Back Then I Adored You Chapter 480

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They were looking for Gu Yusheng. Why didn’t they contact Gu Yusheng directly rather than asking me to give them a reception?

Qin Zhi’ai frowned, her eyes showing a glimmer of doubt, as she looked at the staff who’d asked her.

The staff seemed have been aware of her confusion, and then explained the reasoning to her. “They said that they couldn’t get into contact with Master Gu. They stopped me and asked if I was an employee of Hui Shi Game Company, because they wanted me to help them get in touch with Master Gu. However, I don’t even know how to speak to him, let alone find him, so I have to bother you, Secretary Qin.”

“I see…” Qin Zhi’ai pursed her lower lip slightly. However, she was absent-minded for a while before finally responding to the staff. “Well, take me there.”

If possible, Qin Zhi’ai wouldn’t see a certain someone again for her whole life.

Yet fate had always prevailed, and destiny seemed to have been predetermined. That person had always appeared, and whatever was meant to happen, would happen eventually.

However, Qin Zhi’ai didn’t think that everything would happen so fast.

Qin Zhi’ai’s legs were very pretty, and she looked extraordinarily beautiful wearing high-heeled shoes. Even the sound of her shoes clacking against the ground as she walked was exceedingly pleasant to ears.

She caught the attention of many people as she followed the staff member through the hotel lobby.

The staff noticed it and turned around, praising her with a smile. “Secretary Qin, you’re beautiful enough to capture the attention of everyone wherever you’ve been.”

Qin Zhi’ai smiled gently. As she was about to reply to the staff, her sight became fixated on two people sitting in the resting area slightly in the distance.

There was an old man who stood with his back to her. Although she could only see a figure, Qin Zhi’ai still recognized that he was Old Master Gu, who she’d flattered a lot when she had been Liang Doukou’s body double.

There was also a woman with long, curled hair standing beside him wearing sunglasses and a mask, and dressed in a short skirt, high boots, and a bright red coat. No matter where she had gone, that woman would be clothed in high fashion and delicacy. Even her slender fingers holding a cup of coffee were decorated by a fine manicure.

Although she couldn’t see the woman’s face clearly, her temperament was familiar to Qin Zhi’ai, because she had been trained by Zhou Jing to behave the same way.

Qin Zhi’ai subconsciously stopped for a moment as the words she had planned to say immediately vanished.

The staff in front of Qin Zhi’ai noticed her strange reaction, and turned her head to look at Qin Zhi’ai again. Before she spoke, Qin Zhi’ai looked away from the two people and lightly smiled at the staff. She swallowed her words, then continued walking forward.

The staff stopped a few feet away from the sofa where Liang Doukou and Old Master Gu were sitting. “Secretary Qin, they came to visit Master Gu.

Subsequently, the staff turned to Old Master Gu and Liang Doukou, introducing Qin Zhi’ai to them. “Sorry, I can’t find Master Gu, but this is Master Gu’s secretary, so you may ask her.”

Maybe it was because Old Master Gu couldn’t get in touch with Gu Yusheng that he was very sullen. After hearing the staff’s words, he became more depressed, and he didn’t even look at Qin Zhi’ai.

Qin Zhi’ai looked down and picked up a fresh cup of hot tea that had just been poured, then she handed it to Old Master Gu as if she hadn’t heard the staff’s words. “Grandpa, please have a drink.”

Old Master Gu was still in a bad mood, but he took over the cup anyway.

No one responded, so the staff felt a little embarrassed as she glanced at Qin Zhi’ai.

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