Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife Chapter 344

Chapter 344 I Can Protect Myself

Chapter 344 I Can Protect Myself

“What do you mean by your current woman? If she is absolutely not coming out from me, the prerequisite for me to see you is that you are alone. If you are not alone, I will not meet you.”

Hearing You Xuanyao’s words, Su Jing’s temper rose. She really thought of herself as a little woman who could play dirty with You Xuanyao back then.

“Alright then. Whatever. We’ll wait for you for another ten minutes. If you don’t show up, we won’t see each other anymore. Let’s wait and see.”

You Xuanyao put down his last words and hung up the phone. He was also very helpless towards this woman. Why could a person become like this?

Tian Mi sat by the side and listened to You Xuanyao ‘s words on the phone. Actually, he was satisfied with You Xuanyao ‘s words. She did not have any other requests now. If it was really inappropriate for her to be present, she could temporarily avoid them.

“Yao, actually, I can leave for a moment. I’ll come out after you’ve finished talking.”

“There’s no need. Why are you avoiding her? I won’t be afraid of her if she doesn’t show up, but you have to stay by my side.”

You Xuanyao grabbed Tian Mi’s hand. Tian Mi looked at You Xuanyao with gratification, and the two of them smiled knowingly.

The two of them waited for another ten minutes. Sure enough, Su Jing did not appear, but You Xuanyao knew that Su Jing must be nearby. Perhaps she was looking at the two of them now.

You Xuanyao decided to leave. He couldn’t let Su Jing feel that he could compromise. This way, he would be at a disadvantage in the next game.

Back in the office, Tian Mi was still worried about what Su Jing hadn’t done, but You Xuanyao didn’t seem to mind at all. She sat down at her desk and began to deal with the mail.

Looking at You Xuanyao like this, Tian Mi still felt a little guilty. If it wasn’t for her insistence on following You Xuanyao, the two of them would have met today. Perhaps they could reconcile, then could all the problems be solved?

At that time, Tian Mi was a little jealous, so she proposed to go with You Xuanyao . However, Su Jing did not appear. Although You Xuanyao did not say anything about her, she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

Was there anything else he could do?

Tian Mi thought as she returned to her seat. The questionnaires she had prepared before had not been sorted out. Her mind was completely unable to concentrate, and her mind was in chaos.

Otherwise, it would be better to sort out the questionnaire and do this for Yue Kai first.

Tian Mi tidied up the questionnaire and suddenly received a phone call from Lu Zhanfei of the All Season Hotel.

“Miss Tian, long time no see. I heard that you haven’t been working at the Royal Court Hotel recently. Do you want to consider joining us?”

“President Lu, you must be joking. I recently asked for leave because of a family matter, so I don’t have any plans to change jobs.”

“But if I have any news about You Xuanyao ‘s previous woman, can you please show me your face?”

“What do you mean?”

Lu Zhanfei actually mentioned Su Jing at this time. Tian Mi seemed to have caught a clue. Perhaps she could contact Su Jing through Lu Zhanfei.

“I sincerely invite you to join us for the whole season. As a reward, I can tell you everything I know about Su Jing. Don’t you think this business is very suitable?”

Although Tian Mi wasn’t prepared to change jobs, Lu Zhanfei’s suggestion still attracted her. She really wanted to know everything about Su Jing.

“Alright, I’ll see you there. When will I see you?”

Lu Zhanfei didn’t expect Tian Mi to agree with his idea so easily. Of course, he didn’t just want Tian Mi to change careers, but he also took a fancy to Tian Mi. Although Tian Mi wasn’t considered a peerless beauty, she had an attraction that made Lu Zhanfei very interested in her.

Moreover, Tian Mi was You Xuanyao ‘s woman. If she could snatch You Xuanyao ‘s woman over, how glorious would it be for Lu Zhanfei?

“I can pick you up. Are you here now?”

“No need, just tell me the location. I can go there.”

Have Lu Zhan fly to Yue Kai to pick her up? How is that possible? You Xuanyao definitely won’t allow Tian Mi to see this man. Tian Mi can only find an excuse to go out and can’t let You Xuanyao know the truth.

“Then tell me where you are. I’ll listen to you.”

“Then it’s across from the city hospital, in the coffee shop we met last time.”

Tian Mi was going to tell You Xuanyao that she was going to see her senior sister. She happened to be at the entrance of the hospital. Tian Mi could also say hello to Lin Zhitao. If something unexpected happened, someone would know where she went.

“Alright, I’ll see you in an hour. It’s in that coffee shop.”

After hanging up the phone, Tian Mi walked to You Xuanyao’s side and told him that she wanted to go to the hospital to see her senior sister. She casually said that Lin Zhitao seemed to be feeling a little unwell. Tian Mi was worried that she wanted to go over and take a look.

You Xuanyao did not think too much before agreeing to let Tian Mi go over, but she had to let Yu Kai accompany her. Tian Mi was very familiar with Yu Kai’s clinging deeds.

“I can do it alone. I’ll accompany Senior Sister to see the department of gynecology. What does it matter if he follows us as a grown man?”

Tian Mi protested. You Xuanyao raised her head and looked at her. Of course, he did not agree to the little woman’s suggestion. The matter with Su Jing had not been resolved yet. It was dangerous at any moment. How could Tian Mi go out alone?

“No, just watch from the side, Yu Kai. I’m worried about you.”

“It’s okay. I can protect myself. Don’t worry.”

Although she knew that her chances were slim, Tian Mi did not give up on her final struggle.

“If you don’t like Yu Kai following you, otherwise, I’ll follow you.”

“No, no, just follow Yu Kai.”

It wouldn’t be any worse if You Xuanyao followed him. It was better than Yu Kai. At worst, she would send Yu Kai away to meet Lu Zhanfei again. Why did Tian Mi feel that she was sneaking around like she had lost an affair? She was obviously trying to get Su Jing’s information.

Yu Kai drove Tian Mi to the hospital. Tian Mi came to Lin Zhitao’s clinic with ease. The queue outside was filled with people. It was Lin Zhitao’s busiest time of the day. Tian Mi waited outside for a while. After waiting for less people to come, she dared to knock on the door.

Fortunately, Tian Mi was lucky, unlike You Xuanheng, who was always blocked outside the door.

“Don’t go in. I’ll go see senior sister. Just wait for me outside.”

Tian Mi went in and told Yu Kai not to follow, but Yu Kai did not have to follow.

“Little girl, why did you run over? I’m still at work now. Is there anything wrong with you?”

“It’s not senior sister. I want you to do me a favor, okay?”

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