Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 904

Chapter 904 What Happened Back Then

Shangguan Wan stared at the handsome man in front of her, his slender and upturned eyes She lowered her eyelashes, looking like she did not want to say anything.

After staring at her for a few seconds, Ye Yanfeng waved his hand with a dark expression. "Okay, dont say anything more. Get out of here. This is my affair and its none of your business. I dont need you to be hypocritical!"

Shangguan Wan put her hands on the desk, her fingers grabbing the desk tightly, and looked at Ye Yanfengs face that had become fierce. She suppressed the bitterness spreading out from the bottom of her heart.

Taking a deep breath, she gritted her teeth and nodded. "Fine. I wont care about you anymore. Ill leave now!"

Shangguan Wan straightened her body, wanting to leave, but his arms were on the desk. She was unable to leave, trapped between his arms and the desk!

Shangguan Wan looked at him. His jaw was clenched with anger.

"Didnt you ask me to leave?"

Ye Yanfeng raised his eyes and looked at Shangguan Wan. His eyes were red and he stood up, his tall body casting a shadow over her. He grabbed Shangguan Wans chin with his hand. "I f*cking told you not to appear in front of me, why didnt you listen? Did I ask you to come to my office?"

As Shangguan Wan looked at his stormy expression, she suppressed the turmoil in her heart and said with a cold expression, "Just treat it like Im a busybody, okay?"

Ye Yanfengs hands that were on the table clenched into fists and the vein on the back of his hands could be seen.

He cursed, pinched her chin and kissed her roughly.

Shangguan Wans mind buzzed and turned blank.

Her pupils dilated slightly and she was unprepared for his sudden kiss. Her brain seemed to lack oxygen for a moment, her body seemed to be fixed on the spot and she could not move.

As the man kissed her, his arm was wrapped around her waist tightly.

Everything around seemed to be at a standstill.

A few seconds later, Shangguan Wan regained her senses and she struggled, the delicate skin of her face rubbed against the mans chin. The faint stubble on it was slightly prickling and his heavy breath filled her nose. She felt that her whole body was getting hot

There was a voice in her head that kept reminding her, "Push him away! You cant continue!"

But she could not exert any strength when she raised her hands and put it against his hot and firm chest. A layer of sweat oozed out from her palms.

They had not seen each other for years, and it had been so long that they almost could not remember the smell on each other.

Shangguan Wans long and thick eyelashes fluttered, her thoughts were like having a tug of war, conflicted between pushing him away or not pushing him away. He nibbled her lips, and then sucked them. Seeing that her resistance was weakening, he pried open her mouth.

When his hot tongue entered her mouth, Shangguan Wans blood rushed to her head, her ears, neck and cheeks were flushed with a faint redness.

He suddenly let go of her when she raised her hands and placed them on his shoulders.

Looking at her red lips that still had strands of saliva on it, he wiped at it with his hot fingers, a devilish smile on his lips. "It seems like Miss Shangguan has not lived very well in Yukou Border these past few years. I just kissed a little and you became thirsty for more."

Faced with his sudden humiliation, Shangguan Wans heart seemed to be stung by something. At first it was only a slight pain, but slowly, the pain dispersed, making her mood run wild and her eyes turned red.

She was someone who kept her promises. The Prince was not caught yet, so she was not supposed to tell him that

But she did not want to hold it in anymore. She could not hold it in anymore.

She met with his eyes and after a while, said with a hoarse voice, "You want to know if I still have feelings for Sihan? Fine, Ill tell you."

Sihan, Sihan. Everytime he heard her call other men so intimately, he wanted to tear her into pieces.

He raised his index finger to her red lips and smiled. "Enough. You want to say it, but I dont want to hear it."

Shangguan Wan waved his hand away, and no longer cared if he wanted to listen or not. She said with eyes that were red but extremely cold, "The man you saw having sex with me that day, was just an act I put up for you to see deliberately!"

What? Ye Yanfengs pupils constricted and he frowned. "What do you mean?"

Shangguan Wan lowered her eyes, and did not look at Ye Yanfeng, immersed in her own thoughts. "I did not do it with him, what you saw was all fake. The condom in the bin was also on purpose, it was filled with yoghurt. And the marks on my body were made by myself"

Ye Yanfeng interrupted Shangguan Wan sharply, grabbing her face with his large hand, his eyes bloodshot. "Youre telling me now that it was fake? Do you think Im stupid? Why should I believe you?"

Shangguan Wan stared at Ye Yanfengs eerie gaze and she looked away, saying with a cold expression, "You were infected with NU Virus after rescuing me from the border of the neighboring country."

Ye Yanfengs jaw tightened.

She did not say anything more, but Ye Yanfeng had roughly understood what had happened.

After the outbreak of NU Virus in the neighboring country, the virus research institute in their country had been studying and developing the antiviral serum. Dr Fei from the research institute was a distant relative of his father.

If Father wanted Shangguan Wan to stay away from him, he would naturally put forward the terms of the transaction.

Ye Yanfengs eyes turned red gradually and he looked down, trying to control his emotions.

"So, you were forced by him to separate from me in that way?" He clenched his teeth.

Having said that, Shangguan Wan had nothing more to say, so she only nodded. "Ye Yanfeng, now youre in this situation, its not suitable to talk about the love affairs between a man and a woman. Ive already explained myself. If you want to give up on yourself, I cant force you to do anything. Theres still an hour and a half to go. Think about it yourself!"

With that, Shangguan Wan pushed him away and turned, walking towards the door.

Pulling the door open, she was about to go out when her arm was suddenly held by the mans warm and strong hand.

Shangguan Wan looked back at Ye Yanfeng and was pulled towards him before she could say anything.

She did not stand firm and fell straight into his arms.

While she was reaching to hold the door, he had already lifted her chin and his sexy lips pressed against hers with a strength that could not be ignored and a thick and pleasant masculine scent.

Shangguan Wans first reaction was to push him away. But when she raised her hand to push him, he released her.

"Ill go back and pack," he said.

Shangguan Wan butterfly-like eyelashes fluttered. "Youre agreeing?"

"Yes, Im going to help him save Ye Jie, but I wont agree to you coming," Ye Yanfeng said as he strode outside.



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