Back Then I Adored You Chapter 481

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Qin Zhi’ai smiled at the employee to comfort him before signaling to him that he could leave. After the he walked away, she took a step forward.

She knew Old Master Gu by having been Liang Doukou’s body double. Once her arrangement with Liang Doukou ended, they were strangers again.

Despite knowing them, Qin Zhi’ai still had to pretend that she didn’t. She smiled and said politely, “Hello, I am Master Gu’s secretary. May I ask who you are?”

Liang Doukou poured a cup of tea for Old Master Gu and then one for herself, her hand visibly shaking as she did. She slowly turned her head sideways to look at Qin Zhi’ai.

Liang Doukou wore sunglasses and a face mask, so Qin Zhi’ai could not see her eyes or any expression on her face, but she could sense how shocked and surprised she was from the way her fingers had turned pale from gripping the tea cup too hard.

The atmosphere was uncomfortable.

Old Master Gu did not look happy, either. Noticing Liang Doukou’s discomfort, he asked her, “What’s wrong, Xiaokou?”

“Nothing, grandpa.” Liang Doukou immediately gathered her emotions and sweetly added, “I just think Gu Yusheng’s secretary looks a bit like me.”

His curiosity piqued, Old Master Gu turned to look at Qin Zhi’ai. He was surprised by how much they looked alike and understood why Liang Doukou had acted strangely. He didn’t ask her about it again.

Liang Doukou put down the tea cup and turned to Qin Zhi’ai. She spoke gently and politely as if she’d never met Qin Zhi’ai, “Hello, my last name is Liang. This is Yusheng’s grandpa.”

Qin Zhi’ai immediately welcomed them. “Mr. Gu and Miss Liang, how are you?”

Liang Doukou slightly looked up and spoke as softly as before, “Grandpa heard Yusheng bought the Hui Shi gaming company a while ago, and he’s been wanting to tour the company, but he’s been so busy he hasn’t had the chance. Today grandpa and I happened to be here, found out the company is having a conference or something, and we decided to surprise Yusheng. But we haven’t been able to reach him.”

Liang Doukou then got to the point. “Secretary Qin, do you know where Yusheng is?”

As Qin Zhi’ai took her phone out, she said, “Let me make some phone calls.”

She tried Xiaowang first, but he didn’t answer. She tried Gu Yusheng next, but he didn’t pick up either.

She put down her cell phone and thought about why they weren’t answering their phones. She suddenly smiled and explained, “Master Gu is most likely in the hot springs right now and doesn’t have his phone with him.”

“So…” Liang Doukou did not respond to Qin Zhi’ai and turned to Old Master Gu. “Grandpa, don’t be mad. When Yusheng is back from the hot springs, he’ll see your call and get back to you immediately.”

After a pause, Liang Doukou added, “Grandpa, it’s getting late. Let’s book a room so you can get some rest.”

When Old Master Gu nodded, Liang Doukou turned back to Qin Zhi’ai and said, “Secretary Qin, this resort has been booked by Hui Shi, and the desk would not give us a room. Can you contact the manager to arrange a room for grandpa Gu?”

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