Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Missing

Hearing the instructors words, Mu Sihans expression darkened, his carved-like face turned tense and his lips pursed in a straight line.

The oppressive and cold aura of a king was exuded vividly from him.

He went to the French windows, his gaze sharp. "Have you checked the surveillance cameras?"

"Yes, but Little Prince has always been the most outstanding student in the training camp, so he avoided the surveillance cameras." The instructor could not see Mu Sihan now, but he could still feel his coldness and fierceness and he said, slightly fearful, "Little Prince did not wear his watch when he left so were unable to locate his present position!"

"Run a check on the student who leaked the news."

After Mu Sihan hung up, he hurried outside.

Yi Fan came in and saw Mu Sihans dark and cold face. He asked cautiously, "Young Master, the Prince is still not caught yet?"

"Start the car and go to the Royal Hospital."

After Mu Sihan got into the car, he was silent.

He looked outside of the car window, a coldness exuding out from his body.

Stepping on the accelerator, Yi Fan drove faster and soon arrived at Royal Hospital. Yi Fan had already sent away all the reporters before Mu Sihan came.

Apart from the medical staff, the VIP passageway was guarded by Mu Sihans men.

Mu Sihan got out of the car and walked very fast. His black pants were fitted to his legs like knives, as he walked he had a strong murderous air.

When he arrived at the intensive care unit, Mu Sihan looked at his substitute who was lying on the bed and asked the guards by the door. "Did Little Prince come by?"

The guard shook his head. "No."

Mu Sihan then looked at the hospitals surveillance cameras.

Xiaojie had not appeared.

Mu Sihans dark eyes were shining with malicious intent and coldness. He calmly instructed Yi Fan. "Get all the footage from the surveillance cameras around the training camp and the hospital.

"The entire city is now under martial law. Conduct checks on all highways, airports, bus stations and ports. Do not let any suspicious people and vehicles pass. We have to find Little Young Master even if we have to dig three feet deep!"

Yi Fan was shocked. Young Master Xiaojie had disappeared at this juncture, was he

At the town.

Nan Zhi constantly consoled herself that Mu Sihan would be fine, but there was an ominous feeling in her heart.

She did not dare to call him, afraid that if she suddenly contacted him, it would spoil his plans. She could only hope that he could finish the matters over there quickly and contact her.

Feng Yao was leaving the town in the afternoon and Nan Zhi made some boxes of snacks for him.

She took the snacks and went upstairs to look for Feng Yao.

At that time, Feng Yao was having a video call with Helian Xiao. The number of times father and son video called each other could be counted with the fingers of his hand. Helian Xiao said from the other end, "The news from S Country reminded me of one thing. Yuyu looks very much like the King of S Country. How can there be such a coincidence? Feng Yao, tell me the truth. Are they father and son?"

Feng Yao had long guessed that his Lord would know about this and he did not intend to hide it. "Its good that you know so you can discipline Zhuzhu, and ask her to stop coveting Zhizhis man. I dont like how she is always sticking to men who are already taken."

"From what I know, the Kings son has disappeared and hes busy over this. Where will he have the time to care about your sister"

Nan Zhi stood at the door and heard Helian Xiaos words. Her hands trembled in surprise and the snacks she was holding fell to the ground!





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