Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Let Me Go With Him

Ye Yanfengs thighs were long and strong, and with just a layer of cloth between, Shangguan Wan could feel his firm muscles and heating body temperature.

The long hair she had tied back was picked up by his slender fingers and his handsome and devilish face came close to her beautiful neck. "You have perfume on?"

Shangguan Wan was angry and raised her hand to push his face away, but he grabbed her fingers. He rubbed his fingers against her hand, creating a crisp and numb feeling.

"In what capacity are you speaking to me?" He laughed. "Why, youre feeling lonely without a man around recently?"


Shangguan Wan slapped at his face hard.

He could avoid it but he did not, and was slapped by her. Faint red finger marks appeared on his handsome face.

Instead of being annoyed, he started laughing and released the hand around her waist, leaning his body against the chair.

A few seconds later, he looked at her with a slight raise of his eyebrows. "Why are you still sitting on my lap? Get out!"

Shangguan Wans eyes felt hot and countless feelings surged out like a tidal wave, like it would drown her the next second.

She got up from his legs and he put on his headphones again, moving forward to turn on his computer.

Taking a deep breath, Shangguan Wan left without looking back at him again. It was only after the office door was closed that Ye Yanfeng looked up from the computer.

After Shangguan Wan left, Ye Yanfengs assistant came in.

"Your Highness, Miss Waner has a good relationship with the King. If she can stand on your side she could speak for you, why did you chase her away?"

Ye Yanfeng threw his headphones down and looked at his assistant. "You dont know what my father did? Even if he was sentenced to death, do you think the Queen would let it go that easily? The Royal members whom the Queen doted on were all killed by him. Do you think the Queen will easily spare me, the one who has never been anyone of significance?"

"But if the King is on your side, maybe"

Ye Yanfengs lips lifted in a mocking smile. "Forget it, me and him are enemies. I wont beg him even if I die!"

The assistant frowned. "Your Highness, wheres theres life theres hope!"

Ye Yanfeng waved his hand. "Scram, and dont be an eyesore."

After Shangguan Wan came out of Ye Yanfengs office, she went into the washroom and into a cubicle. She sat on the toilet with her head raised, forcing back the tears that were about to fall.

After a while, a conversation between two female staff sounded outside. "I dont know what happened but His Highness is going to be investigated."

"Do you think the King is taking the opportunity to get rid of His Highness?"

"You cant say such things! If anyone hears it, your head will come off!"

"Yes, yes, yes. Since ancient times, might makes right. His Highness wont be able to climb back up again!"

Shangguan Wan came out of the cubicle after the two staff had washed their hands and left.

After washing her face and composing herself, she headed for Mu Sihans office. She was about to knock when the door was suddenly opened from the inside.

Seeing Mu Sihans cold and gloomy expression, Shangguan Wan asked. "Is there any news about Xiaojie?"

Mu Sihans dark eyes looked at Shangguan Wan, his face tense. "Xiaojie was taken to Africa by him."

Shangguan Wan pursed her lips. "Sihan, did the Prince ask you to go over personally?"

Mu Sihan nodded.

Shangguan Wan knew that it would be dangerous going there, but there was no hesitation in her next words. "Let me go there with the Fifth Prince!"




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