Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Do You Still Have Him In Your Heart?

Mu Sihans dark eyes looked at Shangguan Wan and he was not surprised when he heard her suggestion of going along.


"I didnt expect your feelings for him had gotten so deep."

Shangguan Wan shook her head, her eyelashes lowered. "He saved me once, Im just repaying him for that."

Mu Sihan did not expose Shangguan Wans thoughts. He frowned and said coldly, "Can you ensure that he would go all out to save Xiaojie with us? In the process of rescuing Xiaojie, if there is a slight mistake, Xiaojie might be killed!"

Shangguan Wan pursed her lips tightly.

She lowered her eyes and thought for a while. When she raised her head again. her eyes were firm. "I believe he will help us rescue Xiaojie!"

Mu Sihan narrowed his eyes slightly. "Waner, you havent been in contact with him for nearly five years."

"But I believe in his nature." Shangguan Wan paused slightly before she continued. "If he can help this time, I hope you can plead for him in front of the Queen. Dont let the Princes matters implicate him!"

"Two hours later, well depart from the airport." Mu Sihan looked at Shangguan Wan, his eyes dark and cold, and his body exuding an oppressive aura. "Since you pleaded for him and want him to go with us, if anything happens along the way, you must bear all the consequences!"

Shangguan Wan knew that they were friends, but she was an official, since she had become a guarantor, she would bear all the consequences!

"I understand. If something goes wrong, Ill bear it all!"

Shangguan Wan knew that Sihan was giving Ye Yanfeng a chance by agreeing to let him rescue Xiaojie with them. If he was found to have nothing to do with the Princes crimes in the future, it would be easier for Sihan to plead his case in front of the Queen.

Although she had sworn in front of Mu Sihan with confidence, Waner was still a little worried.

Five years ago, she had followed her instincts, feeling that Ye Yanfengs nature was not bad. But who had no ambitions in the Royal family? She did not know whether he was involved in the Princes crimes or not!

Even she was feeling incredulous with this kind of inexplicable trust and being a guarantor regardless of the consequences!

Was it like what Sihan had said, her feelings for Ye Yanfeng had become so deep?

No, she did not think it was because of deep feelings for him, but she wanted to repay his kindness.

If it was not him, she would have been violated at the border of the neighboring country!

After sorting out her thoughts, Shangguan Wan went to Ye Yanfengs office again.

Taking a deep breath, she raised her hand and knocked.

There was still no answer.

Shangguan Wan opened the door and went straight in.

This time, Ye Yanfeng was not playing games, but had his long legs on the desk, holding his phone and video calling someone.

Shangguan Wan stood at the door and he ignored her.

"Your Highness, you havent looked for Meier for a long time. Meier misses you so much."

Ye Yanfeng smirked, and laughed devilishly. "Where?"

"My whole bodys missing you." The woman in the video call laughed coquettishly. "Meiers waist and legs are thinner recently. Do you want to see them?"

Shangguan Wan stood in the doorway and hearing the flirtatious conversation between Ye Yanfeng and the woman, she felt like a thorn had pierced into her heart.

It was hard to pull out. Once pulled out, a pain that could not be ignored would spread out.

Shangguan Wan wanted to leave and ignore him. It was none of her business if he fell so low, was depressed or demoted to a civilian.

What did it matter to her?

But her actions were faster than her thoughts. Before he said anything, she went over and took his phone away.

She hung up the call without saying anything.

Seeing that the video call was hung up by Shangguan Wan, Ye Yanfeng did not become angry and did not speak, only staring at her with menacing eyes.

After a few seconds, Meier called.

Shangguan Wan hung up the call.

But soon, Meier called again.

Shangguan Wan answered and said coldly with a frosty expression, "The Fifth Prince has something to do now and has no time to video call you!"

Meier wanted to ask Shangguan Wan who she was when she saw her but when she saw the murderous look in Shangguan Wans eyes, she dared not say anything more and hung up the video call herself.

Shangguan Wan threw the phone on the desk with a cold expression and her gaze landed on the man sitting on the leather chair.

Ye Yanfeng looked back at Shangguan Wan, but there was a playful look in his eyes, "You scared my woman away, are you going to give yourself to me as a pawn? But sorry, Im not interested in you now."

Stepping forward, Shangguan Wan grabbed onto Ye Yanfengs collar and her face came close to his. "If you dont cooperate with me, there wont be any woman to video call in the future."

Ye Yanfeng raised his eyebrows. "Oh? How to cooperate? Man below, woman on top?"

Shangguan Wan resisted the impulse to give him a good thrashing. She gritted her teeth and said, "Your father kidnapped Xiaojie to Africa. Ive asked the Kings permission for me and you to go with him to rescue Xiaojie!"

Ye Yanfeng heard Shangguan Wans words and he was silent for a few seconds before smiling devilishly. "Shangguan Wan, why did you do that?"

Before Shangguan Wan could say anything, she heard him say in a sarcastic and strange tone, "You believe me that much? Or do you think youve lived your life and want to stand on the same side as me?"

Shangguan Wan stared at Ye Yanfengs handsome yet evil gaze. "You saved me at the border of the neighboring country."

Ye Yanfeng gave a faint smile, his slender fingers pinching Shangguan Wans chin, his lips coming close to her. "Didnt you sleep with me already? Were already clear, there is nothing between us anymore."

When he spoke, the dangerous breath filled her nose and Shangguan Wan held her breath, her heart beating wildly uncontrollably.

She tried to hold down her feelings and kept her face cold. "Can saving ones life be paid off after sleeping together? Besides, Your Highnesss bed skills are great, I dont necessarily suffer a loss by sleeping with you!"

Ye Yanfengs expression darkened.

Shangguan Wan thought of the urgency of time and she grabbed Ye Yanfengs arm. "Go back and pack."

Ye Yanfeng put down the legs that were on the table and held Shangguan Wans arm. He pulled hard and she fell in between his arms and the desk.

She was standing while he was seated, and their gazes intertwined in the air.

"Shangguan Wan, who are you to me? Why should I listen to you?"

Hearing his caustic words, Shangguan Wan felt a bitterness in her heart.

Looking at his slightly mocking gaze, Shangguan Wan asked softly, "Do you still hate me?"

"Hate?" Ye Yanfeng smirked, his eyes cold and shooting out a sharp coldness. "Whats there to hate? I heard the King say that you never registered for your marriage and never slept in the same room. That time you found a substitute that looked like him to have sex. Tell me, do you still have him in your heart?"





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