Awake On His Bed Chapter 149

150 If You Sleep Butt Naked

"can I have my wife now? "

Tobias asked Maria while tucking inside the blanket.

He was glad that the party was over. The visitors were all gone home. The twins was now peacefully asleep, probably so tired because they play to their content earlier.

"ahuh... I'm all yours hubby. "

Maria replied sleepily. She hugged him tight and put her head on the crook of his neck.

Tobias heart melted when he heard what Maria said. Hubby? Oh dear, it's so sweet of her!

'Am I turning gay? '

Tobias thought to himself but he can't help himself from feeling that way!

Tobias felt Maria's exhausted aura. Was he going to postpone his wedding night?

"were you really tired wifey? "

He needed to be sure. He don't want to tire her!

"I'm sorry Toby, yes I am. Would you please..?"

Maria asked shyly, she was a bit regretful. It was their wedding night yet she can't make her husband happy!

"I guessed I will move our honeymoon wifey. "

Tobias speak understandingly and hugged her tight suppressing his urge to swallow her whole!

"but if you want, maybe.... "

Maria inquire hesitantly.

"don't, just sleep. I can handle this babe. I love you, goodnight."

Tobias kissed her on the forehead. He was afraid if he kissed her on the lips maybe he can't fight his urges anymore!

"I love you too. "

Maria replied and let sleep succumbed her.


Maria woke up from feeling a tiny kisses on her lips. Then a hand lightly pinching her sides as if controlling it's force not to hurt her.


Maria moaned when she felt a hand on top of her private area. She felt that the kisses became rough.

Maria opened her eyes slowly and found Tobias on top of her. She also felt his member who was already full awake!

"hey? "

It's the only word came out from Maria's mouth because Tobias kissed her again passionately.

Maria gasped when Tobias' mouth touched her neck. She looked at the wall ckock on their bedroom just to see that it was only 2 AM in the morning!

"I believed that you already have your energy intact. Am I right wifey?"

Tobias husky voice made Maria felt hot and wanting him.

"I guessed so, where were you earlier? "

Maria teased Tobias and the sleepiness was now gone!

Tobias smirked and continue savoring her neck. Maria reached for his bulging shaft and squeezed it gently which made Tobias let out a small grunt of pleasure.

'It was really an advantage if you sleep butt naked.'

Tobias joyfully thought to himself.
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