Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 900

Chapter 900 Meeting Again

Chapter 900: Meeting Again

After leaving the Shangguan house. Shangguan Wan released the restraint on Shangguan Rui and threw her aside coldly, got into the car and left without saying anything.

Shangguan Rui fell to the ground, her expression distorted and she clenched her fists in anger.

With her and her mother in the Shangguan family, they would not let Shangguan Wan have a good life!

The chauffeur of the car was an old servant of the Shangguan family, and also her mothers personal chauffeur when she was still alive. Seeing the slightly tired Shangguan Wan who was sitting behind, the old servant said, "Young Miss, ever since Madam left, this home is not like a home anymore."

All that was left was power, calculation and the unrestrained using of people with no remorse

With a sigh, Shangguan Wan leaned against the seat. She was already numb to how her father treated her. What made her sad was Raorao.

After Shangguan Wan had returned, she went to see Raorao first but she had avoided her.

Shangguan Wan put her head against the car window and lowered her eyes, looking cold, tired and quiet. Her gaze was cold like a frozen lake as she glimpsed the views passing with unseeing eyes.

After driving for a distance, the old chauffeur asked Shangguan Wan. "Young Miss, where to now?"

Shangguan Wan glanced up again. "Go to the office and find the King!"

Now that Sihan was the King, he had summoned her back to the Capital several times, but each time, she had found excuses to avoid the summons. Since she was back, she could use the chance to report to him about the situation at Yukou Border.

When she arrived at the office, Shangguan Wan was feeling a little nervous. After all, she had promised the Prince not to step into the Capital for five years.

Although the time period was almost up, it was still a breach of contract.

Shangguan Wan was afraid that she would be thrown out of the office if she was seen by the Princes people.

But nobody stopped her after she entered the office.

The people working here knew Shangguan Wan, so no one dared to stop her as she was the daughter of General Shangguan, not to mention she was a former Princess.

Shangguan Wan went up to the top floor of the Kings office smoothly.

The secretary took Shangguan Wan to the Kings office.

The secretary knocked on the door and after a deep and cold voice said, Enter, the secretary pushed open the door.

Shangguan Wan went in. She thought there was only Mu Sihan inside so she smiled and said, "Its been a while!"

She had not smiled fully when she saw a tall figure sitting on the sofa, and her smile disappeared immediately.

The man sitting lazily on the sofa heard Shangguan Wans voice and raised his head slowly to look over at her.

The moment Shangguan Wan looked at him, a trace of coldness flashed past his charming eyes, but it disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared.

Shangguan Wans expression was slightly stunned.

Never had she expected to see Ye Yanfeng in Mu Sihans office.

He was wearing a sapphire colored shirt and black pants. The shirt was V-necked and exposed his exquisite collarbones and a small area of his skin. The sunlight that shone in from outside landed on his handsome face and he was the same as before, and perhaps even more strikingly handsome.

Shangguan Wan looked at him and felt like a century had passed.


Mu Sihan, who was sitting behind the executive desk, raised his head and looked towards the door. Seeing Shangguan Wan, he was slightly surprised and his tall body stood up from the leather chair quickly.

Shangguan Wan was still in a daze after seeing Ye Yanfeng.

She still remembered his words. "Shangguan Wan, listen well. From now on, well live our separate lives and never come into each others lives again!"

Live their separate lives and never come into each others lives again!

Yes, he did well. He really did not bother her anymore.

The same had been for her!

Shangguan Wan was reluctant to think about those things in the past. Time really was the best healing agent. She had never loved him deeply, so it was not difficult to forget about him!

Shangguan Wan recovered from her shock and nodded at Ye Yanfeng before looking towards Mu Sihan who was coming towards her.

"Something happened at home, so I came back for a while. Before I leave I want to report to you on Yukou Border."

Mu Sihans head was full of Xiaojie now and he pressed between his eyes. "Sit down first. Well talk about work later."

Shangguan Wan saw that Mu Sihans dark eyes were bloodshot and she asked with a frown. "Did something happen?"

Before Mu Sihan could say anything, his phone vibrated.

Mu Sihan gestured for Shangguan Wan to sit and walked out of the office.

The Capital was under martial law everywhere. Not even an ant could go out from airports, bus stations and ports. But there were many families who owned private planes in the Capital, and before Mu Sihan gave the order, several private planes had left the Capital.

Yi Fan had found that the private plane of the family of the student who leaked the news to Xiaojie had left the Capital not long after Xiaojie came out of the training camp. At that time, Mu Sihan did not know about Xiaojies disappearance.

"Ive already asked people to follow the route, but that private plane had already landed in the airport of the neighboring city."

The airport of the neighboring city was not the destination, but a cover-up.

"Continue your investigation!"

After Mu Sihan left the office, there was only Shangguan Wan and Ye Yanfeng left in the large space.

The room was stifling and quiet.

Shangguan Wan sat on the sofa, her slender legs crossed together. She took out a lady cigarette from her coat pocket and glanced at Ye Yanfeng. "You dont mind, right?"

Ye Yanfengs cold eyes landed on Shangguan Wans face and his sexy lips were slightly pursed, not agreeing or disagreeing.

Shangguan Wan did not seek for his opinion again after seeing this. She picked up the lighter on the coffee table and flipped open the lid, and a soft sound disrupted the silence when the metal collided. A blue flame lit up and Shangguan Wan put the cigarette close to the flame.

Shangguan Wan leaned against the sofa, her right hand holding the cigarette, with left hand on her right elbow and her eyes were trained on the office door.

Rampant thoughts were running wild in her mind.

The smoke blurred her charming and bright face. Compared with five years ago, her hair had grown longer. She had it in a ponytail, the hair on her forehead all swept back, showing her small face.

There was a touch of melancholy in her eyes, as if there was something on her mind.

Shangguan Wan seldom smoked, but occasionally when she was upset or wanted to avoid someone or something, she would use nicotine to numb herself.

With the rising smoke, Shangguan Wan saw that Ye Yanfengs eyes had landed on her.

Steely eyes were checking her out without a care.

Shangguan Wan wanted to pretend that she did not mind, but also had a feeling that she had nowhere to hide.

Although he said nothing, he stared at her with eyes that could not be ignored. Such a quiet and calm stare made Shangguan Wan feel extremely tormented.

Raising her eyebrows, she flicked the ash of her cigarette. "Fifth Prince, what are you looking at? Its not very gentlemanly to stare at a woman like that, no?"





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