Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 906

Chapter 906 Escape

After some time, the unconscious Xiaojie woke up.

When he woke up, he found that his hands and feet were bound and a black cloth covered his eyes. His hands were tied behind him and the coarse rope was bruising and rubbing against his tender skin!

Thick tape was covering over his mouth. He could not move, speak and there was some dull pain at the back of his head. The person who kidnapped him had not been lenient at all.

It was dark and silent around and Xiaojie listened carefully to any movements outside.

After a long period of training, he had developed a keen listening ability.

There were birds chirping outside from time to time, and there were no cars or the bustling noise of people. He should be in the suburbs.

He had always been a strong and independent child. In the training camp, his instructor had taught them on what to do if they were kidnapped.

Do not panic.

Daddy should have gotten news of his disappearance by now. With him missing, Daddy would be more nervous and scared than him.

Although Daddy was cold and a man of few words, Xiaojie knew that he loved him in the bottom of his heart.

All this time, he had insisted on staying in the training camp to fight for the sake of Pretty Zhizhi and Daddy!

Suddenly, footsteps sounded outside the door.

Xiaojie lay back on the ground quickly, pretending that he had not regained consciousness.

Although he kept reminding himself to be calm and not to panic, he was still a child. He could not see and speak, and his limbs could not move and it felt like he was in a dark cage and would be attacked by beasts any time.

There was a fine layer of sweat in his palms.

After a while the door was pushed open and two sets of footsteps entered Xiaojies ears.

"Master, do you really want to get him to the secret base first?"

"Of course, if not, you think we should wait for Ye Sihan to come?"

Xiaojie frowned slightly. Wasnt this voice Grandpa Prince?

Why did Grandpa Prince kidnap him?

Xiaojie pondered for a while. The training for the past few years had made him understood the way of surviving in the Royal family.

Grandpa Prince was probably doing this for power! He wanted to use Xiaojie to threaten Daddy!

"Have you found a substitute for Ye Jie?"

"Yes. The side of his face looks similar to this little fellow. The most important thing for us is that his voice is exactly the same." Then, the man laughed. "Master, Ye Sihan is eager to save his son and he does not know that there are bombs buried here. Even if he has exceptional abilities, he will never be able to return!"

A trace of vindictiveness flashed past Ye Fengshus eyes. He rubbed his chin with his fingers. "If Ye Sihan dies, the only bloodline left in the Royal family are Ye Fengjun, Yanfeng and Ye Jie. Ye Fengjun has already become a useless cripple, Yanfeng was affected by me and cant be used anymore. But this Ye Jie, hes young but rather outstanding. Well take him to the secret base first and brainwash him, make him my follower and then send him back to the Royal family.

"Once he rises to power, he will be my puppet."

"As always, Master is wise."

"Take him to the secret base and choose a lower profile helicopter."

After Ye Fengshu left, Xiaojie was hauled up from the ground roughly. Then, he was dragged onto a helicopter.

After the helicopter flew into the sky, a glass of cold water was thrown onto Xiaojies face.

He could not pretend to be unconscious anymore.

In the four-man cabin, there were two guards and one pilot.

The man who had spoken with the Prince said, "Are you awake, little thing?" He pulled out the tape on Xiaojies mouth as he spoke.

"Time to eat." The man stuffed a piece of bread in Xiaojies mouth.

Xiaojie turned away. "Im not a child. I dont need you to feed me. I want to eat it myself"

"Do you want to eat or not?"

Nearly two hours later, Xiaojie could not help but say, "I-I want to pee."

The man frowned, grabbed an empty bottle and was about to unfasten Xiaojies pants.

Xiaojie jumped in response. "I dont want anybody to do it. I want to do it myself. Hurry up, Im going to wet my pants."

The man looked at Xiaojie and thought that there was nothing great about the Kings son. Jesus, he could not even hold it in for a bit.

One of the guards who was sitting in front looked back and said, "Boss, hes just a kid. Theres nothing to worry about. Besides, were on the helicopter now, what tricks can he do?"

The man was silent for a moment and found that it made sense.

It was just a young brat, what was there to be on guard for?

Could he overturn the sky on the helicopter?

The man untied the rope around Xiaojies hands and feet, but did not take off the blindfold. He handed the bottle to Xiaojie and said, "Do it yourself."

Xiaojie took the bottle, his pink lips pursed tightly. "Turn around and dont look."

After saying that, the people in the cabin all started laughing.

"Youre just a little worm now, whats there to see?"

"Turn around!" He was young, but had a dignified aura.

The man did not want to make it difficult for a child. He waved his hand. "Fine, dont look at him. Hes just a kid, hes no threat to us!"

Although he could not see, his hands and feet were free, and this was enough for Xiaojie.

He unbuckled his seat belt, turned around, bent down and reached into his military boots very quickly.

The man waited for nearly ten seconds, but did not hear the sounds Xiaojie peeing. He turned and looked at him. "Brat, what are you doing?"

Xiaojie pouted. "I cant pee in front of so many people."

"If you cant then just wet your pants!" Fed up, the man took back the bottle impatiently.

Xiaojie listened carefully to the mans movements. The moment he took away the bottle, Xiaojie suddenly flicked his finger.

A silver needle shot into the mans wrist. The man felt a slight pain, but before he could say anything, everything turned black in front of his eyes and he fainted.

Xiaojie took off the blindfold from his eyes and quickly shot another needle into the man sitting in the passenger seat.

The silver needles were prepared for him by Daddy if he was met with danger so he could protect himself.

The pilot did not know what happened and the moment he turned around, a needle was shot at his neck.

Xiaojie quickly found the parachute in the cabin, looked through the man beside him and found a phone. He put the phone into his pocket, and remembering his training, opened the cabin door, closed his eyes and jumped down.

Mu Sihan was prepared and ready to go when suddenly an unknown number called in.

Mu Sihan immediately asked the technician to trace the location of the call and answered the call with a cold expression.

"Daddy, dont save me. Its dangerous. Im now at"

Before he could finish, a gust of wind blew and Mu Sihan did not know what had happened. He could only hear the rushing sound of the wind blowing and after a while, the phone was hung up automatically.

When Mu Sihan called back, he could not get through.




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