Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 908

Chapter 908 : Not As Important As His Child

It was already evening when they arrived at Layi Town.

After getting off the plane, Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows when she saw the town which had turned into a desert.

To the east was the endless primeval forest which looked like a monster with a gaping maw. To the west was the deserted town, the houses were all in ruins and there was no sign of any people.

This place was deserted and uninhabited, and the environment was like a disaster zone. The more she looked, the more Nan Zhi worried about Xiaojie.

Mu Sihan stood on a steep slope and looked around with binoculars, but there was no sign of Xiaojie.

"The brat is smart. He must have left clues at places he passed. Lets split up and look!"

Nan Zhi and Feng Yao naturally followed Mu Sihan and there were two special forces soldiers with them as well.

The five of them searched in the primeval forest and after half an hour, the sky was turning dark and a strong gust of wind came towards them.

Mu Sihan looked back and his expression darkened. Grabbing onto Nan Zhis arm, he said in a low voice, "Hold on to me tightly!"

Nan Zhi also looked back.

They had come across a tornado the moment they arrived.

Nan Zhi held onto Mu Sihan tightly and shouted at Feng Yao. "Feng Yao, be careful!"

The speed of the tornado was very fast. Mu Sihan held Nan Zhi tightly and he said, "You must hold on to me!"

Nan Zhi was a little choked up and she nodded with her eyes red. "I will."

Although this man seldom said sweet words in front of her, he would use his actions to prove his feelings for her and their children! They were people who were more important than his life!

The tornado came towards them, sweeping up the dirt, the plants and the scraps of the deserted town, the blinding wind smashing the dust in their faces like knives and constantly testing their will. Several times Nan Zhis hands were almost forced to leave Mu Sihans body, but he held her steadfastly, a grim determination in his dark eyes.

In the end, they were blown to the edge of the primeval forest by the wind.

They could not even open their mouths as dirt would get in.

Mu Sihan felt that his arms were about to break, The tornado was too violent and only with his extraordinary strength and unbending determination could he keep his hold on Nan Zhi.

He could not give in!

Mu Sihan only released his hold on Nan Zhi after the huge tornado and the howls of wind moved, wrecking havoc further away.

Breathing in fresh air, they could not help coughing.

Nan Zhi raised her hand and wiped away the dirt on Mu Sihans well-defined face.

Mu Sihan grabbed Nan Zhis hand, his gaze dark. "Are you all right?"

Nan Zhi nodded and then looked around. She frowned when she realized that there were only her and Mu Sihan. "I wonder if Feng Yao and your men are all right."

"Theyre all skilled people, they should be fine!"

Mu Sihan helped Nan Zhi up from the ground and they patted the dust and dirt off themselves. Nan Zhi suddenly caught a glimpse of a big tree not far away from the corner of her eye.

She walked over quickly.

"Sihan, come and see!"

A small flower was carved on the tree.

Nan Zhi was delighted. "Could it be a sign left by Xiaojie?"

Mu Sihan nodded. "Yes, it has to be left by the brat."

It was quite possible that Xiaojie met with bad weather when he was on the phone with Mu Sihan and was also being blown here by the wind back then.

Mu Sihan went forward and found that there were a lot of broken branches, some of which were broken by the wind, and some of which appeared to be done by someone.

"The Princes men were one step ahead of us. Xiaojie might have gone into the forest to hide from those people."

Nan Zhis heart was in her mouth and she said worriedly, "There are not only enemies, but also wild animals in the forest. Could Xiaojie really escape all of that?"

Mu Sihan held Nan Zhis hand and led her into the dense forest. "Since he was able to escape from the Prince, he will have the ability to avoid being pursued. Lets go and find him!"


They left a sign for the others and walked towards the dense forest. The leaves were rustling in the wind and a quiet eeriness surrounded them.

Nan Zhi held Mu Sihans hand and walked for two to three hours. By now, the sky had turned completely dark.

Suddenly an abnormal sharp noise ripped through the air.

Mu Sihan tightened his hold on Nan Zhis hand and said, "Its the sounds of birds."

Nan Zhi nodded. Their voices probably startled the birds.

"Were going in the direction of the birds."

Birds were good guides for finding water. When birds flew at low altitudes, it showed that they were close to the water source. When they flew at high altitudes, it showed that they had just finished drinking water.

A large number of birds had just flown out of the dense forest, indicating that there would be water nearby. Xiaojie had trained in the forest, if he had no water on him, he would surely look for it.

After walking for a distance, Mu Sihan pulled away the branches and leaves and saw a clear stream.

"Sihan, Xiaojie really did stop here." Nan Zhi looked at the small flower carved on the tree.

Mu Sihan nodded. "From what I can see, Xiaojie was the only one who found the stream, the Princes men did not come here."

Nan Zhi was delighted. "It means that Xiaojie is safe for the time being."

Mu Sihan nodded. He pulled Nan Zhi towards a rock to sit down. "Its very late. If we continue looking, well be in danger too. Lets rest here for the night and continue early tomorrow."

Nan Zhi looked at the dark and eerie forest and although she was eager to look for her son, Mu Sihans words made sense. She nodded. "Okay."

Mu Sihan took out biscuits and water from his backpack and passed it to Nan Zhi. Then not waiting for her to say anything, he took out his leather shoes, used his knife to sharpen a stick and went down to the stream.

Nan Zhi stood on the edge and said softly, "Be careful!"

While he was catching fish, Nan Zhi went to look for firewood.

But her gaze would land on Mu Sihan from time to time. Since they met in H City, they had not seen each other for quite some time. Perhaps he was too busy, he looked thinner. Dressed in all black, his figure was strong and his hair was neither long nor short. His facial features were handsome and cold, his aura strong and one could tell he was an extraordinary person at first glance.

A warmth surged out from Nan Zhis chest. This man had already become the king of a country. Since ancient times, how many kings had put himself in danger for a child?

In his heart, the throne was far less important than any of his children!

By the time Nan Zhi had collected enough firewood, Mu Sihan had already caught several fish.

He looked at Nan Zhi and shrugged. "Ill need your help in cleaning up the fish."

Nan Zhi smiled. "No problem. Leave the cutting and grilling of fish to me."

They divided the work between them clearly. While Nan Zhi washed and cut the fish, Mu Sihan skillfully made a triangular fire pit with the firewood and made a temporary grill.

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