Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 907

Chapter 907 Hope He Is Worthy Of Your Trust

Mu Sihans tense nerves were about to break.

If he was in danger himself, he would not have been so nervous and worried.

Even though Xiaojie had learned many skills in the training camp, would he be able to escape from danger in the face of the insidious Prince?

Was the call cut off because he was caught while running away?

A coldness exuded from Mu Sihan. He looked at the technician. "Can you locate the place where the call is coming from?"

The technician looked up. "It looks like its coming from the town of Layi!"

Mu Sihans eyes darkened. "Layi Town?" Why was Xiaojie at Layi Town? The Prince did not say this place!

Could it be

Mu Sihan pressed in between his eyes, forcing himself to calm down.

If Xiaojie was with the Prince, he could not possibly get a phone and call him.

There were two possibilities. One, was that the Prince found a substitute for Xiaojie and wanted to lure him to Layi Town. Two, it was really Xiaojie who called him from Layi Town, but the call was cut off because Xiaojie met with danger

No matter which possibility, Xiaojie was in danger!

Mu Sihan listened carefully to the recording of Xiaojies call carefully and he was sure that it was not a substitute. Xiaojie was his son, and he knew the breath, speed, voice of Xiaojie when he talked. Even if they found someone with a voice similar to him, he could not have the same speed and breath.

Thus, Mu Sihan was sure that Xiaojie was at Layi Town.

Layi Town was known as the land of death. It was connected to a primeval forest and all the residents of the town had already moved out. The place had been completely abandoned.

That area did not fall under any political jurisdiction. Not only was the environment bad, there were rumors that there were dangerous beasts in the forest and primitive people. There were explorers and militarists who wanted to explore the area, but no one had come back alive.

Many organizations, in order to punish betrayers, threw them into Layi Town and they would become piles of bones in the end.

Shangguan Wan went up to Mu Sihan, whose expression was cold and asked, "Sihan, whats wrong?"

Mu Sihan told Shangguan Wan about the phone call and Shangguan Wan had the same thoughts as Mu Sihan.

"How about this, Sihan. If you trust me, His Highness and Ill bring some men to catch the Prince, and youll go to Layi Town to find Xiaojie!"

Mu Sihan frowned as he glanced at Ye Yanfeng, who had gotten off the plane and was standing not far away. "Bo Yan will go with you!"

Shangguan Wan nodded. "Okay."

After Shangguan Wan discussed with Bo Yan, they were ready to leave. Mu Sihan called Shangguan Wan and said with his eyes dark, "Waner, I hope hes worthy of your trust!"

Shangguan Wan and her party set out first.

Mu Sihan was going to Layi Town and had to change his course.

He rearranged for an elite team to come over and when they were about to get into the plane, a clear voice called out, "Sihan!"

Mu Sihan paused and frowned as he saw Nan Zhi running over hurriedly.

He walked towards Nan Zhi. "Why are you here?"

"I came by Feng Yaos private plane." After Xiaojie went missing, Mu Sihan had only ordered for planes that were going out to be controlled, and did not stop private planes that were coming in.

The Helian family were distinguished guests of the Royal family and had exclusive tarmacs in the airport.

Nan Zhi wanted to call Mu Sihan after she learned of Xiaojies disappearance, but the more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt.

She left for four years and was extremely guilty that she did not fulfill her responsibility as Xiaojies mother.

She could not just sit by and do nothing.

Feng Yao could see her worry and offered to bring her over.

She did not expect to see Mu Sihan as soon as she got out of the plane.

Nan Zhi grabbed Mu Sihans arm and asked hurriedly, "What happened to Xiaojie? Hes not in the Capital?"

Mu Sihan looked at Nan Zhis slightly red and swollen eyelids and her bloodshot eyes. She must have cried all the way here because she was worried about Xiaojie.

Mu Sihan felt that he could not hide Xiaojies kidnapping anymore and he held Nan Zhis arms, saying, "I hope youll remain calm after you hear what Im about to say."

Nan Zhi could feel that it was something bad and her long eyelashes fluttered. "Okay, tell me."

"The person behind SSS group is Prince Ye Fengshu. After this was revealed, he kidnapped Xiaojie."

Nan Zhis heart sank.

If the Prince was the mastermind behind SSS group, he would not let Xiaojie off easily.

But she knew that Mu Sihan had not finished and she held down the panic in her heart, waiting patiently for his next words.

"According to my guess, Xiaojie may have escaped from his men, but hes now in Layi Town. Its equally dangerous there and Im bringing people over there to look for him now!"

Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihan, her gaze firm and said without hesitation, "I want to go with you!"

Mu Sihan frowned and immediately rejected Nan Zhis request. "Ill ask Yi Fan to take you back to the Crown Palace later"

Before he could finish, Nan Zhi interrupted him. "I want to go. Xiaojie is my son, how can I rest assured if you leave me here?" Nan Zhi pursed her lips and stared at Mu Sihans deep dark eyes. "I know youre worried about me and worried about me dragging you down. But dont worry, the past few years other than having and raising children, opening up a private restaurant, I also learned self-defense. Im not a weak woman who needs your protection. I can do it!"

Mu Sihan frowned even deeper. "Nan Zhi, Layi Town is full of unknowns. Its too dangerous!"

"Im not afraid, Mu Sihan!" Nan Zhis eyes were red and she was anxious. "If theres any danger, and something happened to you and Xiaojie, whats the point of me being alive? Xiaojies my son and I gave birth to him. Of the three children, I owe him the most"

Nan Zhi grabbed Mu Sihans sleeve, her eyes begging him. "Let me go with you!"

"Have you thought about the twins?"

"You dont have to say anything. I want to go. I must go!"

Feng Yao came over and looked at Mu Sihan whose expression was cold, and at Nan Zhi, who was almost crying, and said, "King, Ill go with you too! I have experience in exploring jungles. I promise it will only benefit you if you take me with you!"

Mu Sihans face was tense. "Nonsense!"

When Nan Zhi saw Mu Sihans determined attitude, she said nothing and took Feng Yaos hand. "Since he wont let me go, Feng Yao, you take me there!"

Nan Zhis words came into Mu Sihans ears.

He stepped forward and grabbed Nan Zhis slender arm.

She was able to make concessions on many things, but on the things that she was determined to do, she was unable to.

Sh*t! He knew her character. If he did not let her go and kept her here, she would do everything she could to escape.

"Fine, we are running out of time. Both of you get on the plane!"




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