Back Then I Adored You Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Please Give Me The Money Back 3

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After Gu Yusheng had told her to leave, he reached his hand out to close the door.

Just as his fingers touched the edge to pull it, he stopped. He looked coldly at Liang Doukou and added, “Of course, whether or not you answer my question, I will have you thrown out of here.”

Gu Yusheng slammed the door as Liang Doukou watched from among her scattered belongings.

The courtyard was suddenly silent.

Liang Doukou squatted on the ground replaying in her mind what had just happened. Although Gu Yusheng had clearly stated his intent, it was only after some time that she fully understood what he had meant.

Whether or not she had a body double, and even if she identified who that was, he would still send her away. And when he initially had asked where she was, he had already known she was not the “Liang Doukou” who had stayed at his house.

Zhou Jing had been right. Gu Yusheng could not be easily fooled. He was far smarter and more sophisticated than even Zhou Jing had thought. Liang Doukou had barely even interacted with him, but she had already exposed herself to him.

After Gu Yusheng slammed the door, he walked to the staircase with his eyes fixed in front of him.

Before he started the first step, the housekeeper from the dining room door said timidly, “Mr. Gu, Mrs….”

Gu Yusheng became angry. He quickly turned his head and corrected her. “She is not Mrs. She is Miss Liang!”

Frightened, the housekeeper stepped back. She dared not to say anything else. After a while, she timidly looked up and realized that Gu Yusheng had headed to the stairs. She gathered her courage and said, “Mr. Gu.”

He asked me to call Liang Doukou Mrs. not long ago, but today he’s demanding she be called Miss Liang again?

And the conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Gu was so strange, too. Who is the “she” Mr. Gu keeps talking about?

The housekeeper had no intention of expressing her thoughts. She noticed that Gu Yusheng had stopped walking away and hastily said in a low voice, “Miss Liang’s cell phone is still in the dining room.”

“Throw it out!” Gu Yusheng went upstairs.

The housekeeper could not comprehend Gu Yusheng’s instructions as she picked up the phone and considered what he had asked her to do.

She ran out of the house and gave the phone to Liang Doukou. “Miss Liang, here’s your phone.”

Liang Doukou had been deep in thought when she heard the housekeeper and gained her composure.

She looked at the phone in the housekeeper’s hand, but she didn’t take it. “Miss Liang” kept repeating in her head.

The housekeeper has been calling me Mrs. for some time. Why is she suddenly calling me “Miss Liang”?

Is this Gu Yusheng’s way of telling me that only my body double deserves being called “Mrs.”?

I am Gu Yusheng’s wife. How could he not call me “Mrs.”?

Liang Doukou suddenly stood up. She didn’t respond to the housekeeper. Instead, she rushed to the door.

As Gu Yusheng walked upstairs, she begged, “Gu Yusheng, how can you send me away? Don’t forget you asked grandpa to move in.”

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