Awake On His Bed Chapter 147

148 Beyond Measure

"...but all I know is that I love you and the twins beyond measure. "

Maria ended her vow contentedly while Tobias on the other hand, wiped her wet face for the nth time!

Maria looked around and saw happy faces, some people cheered for them and some people simply clapping their hands.

The priest ended the ceremony by letting them kissed each other once more and announced that they are truely and legally husband and wife!

Yes! They are now husband and wife!

It was very surreal for the both of them, specially for Maria. She did not imagined for this! But God was truely amazing and kind, He gave Tobias to her!

The party for their wedding and the birthday party for the twins has finally started.

Maria changed from a ball gown to a simple one, yet it was still made only for her! Tobias surprised her again by giving it to her earlier.

"babe, you have to change so that you can move freely. "

Tobias told her, but Maria felt a bit hesitant. She doesn't want to remove this gown from her body!

"I asked Jay to made a dress for you. Now, go to our bedroom and changed. "

Tobias seemed to felt her hesitated so he pushed her a little and told her about the dress.

When Maria arrived at their bedroom she saw a dress lying on thier bed. It was similar to her gown, yes! But the difference is that, it was not a ball gown. It was a simple cut dress that lengthened down to her kness.

"oh Toby, I'm so so lucky to be your wife! "

Maria screamed joyously and stripped from her gown to wear the dress!

They were being congratulated by their friends, Tobias business partners and associates. Maria happily carried Thaniel while Tobias carried Tasha.

"congratulations for the both of you, newly weds. "

A batman guy come to them and hugged Maria and Tobias. Maria did not paid so much attention to his gesture because everybody hugs them.

"thank you, Mr. Batman. "

Maria replied gladly.

"wish you good health for your family and safety. God bless you. "

The Batman told and looked at Maria's eyes sincerely before he turned around and blend into the other visitors.

Maria felt a bit weird, he was the only one who wished them that way. Maybe because he was just sincere and happy for the both of them.

Maria shrugged it off and continue to entertain the visitors.
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