Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 899

Chapter 899 Returning To The Capital

Feng Yao heard sounds and saw Nan Zhi standing at the door in panic. After saying a few more words to Helian Xiao, he hung up quickly.

Throwing his phone on the bed, Feng Yao went to Nan Zhi with quick steps, holding onto her shaking shoulders. "You heard what I said to my Lord?"

Nan Zhi held Feng Yaos arm, feeling like her throat was blocked, her heart trembling violently, like an invisible hand was holding on to it tightly, making her unable to make a sound.

"Zhizhi, Zhizhi"

There seemed to be someone shouting at her ear and Nan Zhis long eyelashes fluttered. She regained her senses and the hand on Feng Yaos arm tightened. "Xiaojies missing?"

"That is what my my Lord said. I think Zhuzhu must have heard something in the Capital and told my Lord. But Zhizhi dont worry, your man has great power. He should be able to find Xiaojie very soon."

Nan Zhi knew what Feng Yao said was reasonable, but her heart was still in panic.

And that uneasiness was only growing stronger.

How had Xiaojie gone missing? Was he kidnapped?

Those who dared to kidnap Xiaojie must be no ordinary people.

Feng Yao led Nan Zhi into the room and guided her to sit down. She was cold all over, her fingers clammy and trembling. Feng Yao sat beside her and asked, "Do you want to call and ask?"

Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly and her flustered mind calmed down a little. "Ill call him later."

Maybe Xiaojie was not kidnapped, but ran out on his own and would return to the training camp or Crown Palace later.


In Crown Palace.

Two hours had passed, but there was still no news on Xiaojie.

Yi Fan had checked the surveillance cameras along the road from training camp and the hospital, but after the little boy left the training camp, he took a shortcut and avoided all the surveillance cameras.

Mu Sihan naturally knew that he did not want to attract attention and secretly went to the hospital to see him.

But cleverness may overreach itself. Xiaojie did not expect that someone would be waiting to abduct him.

No matter how smart and great he was, he was just a child.

How could he possibly fight that unscrupled and nefarious Prince?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips and no matter how calm and steady he was, he still had some worries in his heart. He did not know if the little fellow was suffering, whether he was afraid

But in any case, if the Prince had abducted Xiaojie, he would not harm his life for the time being!

Mu Sihan rushed back to his office and before entering, he told his secretary in a low voice, "Ask someone to bring Ye Yanfeng here."

Just as Mu Sihan finished speaking, a cold and devilish voice could be heard. "I heard that my father has become a wanted criminal. Is the King going to arrest me as well?"

Mu Sihan pushed open the office door, his voice cold. "Come in."

In the office.

As Mu Sihan stood in front of the French windows, he took out a cigar, lit it and looked at Ye Yanfeng. "Contact your father."

Ye Yanfeng shrugged, a helpless expression on his face. "I did, but his phone is switched off."

Mu Sihan looked back at Ye Yanfeng. "Your father has committed a terrible crime. As his son, youre also to be investigated. I hope you can cooperate."

Ye Yanfeng smiled devilishly. "I thought Id be thrown out of the Royal family directly and demoted to be a civilian!"

"If youre involved in your fathers plans, its not just as simple as a demotion to being a civilian!"

It had been four years.

Shangguan Wan once again returned to the Capital, a familiar yet unfamiliar land, with a feeling like a century had passed.

She was summoned back by a letter from the Shangguan family. She heard that her sister Shangguan Rao was seriously ill and needed her to go back to the Capital.

But when she came back, Waner found that she was deceived.

Raorao was not ill at all. Her father asked her back to matchmake for marriage.

The man was the son of the Queens cousin-in-law and had certain power in the military. His wife passed away last year and he was nearly forty years old.

When Shangguan Wan heard her fathers introduction to the man, she sneered. "You still have Shangguan Rui, why dont you let her marry him?"

When General Shangguan heard Shangguan Wans words, he was furious. Mrs Shangguan was wiping her tears by the side. "Waner, your father and I are doing this for you. Youre someone who practices martial arts, have a child and even had a divorce. Its already a very good choice to be paired with the Queens cousin-in-laws son!" Mrs Shangguan said and looked at Shangguan Wan with a meaningful expression. "But, if you and the King remarry, and become the mother of the country, your father and I would be happy for you!"

When Shangguan Rui, who was sitting on the sofa painting her nails, heard this, she hummed indifferently. "Forget it. If the King liked her, he wouldnt have divorced her. Even if she went to him now, he wouldnt spare her another glance!"

Mrs Shangguan looked at Shangguan Rui. "Ruirui, how can you say that about your sister! Even if the King will not marry her again, there are still many people who like her!"

"Thats right. Didnt the Fifth Prince get enticed by her? This kind of person looks serious on the surface but is actually a crafty person. She knew that the sister she most doted on liked the Fifth Prince, but she still stepped in and betrayed the sisterly relationship. She deserves it!"

Shangguan Wan looked frostily at Shangguan Rui and said angrily, "Have you said enough?"

Shangguan Rui saw Shangguan Wans murderous look and she shrunk behind Mrs Shangguan in fear. "Father, Mother, look! Shangguan Wans gone mad as soon as she came back!"

General Shangguan raised his hand and brought it down on the coffee table, glaring at Shangguan Wan sharply. "The dinner is this evening. You have to go, even if you dont want to!"

Shangguan Wan gave a cold bark of laughter. "What can you do if I dont go?"

General Shangguan expression changed. "Lock Young Miss in her room. Dont give her any food or drink until she agrees!"

The butler brought several guards in.

Shangguan Wan took out a whip from her waist and quickly wrapped it around Shangguan Rui, who had been looking on with sneering pleasure. Shangguan Rui subconsciously held the whip and Shangguan Wan pulled Shangguan Rui towards her.

"Its not easy for me to come back. I have gained some achievements from guarding Yukou Border for the past few years. Father, if you want to imprison me, shall we go to the King and see what he has to say?"

Shangguan Ruis artery was pinched by Shangguan Wan and her legs trembled in fear. She had not seen Shangguan Wan for a few years, why was she getting more fierce? No wonder no man wanted such a wicked woman!

"Shangguan Wan, now you dont even listen to your fathers words?"

Shangguan Wan smiled, her eyes cold. "From the moment I went to Yukou Border, I had no intention to follow your words anymore!"


Shangguan Wan was too lazy to continue the farce and pulled Shangguan Rui out of the Shangguans house.






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