Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 897

Chapter 897 A New Problem Arises Before The Old Is Solved

The masked man was thrown into the plane by Mu Sihan and flew quickly to Crown Palace.

Cen Xi was seriously injured and Mu Sihan brought the doctor over secretly to the Crown Palace to treat her.

Shortly after they reached the Crown Palace, the Queen arrived. Although she had abdicated, her aura of a Queen remain unchanged.

She had always held the military power in her hands, and even though Mu Sihan had become King, he must be careful in his words and deeds!

It had only been half a year since Mu Sihan succeeded to the throne. If he was given some more time, he would sooner or later take over the military power from the Queen!

The Queen sat on the sofa, looking at the masked man who was kneeling on the ground, and ordered for the mask to be removed from his face.

A face with a beard was shown. The Queen looked at the man for a while and her eyes narrowed, her gaze cold. "Youre Lu Wei, the loyal guard by the Princes side before! Werent you already dead?"

Lu Wei knelt on the ground, not daring to meet the Queens eyes and said, "The Prince faked my death to help him run a criminal organization."

"You mean SSS group?"

"Yes." Lu Wei thought of all the bad deeds he had done the past few years and his eyes turned red. "The Prince had planned this for many years but he still had not succeeded. Maybe its Gods will."

The Queen said loudly, "Tell me about his crimes in detail."

"The death of Eldest Prince was actually the first step for the Prince to seize the throne."

The Queens pupils constricted when she heard Lu Weis words.

The Eldest Prince was the Queens eldest son. He was made a Crown Prince at birth. Unfortunately, he died young. The Queen had always thought that the cause of his death was his own body and never thought that he was killed.

The Queens hand that was holding the cane tightened, her eyes cold. "Continue!"

"After the Eldest Prince died, Prince Ye Qing and the King were born. The master said that the King was a jinx because his birth would kill the Eldest Prince. Actually, the master was bribed by the Prince, the King was not a jinx at all."

The vein on the back of the Queens hand protruded out and the expression in her eyes changed. Mu Sihan, who was standing behind the Queen, had no expression, only a faint mocking smile on his lips.

Over the years, only he knew how much he had suffered carrying the crime of being a jinx!

The Queen dared not look at Mu Sihan who was behind her, emotions surging in her heart. That year when her eldest son died, she pushed all the blame onto Mu Sihan after listening to the masters words.

"After the death of the Eldest Prince, the Prince thought he could be the Crown Prince, but Ye Fengjun stole it from him. He naturally was unwilling to give it up. After planning for several years, he made Ye Qing meet with an accident and used him! He thought that with Ye Qings absence, it would have a great impact on Ye Fengjun, but after Ye Fengjun got back on his feet, he found the King."

"Although Ye Fengjun and Ye Fengxi had their own reasons for fighting that year, it was the Prince who caused Ye Fengjun to be injured by the bomb."

The Queens temples began to throb.

This animal had harmed so many people in the Royal family!

The Queen gritted her teeth, her gaze sharp and full of hate. "Keep talking!"

"After Ye Fengjun became crippled, the Prince wanted to let the Fifth Prince be the Crown Prince, but the Fifth Prince lost to the King. The Prince was very angry and swore not to let the King succeed in ascending the throne!"

Mu Sihan, who had stayed silent, suddenly said in an icy cold voice, "So, after I went to Yukou Border, he gave Lucy ideas as a mysterious person and let her give me Together with You. But he did not expect that I would be able to get rid of the parasitic poison, and that Lucy would leave traces. If Im right, he should have put a bug on Lucy and heard the conversation between Lucy and Nan Zhi that day. Worried that Lucy would say something, he sent someone to hit her car."

Lu Wei nodded. "Yes. After the car was hit, Princess Lucy died on the spot, but Nan Zhi survived. So he took Nan Zhi and sent him to Ye Qings side.

"He wanted to use Nan Zhis death as a blow to the King, but he did not expect the King to find Nan Zhi. So, he allowed Ye Qing appear again. Ye Qings appearance certainly caused the King a great blow but nobody expected that the King was just acting silly and in the end, even made Ye Qing reveal his true colors, ultimately destroying his plans!"

Mu Sihans hands clenched into fists and he said coldly, "What about the Qiao family? What wrong did the Qiao family did to him that he sent Xiao Ying to Qiao Yanzes side?"

"In his eyes, the Qiao family did a great crime. The woman the Prince liked at that time was Louss mother. When Mr Qiao was still alive, he suggested to the Queen that the Prince should not be together with Louss mother or else it would boost the Princes power. This is one of the reasons. Secondly, if the Qiao family falls from grace, the King would not be able to be with Nan Zhi! The Prince has been planning for the Fifth Prince to take over the Kings position and if this terrorist attack on the highway succeeded, would the King be standing here unscathed?"

Mu Sihan narrowed his dark and menacing eyes. "Lucy was killed by him and Lous still agreed to work with him?"

"Lous only cares about Ye Qing and power. Its only Lucy, why should he fall out with the Prince over her?"

The Queen could not continue listening anymore. She took the cane and slammed it hard on the ground, her eyes full of anger. "Bastard! All these crimes are enough to take his life!"

The Queen stood up and looked at Mu Sihan. "Go to the palace of the Prince to arrest him. Make him admit his crimes and as for the Qiao familys matter, make him admit the source of the Die drug and provide the evidence to the Interpol!"

The Qiao familys matter had become an international case, and their reputation would not be restored with just a word from the Royal family.

After the Queen left, Mu Sihan ordered to arrest the Prince discreetly.

An hour later, the guard reported that the Prince was not in his palace.

Mu Sihan immediately ordered people to go to the bank.

Sure enough, they caught the Prince who was looking for the bank manager to try to open Xiao Yings safe.

The Prince was taken to Crown Palace.

Mu Sihan interrogated him personally, but soon, Mu Sihan found that something was wrong.

He stepped forward and tore at the Princes face.

"It seemed like the news was leaked!"

Mu Sihans voice had just fell when his phone vibrated.

Mu Sihans eyebrows jumped when he saw that it was from the instructor of the training camp and a bad feeling surged up from his heart.

"Your Majesty, are you all right?"

Mu Sihan hummed in a deep voice. "Did something happen to Xiaojie?"

"The training camp is closed from the outside and whatever happened outside, the students wont know. But one of the students came back from vacation and mentioned in front of Little Prince that you met with a terrorist attack and your life is in danger. Little Prince did not ask for leave and snuck out of the training camp!"

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