itself.

Cen Xi was brought to a cliff.

Under the cliff, it was the depthless sea. The waves were clashing loudly and crazily. When she stood by the cliff, it was as if she was standing right under the mouth of a wild beast. It was extremely scary.

The masked man seemed to have sensed that Mu Sihan had caught up to them, as he took out a gun and pressed it against Cen Xis temple.

Indeed, within a few minutes, Mu Sihan, who was dressed in black, walked out with large strides.

"The person in the ICU is your substitute?" The masked man questioned eerily.

Mu Sihan stared at the masked man with sharp eyes. "Do you think I would send myself to my death after letting you know my schedule?"

The masked man suddenly understood everything.

"Cen Xi and you were not in a relationship at all. You dont have the evidence you said you have either. You knew that you were being listened to, so you worked together to act this all out on purpose in order to lure me out, didnt you?"

Mu Sihan took out a diamond sleeve cuff, which shone radiantly under the sunlight. "Of course, I didnt do it to lure you out, but that Master of yours that you followed loyally with all of your heart, even if youre threatened and forced by him!"

The masked man froze. "I dont know what youre saying."

"This cuff belongs to your Master!"

The masked man remained silent.

"He made you the head of the SSS group. Throughout all these years, you did so many bad things for him, but in the end, what did you get?"

The masked man interrupted Mu Sihans words coldly as he pointed his gun at Mu Sihan. "Its none of your business to comment about my matters! Do you think you can win? There are countless bombs buried here! In the worst situation, well all die! If you die, he would be able to get the power and get what he wants the most!"

"Yes, if I die, he can get what he wants the most. If you die, he can also arrange for another person to take over the SSS group. But what about your beloved woman? He might even get someone else to marry your women and"

The masked man interrupted Mu Sihans unfinished words in anger. "Shut up!"

Mu Sihan narrowed his depthless black eyes. "Ive already found the woman that has been hidden by him all along. If you work with me, I can make you a commoner in the future to live with your woman. If youre hell bent on letting all of us die here, then your woman would also become a sacrifice!"

Mu Sihan took out his phone and played a video. Seeing the woman in the video, the masked man slowly lowered his gun.

Mu Sihan didnt lie to him, he really found her.

After a long time, the masked man half-knelt on the floor. He threw the gun away. "Tell me, Ill do anything you want me to!"

"Go back with me and tell the Queen all of his crimes!"

The masked man nodded. "Alright. But I have a question. Did you guess that he was the mastermind only because of a cuff?"

"Thats right. If he was more careful, no one would have even suspected him."






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