Back Then I Adored You Chapter 348

Chapter 348 Gu Yusheng Im Qin Zhiai 8

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Over the years, she had encountered men whom she liked, but… no one could compare to Wu Hao, who made her forget about her motives and proceed without hesitation.

“Qianqian?” After parking the car, Jiang Yi looked strangely at Jiang Qianqian, who was staring at her cell phone without giving any response, so he shouted out her name.

Jiang Qianqian hurriedly stopped her daydreaming and picked up her own cell phone. She had intended to send the video to Jiang Yi’s mobile phone and then use Jiang Yi’s mobile phone to send it to Gu Yusheng, but then she had found Jiang Yi’s WeChat. Suddenly, she paused and bit her lips, thinking for a little while. She picked up Jiang Yi’s cell phone and sent Wu Hao’s information to her own cell phone.

When she was finally home and had dinner, Jiang Qianqian immediately hid in her room. She took out her cell phone and sent a friend request to Wu Hao. “Do you remember me? I was your high school classmate, Jiang Yi’s sister, Jiang Qianqian.”

At that time in high school, she had always acted against Xu Wennuan. Once, she had even made her brother fight with Gu Yusheng and Wu Hao because of one of Xu Wennuan’s good friends.

I don’t know whether Wu Hao will accept my friend request…

When Jiang Qianqian thought this, she sent another friend request. “Sorry, the reason why I suddenly found you is that I have something very important to tell you.”

In less than half a minute, Wu Hao accepted her request.

Jiang Qianqian excitedly held her cell phone and rolled over on the bed, then sent a message to Wu Hao. “Hello.”

Wu Hao wrote back, “Excuse me, is there something you wanted to tell me?”

The reason why Jiang Qianqian had suddenly changed her mind to not use her brother’s mobile phone to send the video to Gu Yusheng was because she wanted to get closer to Wu Hao using the video. Biting her finger and tilting her head, she made a draft in her head for a while, then typed on the phone, “Suddenly looking for you was a bit presumptuous, because I have something urgent to tell Brother Sheng. I’ve called Brother Bancheng, but he didn’t answer, so I had to find you.”

“Oh.” Wu Hao only replied with a word, then shared Gu Yusheng’s contact with her without any follow-up.

Does he mean for me to go to Gu Yusheng by myself?

But the person I wanted to talk with was him… Jiang Qianqian thought for a second before she told Wu Hao the truth. “I know Brother Sheng’s WeChat, but he ignores me.”

Without giving any chance for Wu Hao to reply to her message, Jiang Qianqian sent him the video. “I’ve spent a large amount of money to get control of this video. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it involves Brother Sheng. I think he should know. You’ll understand after you watch it.”

After about five minutes, Wu Hao replied, “Where did you get this video?”

“I bought it from Sister Kou’s assistant,” Jiang Qianqian replied honestly.

“I see, thank you. I will send it to Brother Sheng.”

“Oay.” After Jiang Qianqian sent this single word, she felt a little alienated, so she added a smiley face with one more word. “Goodbye.”


Jiang Qianqian stared at the two characters sent by Wu Hao, feeling a little pleased but somewhat upset.

I wanted to talk more with him, but… It seems that he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.

If I can tell him more important information like I did today, maybe I can get closer to him…

Important information?

Jiang Qianqian frowned and thought for a long time. Suddenly, she thought of the two Liang Doukous she had seen in different clothes at the JM Mall not long ago…

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