Back Then I Adored You Chapter 556

Chapter 556 Accidental Pregnancy 6

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When the man was ready to pull Qin Zhi’ai up from the sofa and just as she about to bite down on her tongue, an alarming crash made everyone stop to turn their heads to see what had happened.

The French window across the wall that faced the sofa had been spectacularly smashed by a heavy chair. They watched in shock as the countless pieces of glass crackled and clattered onto the floor. The sound was like a rainstorm.


Everyone remained dumbfounded for a minute as they watched what they’d only seen in blockbuster movies.

When the last of the glass had dropped to the floor, all was silent. The room was frozen until, a moment later, one of the men said, “What was…”

Before he could finish his question, a figure from the darkness stepped into view, and they were speechless again.

Before the figure reached the broken window, Qin Zhi’ai had already recognized in the darkness who this person was.

She relaxed her mouth and stared at him. Her heart calmed a bit, and her despair was alleviated.

Qin Zhi’ai didn’t know if she had been surprised by Gu Yusheng or had been frightened by what had happened just now. Her mind was still not thinking clearly.

She continued staring at him until he stood in front of her and the weight holding her down was lifted. Her eyes began to clear and slowly she started to breath normally.

Realizing this was not her imagination, she opened her mouth to call out “Yusheng,” but before she could he had used his suit jacket to cover her face.

She wiggled his jacket down to cover the rest of her exposed body. Now in darkness, she could hear his voice.

Usually, his voice was respectful and sometimes warm, but now his tone was frightening. She was used to his using harsh language when she had been Liang Doukou’s substitute and he would mock her relentlessly but, compared to his tone now, those old words sounded like pure honey.

He told her through his jacket, “Stay here. Don’t move!” His voice and the smell of his jacket soothed her.

It’s really him… I’m not in a dream…

Qin Zhi’ai curled up in Gu Yusheng’s jacket and stopped noticing her surroundings until she heard someone say, “Who are you?”

Is he asking Gu Yusheng?

Immediately a raucous scream drowned her thoughts. Qin Zhi’ai slightly began to tremble and then heard several shrill cries.

Ignoring Gu Yusheng’s instruction, she yanked down his suit jacket and looked into the room.

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